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Let’s Talk About… The Affair Season Two

Happy TV Tuesday my friends! Today I’m going to be talking all about season two of The Affair.

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So season two is all about dealing with the consequences of season one. Now that everyone knows about the affair everyone has to deal with it.

On top of this we get two more points of view so things get really crazy.

We’re used to having each episode cut it half with Alison and Noah’s POV but now we have Helen and Cole as well (the other half of the affair I like to call it).

So Noah and Helen are getting a divorce but it’s not an easy one. Noah just wants to live with Alison and have custody of his children but obviously Helen doesn’t want that. So that makes things hard not not for Helen and Noah but for Alison and Noah. Image result for the affair season 2 gifs

They’re looking for apartments but he doesn’t know if we can live with her.

They are currently living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere where his publisher Harry has set him up. He’s in the process of writing his next book. Since he was fired from his job as a teacher because of an inappropriate relationship with a teacher, once he leaves Helen he just went crazy before he got back together with Allison.

Anyways Yvonne and her husband own the property and are happy to have them.

Image result for the affair season 2 yvonneOut of nowhere does Noah propose to Alison and she says yes, Noah’s daughter Whitney shows up and freaks the fuck out about it. His kids always seem to bring him back to real life.Image result for the affair season 2 noah cabin evon Helen’s life is slowly falling apart. She’s sleeping with Noah’s best friend Max, which I guess Noah deserves but he doesn’t know… yet. After the hearing (which we get two sides of because no ones point of view is the same; hence art imitating life) Image result for the affair season 2 helen and maxMax comes over to give her a gift, a trip that she freaks out over, and tells him it’s too soon and, can you even say breaks up with him if they weren’t really dating? On top of that he tells her that he’s given Noah 50 thousand dollars to buy an apartment. He tells Noah it’s because he’s being a good friend and knows he needs it, but the truth totally comes out when he tells Helen he gave him the money so the two of them could finally be together, because he’s been pining after her since college.

They both get pissed off, and Helen in one version takes a cough lozenge, in the other she’s drunk and high, but she forgets to pick up the young kids from camp and once she gets there she’s in a rush to pull out that she hits another car and Stacey the youngest hits her head. Image result for the affair season 2 helen gif

Noah has to come and get them and take them away. Leaving Alison. He takes them to his sister’s house where they stay for all of five minutes before they get into a huge argument and he takes them to a motel. His son Martin has stress stomach pains that I’m really curious about. I hope they get a diagnosis.

Noah Alison have had a weird start to the season. She is living with Noah but she has no job so she’s just kinda there, that is until Yvonne introduces herself and invites her over. Allison learns that she needs an assistant and her husband on the spot hires her. I got a weird vibe from him ever since he was introduced. Then the two of them kept having these moments alone together until he got turned on by her, and then he fired her.Related imageThere is a huge downfall because Yvonne is also mad at her as she reads Noah’s book and it reads as their story of how they met and Yvonne finds out they have lied to her. That’s my guess as to why she’s angry. It isn’t really told it’s shown in simple shots.

Image result for the affair season 2 yvonne and alisonSo in one version (Coles I might add) she goes back to him and asks if he thinks she’s a slut. He tells her he doesn’t think so, but that’s Cole, he is completely in love with her. He can’t even cheat on her, he gets so close but it doesn’t happen. He becomes a taxi driver now that the ranch is gone and he’s working all hours, even doubtful cocaine. I love Cole and I hate that he has soImage result for the affair season 2 cole taxi driver much hate inside of him and that he hurts. I hope things look up for him.

When Martin finally takes a turn for the worst and ends up in the hospital because of his stomach cramps, Helen and Noah must work together to be better for him. It turns out that he has Crohn’s disease. It’s then that they decide to have joined custody of the kids, and she tells Noah that he’s a good father; sweet moment.

Image result for the affair season 2 noah and helen hospital

On top of that Helen has to put up with her mother who I might add is a complete bitch who really only thinks for herself. Her parents are fighting because her father left her mother for his true love, because their marriage was always a sham.

When Helen asks her mother, no TELLS her mother to leave, I was so happy! Helen is finally thinking for herself without her mother whispering in her ear about every decision.

