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Review: The Last Song

HI! Happy throwback Thursday! Today I’m coming at you guys with another Nicholas Sparks novel. This week it’s my review of The Last Song.

This is probably my favourite Sparks novel, although I haven’t read them all. I’m currently re-reading all of the books I have read of his, and I’m thinking of reading some of his other stuff too. We’ll see if I have time for it all.

Read:  May 2010
Rating: 4 Stars

The Last Song

The Last Song by: Nicholas Sparks: Ronnie and her brother, Jonah, are being sent to spend the summer in a small town in North Carolina with their father. Jonah is beyond excited, but Ronnie not so much. She’s angry at him for leaving and walking out on their family so she hasn’t played the piano, the one thing they shared together, or talked to him in three years. But over the course of the summer, things change as she meets new people, meets a boy, and rediscovers who her father is. This novel does an amazing job of portraying falling in love for the first time, heartbreak and family dynamics. Sparks has really crafted the art of writing about love, both romantically and unconditionally. The novel starts off real slow and the plot took a little to get into, but once in, the reader couldn’t help but fall in love. The story was more about the characters; the characters grew and blossomed so much from beginning to end, and it was beautiful to watch unfold. It felt like the point of this novel was to get to know these characters because the details and background stories really gave these characters a life of their own, making them dynamic and very dimensional. This is some of Sparks best writing, even if it does involve a lot of the tropes he likes to write, it feels like there is a sweet twist to it all.


8 thoughts on “Review: The Last Song

  1. This is a great review Meghan. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Nicholas Sparks novel but I’ve heard great things about them all, and this one is no exception. It sounds like it’s full of amazing characters and brilliant relationships so I’m glad to see you love this one! 😀

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