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Review: Ugly

Hi guys! Happy Monday. You know it just dawned on me that we’re over half way through March. How? My mind is boggled. Also Happy First Day of Spring! 🌱🍃🌷🌺☀️ … even though today is kinda cloudy.
Today I’m going to be reviewing Robert Hoge’s memoir Ugly.

This story moved me, it was brilliant, and incredibly heartwarming, even when things seem to be looking down.


Ugly by: Robert Hoge: This book is Hoge’s memoir of his childhood and living with his disability. Robert was born with a facial defect and his legs not being fully formed. Throughout the book we learn of his struggles from the first day, when his mother didn’t think she could take him home from the hospital, to his middle school days getting teased, to figuring out who is was as a person, and everything in between. This book took the reader on a journey they were not expecting. This book really showed how much looks play into society, no matter what age you are, and showed that being different does matter, as much as people say it doesn’t. It also pointed out how mean people can be, not just kids, but adults too. For a while it felt like it was take down after take down of kids being mean, and Hoge having to miss out on things due to injury that it got lost what the point of the book was. But as the reader came up to the ending, it was a truly beautiful and an inspiring ending, and not just for people who look different, but for everyone. It was a gripping tale, that had the reader wanting to read more, with a beautiful message.


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