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Let’s Talk About… Game of Thrones Season Six

Hello everyone and welcome to TV Tuesday. On this fine Tuesday I will talking all about Games of Thrones season six. I apologize in advance for how long this is. Sorry!

Well it’s another season of Game of Thrones, and of course it’s just as epic as the last. This season is all about everyone coming back together. Everyone was so spread out last season, that’s great to see people meet again.

Anyone else feel like this was the season of Jon Snow? I swear he just dominated. So the very first thing we see is Jon Snow, dead. It’s literally right where we left off, but of course he won’t stay dead. I also want to say I really liked how they decided to style his hair this season, he looks very good.
Image result for game of thrones season 6 jon snow gif

Moving on; so Davos finds Jon and he doesn’t know who killed him, turns out a lot of them don’t know. When they find out it was four of their own men because they didn’t like how Jon was running things so they killed him. Well this obviously doesn’t sit well with the rest of the Night’s Watch so they get back at them.

Related imageDavos also speaks with Melisandre to see if she can bring him back. But Melisandre has lost hope now that Jon is dead, so she takes all her clothes off, and we get to see who she really is, a very old lady. How crazy, who would have known. It’s the necklace she wears that keeps her young.

She doesn’t think she can bring him back; she feels like she has failed. It isn’t until they all leave the room that he breathes again. I knew it was coming, it still scared the crap out of me when it happened. It only did because they took forever for it to happen; it almost felt like it wasn’t going to.Image result for game of thrones season 6 ramsay kills his father gif

Everyone at the Night’s Watch is divided now that Jon is dead. The Wildlings mixed with some of the men of the Night’s Watch storm in with their arrows and swords ready to kill the traitors.

Ramsay is still in Winterfell, and he’s kind of sad to see Miranda dead because he actually kind of cared about her. They were both crazy, and that was their connection, but he still feeds to her the dogs; typical Ramsay. When he finds out his father has another son, Ramsay gets very, very jealous. Only bad things can come from this news.

What does Ramsay do, oh he just casually kills his father, making him the head of the Bolton house. This is also terrible because that’s all Ramsay needs, more power.Related imageRight after he kills his father, he leads his new brother and step-mother to the dogs to be left for dead.

Theon and Sansa are on the run still, they try so hard to get away, but they run into Ramsay’s men. Theon tries to deflect them by telling them to take him, and that he doesn’t know where Sansa is. That obviously backfires, but just in the nick of time Brienne of Tarth with Podrick come to the rescue killing the men. It’s so good to see them, plus it was so good to see Podrick fight; he has definitely come a long way in his fighting.Image result for game of thrones season 6 sansa and brienne gifThis is when Brienne offers herself to Sansa once again, and finally Sansa agrees. Such a beautiful moment. She can finally fulfill her promise to Catelyn to protect her daughters. I hope next season Brienne can protect Arya too.

Then back in King’s Landing. Jamie is on his way back, and Cersei is excited to see her daughter again. We forget that she doesn’t know she’s dead. When she meets Jamie’s eyes, and sees the casket, she knows and it’s a little heartbreaking, especially since it’s the second child she’s lost. She’s also really sad about it because Myrcella was such a sweet girl, and Cersei has no idea where she got that from.

Image result for game of thrones season 6 cersei gif

I also want to mention Cersei’s hair (I know it must seem I’m so obsessed with hair this season) but she doesn’t look good with the short hair. I really hope they bring the long locks back.

Margaery Tyrell is in jail, and to be honest I just want to see her out.

Tyrion and Varys are in Meereen, waiting for Dany to come back. She left the city a mess, and the two of them plus Greyworm and Missandei are left to clean up, and pick up the pieces. Tyrion wants to do something with her dragons, but the others don’t think it’s the best idea. But he finally gets them to agree, so down goes Tyrion and Varys to the dungeons to free the dragons. I swear anything Peter Dinklage does, he does so well, and the scene with the dragons he’s funny, yet serious and it just works so well.Image result for game of thrones season 6 tyrion dragons gif

Varys is left to find out what he can since Meereen is currently unprotected, he holds a meeting with a prostitute named Vala who is league with some of their enemies to figure out what they should do. Tyrion meanwhile is trying to create small talk with Greyworm and Missandei, which is awkward but funny. Finally, Varys comes back to tell them what he has learned. This gives Tyrion an idea to tell Varys to tell his Little Birds to send a message.

