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Photo Blog: Instagraming Through Winter

Happy Friday my fellow friends! As this week brought in Spring, I thought I’d post my photos from Instagram that I took this past Winter… Enjoy! ❄️☃️

So this blog may be shorter than my previous ones as I didn’t really take many photos this past Winter, I didn’t do a lot in the Winter either. I wish I had done more, but there’s always next year, plus I’m looking forward to a fun Spring!

In this blogs photos include:

    • BOOKS, I swear that is all I posted.
    • Food, I took pictures of all the yummy foods (okay all desserts) I ate, plus cookies I made from scratch!
    • A few selfies, because why not? 💁🏼
    • And my great night out with Pierce the Veil!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram: meghan___murphy


Thanks for viewing! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Photo Blog: Instagraming Through Winter

  1. Omg okay so first of all, this post made me sooo hungry lol! That first selfie is like, really, really gorgeous, and also all those books you took pictures of have awesome covers and look super good! Happy reading :))

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