So Noah goes back to Alison to tell her they can finally be together, and she is resistant at first but then she tells him she’s pregnant so that changes things.

Image result for the affair season 2 noah and edenHe finally finishes his book, they get a fancy apartment and they will soon have a baby, the perfect setting, only his publicist is a nightmare, she wants him to herself so that he can work, work, work.

When we see Cole again he’s still living the house, the house that I always forget belongs to Alison since it was her grandmothers. When Scotty tries to sell the house, technically he can’t, so that they can get some money after losing all their money when they had to sell the ranch. Oscar shows up telling the Lockhart brothers they need to read Noah’s book because all of their shenanigans are in it, and their secrets are out in the open, which turns out are all true! Another motive for murder perhaps?

Then Whitney shows up wanting Scotty but he wants nothing to do with her because he could go to jail. So Cole drives her to her father’s house, from there he visits his new love, Luisa.

Image result for the affair season 2 cole and luisa

Helen and Whitney go looking at colleges where Whitney declares she doesn’t want to go to college but be a model. She wants to do it on her own, which I feel, as a young person trying to make it on my own I feel proud of her for wanting it. Also Whitney is tired of hearing her mother talk about the good old days with her parents when they aren’t together anymore. Then at Noah’s book signing they run into each other and Helen goes while Whitney spends her evening in the dorm.

Image result for the affair season 2 noah and edenHelen and Noah go back to a bar to relive more memories and Noah tells her that she was just like Whitney at her age, rash and insane. Image result for the affair season 2 noah and helen

At Noah’s book signing where he reads part of his book, are we still supposed to believe that it’s a work of fiction? Because boy does it sound like what happened in his life.

Related imageGod it is so obvious that Noah does not care about this child he’s about to have with Alison. All he cares about is his new book. And ugh it is so clear his publicist is into him; how long will it be before he sleeps with her?

And they almost do, but she says no! Wow, she says she doesn’t mix work with that kind of pleasure. We’ll see if she caves since apparently he’s irresistible! I don’t think so, he’s not my cup of tea.

So Helen is now seeing Martin’s doctor, interesting.

Related imageAlison goes into labor and she can’t get ahold of Noah because he’s at a party. There is a storm and all the roads are closed so he’s stuck at the party. Looking to get lucky he ends up in a hot tub with two girls where one of them turns out to be his daughter Whitney. Yikes! He leaves so fast but gets stuck in the storm. So Alison is left to give birth alone.Image result for the affair season 2 allison gif

Speaking of babies Cole finds out that Luisa can’t have children and that’s when he believes his mother and how the Lockhart’s are cursed. Apparently his grandfather was a baby killer and so the family was cursed to never spread the Lockhart name: so far it’s been true.Image result for the affair season 2 noah and helen gif

It’s been a year (although we aren’t officially told) where Noah spends an afternoon with his therapist to figure out some things about his life. Maybe this will make him a better man?While he’s doing this, Alison is in class as she’s gone back to school to become a doctor. I’m happy for her, but she’s thinking of quitting. Image result for the affair season 2 allison and scottie

She leaves early and runs into Scotty of all people. He wants her to buy the Lobster Roll with him, and turn it into a nightclub. She tries to tell him no, but he is pissed she says no. You can tell he’s a bloody druggy. He says he’s no longer selling drugs because the cop who kept their drug smuggling a secret will no longer do so.

When he meets her daughter, and they say that she looks like her father it gets real weird. Who is her father!?!?!?

She then goes to meet Cole who tells her he’s getting married. I’m happy for him, I’m happy for both of them; the fact that they can get together and talk and be friends after everything that’s pretty good. Image result for the affair season 2 allison and coleWhen she meets Luisa oooo boy the tension in the air, you could see how Luisa was just marking her territory, just woah.

Image result for the affair season 2 allison and coleAnd then bam we get thrown this curve ball, Luisa’s mother is the Butler’s (Helen’s family) maid.


Image result for the affair season 2 alison and scottyCole tries to tell Scotty to go to rehab, but that just ends in a fight. Scotty tells him his plans about the Lobster Roll, but Cole wants it for Luisa since she wants to open her own restaurant. He wants to ask Alison for some money from the house to help finance it, but Luisa wants no part in it. Luisa wants no part in a lot of things; does she really love Cole?