Related imageWe get to see a lot of the Dothraki territory again and it’s actually really nice to see it.

Jorah and Daario are on the hunt to find Dany. Each step of the way Jorah keeps checking his wrist to see how far the Greystone has spread. Jorah finds Dany’s ring, and he knows that the Dothraki have her, so they’re off.

They cut right to Daernerys being lead to the leader of the Dothraki camp. She thinks that she has power because she was married to Khal Drogo, and well turns out that it doesn’t really mean anything.

When the two of them get to Vales Dothrak Jorah tells Daario they can’t go in with weapons. Daario is not happy about this, he is reluctant to give his one sword, but he does, or so we think. When they run into some of their men, they plead they have lost their way, the men don’t believe them and a fight breaks out. That’s when Daario pulls out his knife, and they make it out alive.

Dany is still with the Dothraki women, not liking what she’s hearing she walks out, that’s when she runs into Jorah and Daario. They form a plan.

When Dany finally finds out about Jorah, she is upset, and she demands him to find the cure and heal himself. Once he’s done that to come back to her because she needs him by her side. Talk about emotional scene, wow. The chemistry between the two is so good. It’s really funny that Daario is stuck watching it because he also cares for her, but he’s just not Jorah.Image result for game of thrones season 6 jorah greystone gif

We meet Arya who is still in Braavos, she’s blind living on the street. Faye, known as the Waif, is off to find Arya and gets her to fight. While trying to fight Faye she runs into Jaqen H’ghar, isn’t he dead? Or is it because he can change faces that he never dies? He beats her asking for her name but she still tells him that a girl has no name.

Faye wants her to give up, but Arya stays and fights, and she’s getting better and better. It almost seems unbelievable. Faye asks a lot of questions about people who are on her hit list. There are a few about the Hound, which will see plays out later.

She has mastered defending herself that Jaqen H’ghar tells her that if he tells him her name he’ll restore her sight. He gives her a bowl of water, which she doesn’t want to drink from since that’s how he died, he tells her if she is truly no one there is no harm. She drinks and her sight is restored.

WE GET TO SEE BRAN AGAIN! Oh it’s so good to see him since we haven’t seen him since season four! So he’s still in the tree, and he’s in another world where he’s seeing the past. He’s watching his father at different ages. I think it’s so great for him to see parts of his father’s life. I think it will help him become a better, stronger man.

We get to see Hodor again, and he’s younger and can talk! His real name is Willis, but his mother doesn’t want him to fight, so sad.Image result for game of thrones season 6 bran gif

Through Bran, we see bits and pieces of Ned’s life giving us a back story into his character, and back story into the whole Stark family. We see this epic sword fight between Ned Stark and Ser Arthur Dayne, a guy who fights with two swords. We learn that what Bran knew is not the truth. His father told him he fought him off himself, but we learn that he did not at all, in fact one of his men stabbed him in the back, which is not a noble way to kill.Related image

In one of his visions, can we call them visions? Flash backs? Well when he’s under we learn that the Children of the Forest are the ones who created the White Walkers! They created them so that they had someone to defend them.Related image

These visions really help things move along because we are getting to learn the actual truth. Since we know characters don’t always tell the truth, it’s good to get it in a pure form.

Tommen has gone to see his mother since he’s found out his sister is dead. Tommen really transforms this season, and as much as I love it, I hate where it leaves him, and the kingdom. Instead of wanting to see his mother he wants to see his wife, Margaery. He reluctantly goes to see her mother, and he apologizes, but I don’t think he really means what he says.Image result for game of thrones season 6 tommen gif

Yara Greyjoy and her father King Balon Greyjoy argue about how to rule, and get back what they are entitled to. But he threatens her by making another heir if she doesn’t do what he wants. Later while walking across a bridge, Balon runs into a man, who we find out is his younger brother Euron. From there he is pushed off the bridge to his death. Now Yara wants to find the person who did it, and get revenge.Image result for game of thrones season 6 yara gif

Now that Jon Snow is alive, he walks out to see his men, some (most) are happy to see him alive, shocked but happy, but the four who killed him are not happy at all. Image result for game of thrones season 6 jon snow hangs men gifHe’s back in his old role, he has set up the four men to be hung for killing him.
He asks them all for their last words. It’s the hardest for Olly because the two were so close to start. You can see the hesitation in Jon before cutting the rope.

As soon as this is done, he gives his cloak to Commander Tollett. Now that Jon has passed his role on, he plans to leave the Night’s Watch.

