The Who Am I Tag

Hi guys! Happy Thursday! Today I’m going to be posting The Who Am I Tag. A big shout out to Reg @She Latitude for tagging me. This looks like quite the fun so let’s get started!

What is the meaning of my name?


So I couldn’t find too much on my name other than it’s Welsh and it means Pearl.

What is my Myer-Briggs personality type? (Link)

For more in all of my Myer-Briggs personality you can check out the tag I did last week: Book Personality Challenge.

What is my Zodiac Sign?

I’m a scorpio. And I’m totally a scorpio through and through. Some traits:

  • Scorpio is a great leader, always aware of the situation and also features prominently in resourcefulness.Β There’s that leadership again πŸ™„
  • Scorpios are brave and therefore they have a lot of friends.Β Kind of a vague statement but ok. 😜
  • Scorpios hate dishonesty and they can be very jealous and suspicious.Β Not going to lie, kinda me.
  • People often say that Scorpio-born are fierce,Β a hell yeah! πŸ˜†

What is my Hogwarts House? (Link)

Sytherlin through and through baby! πŸπŸ’š

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

My in-depth results are:

Slytherin – 12
Ravenclaw – 11
Gryffindor – 10
Hufflepuff – 7

What are my Learning Styles? (Link)

You have a multimodal learning preference. (VARK)

  • Visual 13
  • Aural 8
  • Read/Write 11
  • Kinesthetic 12

Am I Right or Left Brain Dominant? (Link)

This doesn’t look very equal but okay.

What is my Blood Type?

No idea. One day I’ll find out.

What Career Am I Meant To Have? (Link)Doctor

You are a very smart and tough person. you are always looking to learn new things, you fix every problem you face, and you do that with great pleasure. You are willing to work very hard to achieve your goals in life. You were meant to heal other beings, they need you

Now I think I’m the only one who didn’t get writer for their answer for this. Challenge completed. I had a feeling I would get something completely random. Uhm, I wouldn’t want to be a doctor because the insides of a person make me all squeamish, but I do like fixing problems (just not, you know, organ problems).

Which Divergent Faction Do I Belong In? (Link)

You belong in Erudite!

That’s all the website said so I looked up some traits:

  • Chat about books and newspapers; they are in constant pursuit of knowledge.
  • One of their qualities is curiosity. It is one of the things that drives them to seek knowledge.

Well I guess this goes hand in hand with the doctor thing. I did not see any of this coming.

What Does My Birth Order Say About Me? (Link)

I’m a firstborn which means that I’m a natural leaderΒ ambitious, and responsible. Again with the leadership, man I never noticed it before. But I also believe I have the stereotype for the middle being a social butterfly, and the baby as they are free spirited, which my mother says I am.

My Tags

Well if you haven’t done this tag, consider yourself tagged! I’ve seen this everywhere so I’m not sure who has and hasn’t done this, so I’m not going to tag anyone specifically.

6 thoughts on “The Who Am I Tag

  1. Ha. I got 59/41 on my brain test, granted mine was more right than left, but I agree it doesn’t look very equal does it? Also you’re the first person I see get Doctor for their career and one of the first people I’ve seen get a different answer from Writer! I feel it’s rare, there are a lot of writers on this site! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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