We learn that Alison dropped her med class weeks ago, and now it makes sense, she’s gone into business with Cole to buy the Lobster Roll. But okay wait a second, if Alison thinks that that’s what she’s going to do with her life, and Cole is opening it for Luisa, how is this all going to work out since Luisa hates Alison. Things are going to get crazy!

It’s Oscar who tells Noah that they’ve gone into business together since the two of them bought the place from under Oscar.

When Noah goes to visit Max about Alison, the truth about Helen comes out. It’s like their whole friendship was a scam. Related imageThe future I have to talk about separately because if I try to weave it in like the show I’ll just get as confused as I am when I watch the show sometimes.

What really throws me off is the lawyer that Helen uses in her divorce she hires for Noah, and it’s so good to see Richard Schiff again! I can see so much of Toby in this character, but that could be how long I’ve been watching the West Wing.

Related imageNoah has been accused of murdering Scotty, Cole’s brother and the main motive is the fact that he got his daughter Whitney pregnant, but I don’t think it was Noah. As I continue to watch it looks like it could be anyone.

Image result for the affair season 2 richard schiffOscar shows up to give Richard’s character a tip about the case. We are introduced to this wedding that happened, I’m curious who’s wedding it is, and we learn that Alison is fighting with Scotty saying “this is our baby” plot twist?

Now I have no idea who’s wedding it is, or whose baby it is! And Helen shows up because she wants to help Noah because she doesn’t want him to go to jail- she hates him but doesn’t want bad things to happen to him, interesting. So what does Helen do, she steals his daughter’s pacifier for a DNA test, now I’m just so curious.  Okay so now Max is testifying against Noah. Saying he broke into his house to wash his car, like he was trying to hide something, as Max says he found blood.

So the season ends rather weird. Noah runs into Helen’s mom where they are actually getting along. The last time we saw them they hated each other, so am I missing something?

Alison spends all summer working at the Lobster Roll, away from her family. Then everyone comes as Cole and Luisa are getting married, that’s whose wedding it is.

Image result for the affair season 2 cole and luisa's wedding gif

At that wedding is when Alison tells. Noah that she doesn’t know who the father is, and it never occurred to me that it would be Cole’s. They made it out to look like Scotty’s, but Cole makes more sense. Now I need to know who the father is!

Then Noah says that he never wants to see Alison again, although I doubt that will happen.

Image result for the affair season 2 cole and luisa's wedding gif

In Alison’s version he tells her he wants to get married, and starts a life with her, so when he finds out he’s not the father in her reality he’s not happy.

But DAMN we finally find out who killed Scotty. I never would have guessed it to be Helen. Holy fuck. After the wedding Helen and Noah drink a lot. On their way home Noah can’t drive because she’s just tripping, so he begs Helen to drive, and that’s when it happens.

It makes sense now why Helen wants to protect him, because she did it. Holy crap this show.

Then right after that we find out that Cole is definitely the child’s father. But Noah’s reaction is so passive, he’s like I know. His lawyer is a little shocked by his reaction. I’m just glad to finally know.

BUT!! We find out that Helen didn’t do it alone. In Alison’s version we see Scotty come to the wedding hoping to get his cut in the Lobster Roll, but is turned down because he’s still not clean. That’s when he loses it, tells Alison he knows the baby is a Lockhart. That’s when she tells Noah, before Scotty can do it. She leaves and ends up finding Scotty at the side of the road. He tells her he wants to sleep with her and she pushes him away because ew that’s gross, and that’s when it happens- just BAM!

Image result for the affair season 2 scotty's murder gif

Noah gets out and sees Alison. It was both of them together. Interesting, I didn’t see that coming.Image result for the affair season 2 helen kills scotty

We’re back in the present day and they’re going to court, yet again, and Noah now has to choose between which woman he is going to save. Lord he has to choose again, god help us, but then he does either the smartest thing or the dumbest thing we’ll find out next season, he stands up and commits to the murder!

Image result for the affair season 2 noah confesses

Damn I didn’t think he had it in him to do that, since he’s kinda selfish.

I’m so curious where next the season is going to go- is he going to go to jail? HA, Noah in jail! It’s been one hell of a season.

Image result for the affair season 2 gifs

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