But before he can do that, guess who shows up: Sansa with Brienne of Tarth and Podrick. Ugh the reunion of Sansa and Jon is so beautiful! I was so happy to see they have found each other. I love these two, how close they become because they were never close before.Image result for game of thrones season 6 jon snow hangs men gif

Sansa wants him to join her to get Winterfell back, but Jon is so tired of fighting, but he caves when they get a letter from the Bolton’s saying that Ramsay has Rickon. Now he wants to take Ramsay down, just as much as Sansa. Or well I think Sansa hates him more, but they are together to fight.

It is just after this that we learn that Davos doesn’t know what happened to Shireen, and Melisandre really doesn’t want to tell him. I completely forgot that he doesn’t know. He only figures it out when he finds the burned wooden horse he carved for her, telling him everything. He’s very upset with Melisandre, he wants Jon to execute her, but they know they still need her, so they just banish her instead.

Seeing Sam again so is heartwarming. He’s on his way, with Gilly and her son, on their way to see his parents. He believes that his father will take him in if she 1) doesn’t tell him where they met and 2) say that her son is his. We’ll see how this goes. Image result for game of thrones season 6 sam and gilly gifWell it goes pretty well to start.

His mother and sister are so happy to see him, but once they sit down to dinner with his father, well things get out of hand. It slips where Gilly is from, and his father loses it, claiming that Sam is getting back at him, and that he dishonours the family by bringing a “half breed” to dinner. He points out his Valyrian steel sword that he is oh so proud of, so later Sam steals the sword and leaves, but then goes back for Gilly and the baby.Image result for game of thrones season 6 sam and gilly gif

At a Small Council meeting Cersei, with Jamie go to ask why they are having a meeting, as she is the Queen. Olenna, who is there to try and get Margaey and Loras released, tells her that the real Queen is married to the king, and is in jail.

Image result for game of thrones season 6 tommen gifTommen confronts the High Sparrow to ask if his mother can visit her daughter’s resting place. The Sparrows says she can’t because she hasn’t atoned for all of her sins. They argue some more, then Tommen asks to put Cersei through more trials. Tommen isn’t happy about anything as he’s got so much to deal with.

In Winterfell with Ramsay, we find out that his men have captured Rickon Stark. He knows he can use this in getting Sansa back.

We see Robin Arryn again; god I hate his character. Petyr Baelish pays him a visit to convince him to go and help Sansa. Robin agrees only because Petyr knows how to manipulate him. At the time I didn’t think Sansa needed his help, but I can say I was wrong.Related image

Tyrion and his friends meet with men to determine slavery within Meereen. He tries to strike a deal to end Slavery, he wants to give them a seven-year grace period to phase it out, but Greyworm and Missandei want it gone permanently now. So we’ll see.

Daenerys is brought before two priestesses, and she must choose who to join, but she declares that no one there is worthy to lead the Dothraki, so she says she will herself. They don’t agree so what does she do, she sets the place on fire. Burning all of them, she comes out unharmed, naked to see the Dothraki bowing down to her. Jorah and Daario are also there and they bow to her as well. Damn, I love scenes like this because you don’t know her full potential until you see things like this. Daenerys is awesome.Image result for game of thrones season 6 dany burns gif

Margaery meets with the High Sparrow and he tells her his tales of how he joined the Faith of the Seven, and in the end tells her she can visit her brother. Loras is lying on the floor weak, and feeling worthless; he doesn’t have the will to live, but Margaery tells him to stay strong, he is the future of the Tyrells… or so she thinks.

Image result for game of thrones season 6 loras gifTommen is given advice to join the High Sparrow, but his mother walks in and tells him he shouldn’t listen to that. The High Sparrow want to tear things done and replace it with nothing. She tells him not to trust the High Sparrow pretty much.

This High Sparrow is a complete piece of work in my opinion. They find out that he plans on making Margaery do the walk of atonement, Olenna is then horrified to find this out. Jamie wants to defeat the Faith and bring Margaery and Loras back, but Tommen doesn’t want to use the Lannister army for fear of them being hurt. They want to use the Tyrell army but even so they are not truly protected there either. In the end they use the Tyrell army led by Jamie.

Theon is on his way home, to become Theon Greyjoy again. It’s not easy for him, but he finally, after a lot of resistance from his sister Yara, is he allowed to be home again and join Yara’s army. As she thought he came back to become King of the Iron Islands, when he tells her it should be her instead, that changes everything for both of them.Image result for game of thrones season 6 yara and theon gif

Yara declares herself the ruler to her people, Theon backs her up, but their uncle comes out to think he’s better than Yara, and he should be the rightful ruler. They end up crowning their uncle, as Yara and Theon take off with all the ships.

Related imagePetyr drops in on Sansa at the Night’s Watch, and she is not forgiving… at all. As much as she doesn’t want his help, I think she knows she’s going to need it. Now they need to figure out what houses will join their army. Sansa lies right to Jon’s face about what Petyr told her, he has reformed her uncle’s army. I’m wondering why she lies; does she think he won’t want to know Petyr was involved?

Anyways, they start to build their army, and Jon knows that he can’t ask the Wildlings to join him, so they are off to make their own. They leave to travel to the Bear Island to the House of Mormont to see if they will join their forces. Who they meet is a 10-year-old girl as their leader, (since everyone else has died) who in the end gives them 62 men. Man is she feisty- I love her to bits. I’m telling you children can be scary when they want to be.Image result for game of thrones season 6 House of Mormont gif

While in Braavos Arya goes to see a play recapping the first two seasons. I have to say that I actually love it. As much as I don’t want to like it, I can’t seem to look away, it’s so entertaining. So Arya has been sent to kill the woman who plays Cersei, Lady Crane, to prove herself, but she can’t seem to. At first when she pushes the drink out of her hands, I thought she was going to say she got pushed, but when she blames one of the other actors, I was so surprised.Image result for game of thrones season 6 arya and lady crane

Right after that we see Arya going to get Needle! She’s run away from everything she’s been through, only to get stabbed (quite a few times) by an old lady who turns out to be Faye. She’s now on the run literally, while bleeding.Image result for game of thrones season 6 arya gif

In the end Arya goes to Lady Crane, which I had a feeling she would as they have this really great relationship. Only things don’t go to well, as Lady Crane get attacked and well dies. This then leads to a chase scene between Arya and Faye. It was really well done. I’m so happy that Arya gets away because I couldn’t bear to find out she dies… she can’t die! Instead she kills Faye, and declares she Arya Stark and that she’s going home! YES ARYA!

Related imageBran decides to go into his vision alone, that’s when he sees more White Walkers than anyone can count. Normally no one can see him, but the Night Keep sees and touches him; now Bran must become the three-eyed raven. When the White Walkers come for real, they must flee the tree. They want to kill Bran because of his powers, but I think there is something else.

They try to walk Bran up from his vision, but they can’t because he’s stuck watching the past. He can somewhat hear his name being called, and that they need Hodor. So Bran takes over Hodor’s body, but in the past, to help the Hodor of the present. They need to get away from all the White Walkers gaining on them, Hodor is told to ‘hold the door’ and him in the past drops into a seizure saying ‘hold the door’ which slowly starts to turn into ’hodor’ and that is how he gets his name, HOLY CRAP TALK ABOUT INCEPTION!Image result for game of thrones season 6 hodor gif

Well Hodor meets his end holding the door so that the other could live. Ugh so sad! I almost cried 😦

It’s only after watching it a second time that I noticed not only does Bran see flashbacks, but he sees the future as well. I think that’s pretty powerful, and great to watch.

Tommen and Margaery finally get to see each other, and you can see the High Sparrow planting ideas in both of their heads. At this point I’m not sure who to believe is better. Margaery believes that she needs to atone for her sins, but does she really believe that? I believe that she’s going along with all this to get herself and Loras free. At the moment, Tommen doesn’t want her to because he knows that she’s a good person.

Margaery is about to walk her atonement when Jamie comes to try and stop it with Olenna, only the High Sparrow says there won’t be a walk of atonement due to the fact that both Margaery and Tommen have made a deal to bridge the crown and the faith together.Image result for game of thrones season 6 margery walk of shame

Both Jamie and Olenna think this is a bad idea. But it’s only a matter of time when Margaery sits with her grandmother and we find out that her loyalties are still with House Tyrell and everything else she’s doing is a lie.

We get a cold open, one of the first that they ever do, and it’s to show the Hound is still alive! I was so surprised, but I loved it! I love The Hound. You can tell that he’s been just kinda hiding away, but when The Brotherhood Without Banners come but find nothing worthy so they leave. But they come back and slaughter all of the village, The Hound is pissed so he takes his revenge by going and killing the men who did it. I must say I loved seeing the Hound just loose it; it’s gruesome and quite frankly so deserving of these men.Image result for game of thrones season 6 the hound gif

When the Faith meet Cersei, well things go sour fast. God the line when Cersei says “I choose violence” is so good, yet so evil.

Image result for game of thrones season 6 cersei i choose violence gif

Brienne is off to deliver a letter to her uncle, when she runs into Jamie. I love, love, love that Brienne and Jamie get to see each other again. They are so adorable, and I wish they could just be together, but they aren’t. He loves his sister too much, and their loyalties lie in two different places. Cersei wants Sansa dead (so therefore so does Jamie, but does he really?) and Brienne wants to protect her, hence he trying to get more of an army. Only Brienne gets turned down and has to leave by a row boat. Jamie is there to see her go, and man it’s just so sad.Image result for game of thrones season 6 jamie and brienne gifRelated image




It only takes a bunch of episodes, but Daenerys has returned. I love how they all think they’re being attacked only to find their Queen, brilliant! Turns out Daenerys is not happy with how Tyrion has been running the show.  In the end she takes the reins again while Theon and Yara want to join forces with them. I think this is great.

I have to say the title for episode nine is truly a good one: “The Battle of Bastards”. I love it. This episode is all about Sansa and Jon with their army taking on Ramsay, and well things go horribly. So many men die. Ramsay let’s Rickon go, only to shot him with an arrow to watch him die. Ugh there goes another Stark! 😦Image result for game of thrones season 6 rickon dies gif

Ramsay is a real piece of work. Just when we think all of their men are going to die, Sansa shows up with Petyr to save the day with his army. This leads Ramsay to flee, since he knows he’s outnumbered, and Jon to follow to knock the bloody shit out of him. Oh that scene was so satisfying. I love how Jon doesn’t kill him, but leaves it to Sansa to have her last words with him then unleashes the dogs on him. Perfect!Image result for game of thrones season 6 jon kills ramsay gif

Let’s talk about that finale, holy crap! So we get to see Loras in trial, who gives himself to the Faith of Seven. We keep seeing little boys, the Little Birds, who lead the leader of the Faith into a dark tunnel where he gets attacked. They also murder Maester Pycelle. Everyone is now waiting for Cersei’s trial, but we all know she isn’t showing up. In the tunnel the Faith leader tries to blow the candle out to stop an explosion from happening, but in the end he’s too late. It’s a ginormous explosion and everyone in who was at the trial is blown to smithereens. HOLY IT IS INSANE! There goes Margaery, Loras and most of the Tyrell’s. Olenna is the only Tryell left.Image result for game of thrones season 6 trial explosion gifWhen Tommen finds out, he is very upset, in the end he kills himself by falling out a window. It was such a simple, bloodless death, so not Game of Thrones. When Cersei finds out, she’s sad, but now she knows that she can finally be Queen, and sit on the thrown.Image result for game of thrones season 6 tommen dies gif

Sam goes to Hightower to inform them that Jon Snow has sent him to be trained as a Maester. I think this is the best job for Sam; he looks so in awe of it all.

What I do like is finally, finally we get the line “Winter has come” Sansa says this to Jon, so good!Related imageImage result for game of thrones season 6 jon snow gif

Daenerys pretty much breaks up Daario, it’s a little awkward and a little heartbreaking to watch, but the next scene with her and Tyrion is perfect. He pledges himself to her, and it is so heartfelt and beautifully written and acted, I’m so happy they are allies.

Related image

We get to see Arya one last time, as she kills Walder Frey, another on her hit list since he’s the person who killed her mother, brother and pregnant sister-in-law. What a great revenge scene.Image result for game of thrones season 6 arya kills frey gif

We also see Sansa reject anything from Petyr, and I’m actually proud of her to finally get rid of this creepy man.

There is one last flashback with Bran, where he sees his father, at the Tower of Joy helping a young girl, his sister Lyanna Stark, she has just had a baby. She’s going to die after losing so much blood that she asks Ned to take care of him, in the end we find out that baby is Jon Snow… JON IS A FREAKING STARK! WHAT?! So he was never a bastard!Image result for game of thrones season 6 jon snow gif

Right after this, we get to see everyone in the North pledge to Jon Snow, as the King of the North.

We end with Cersei taking the throne, and Greyjoy’s with Daenerys coming to take back what is theirs. What is going to happen next season, I can’t wait to find out.

Image result for game of thrones season 6 gifs


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