The Rest in Space Tour w/ Crown the Empire, Falling in Reverse & Pierce the Veil

Hi friends! I hope you’re all having a good Wednesday! Today I’m posting something a little different, last Wednesday (has it been a week already?!) I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favourite bands, Pierce the Veil perform, and I had an amazing time, so let me tell you about it!

Rest in Space Tour: Pierce The Veil, Falling in Reverse & Crown the Empire
The Danforth Music Hall
Wednesday, March 1 2017

When you wake up the next day and your body is sore, that is what made the night before worth it. I woke up the day after seeing Pierce the Veil quite sore (and even 2 days later my shins are still sore).

This was the first time seeing Pierce the Veil do their own headlining show. I’ve seen them twice on Warped Tour and I’ve met them once, so this was a completely different experience and it was just so much fun.

I have to admit that when their new album Misadventures came out last year it wasn’t my favourite of their albums. But as this concert got closer and closer I figured I’d need to really get to know these songs, and I did. The songs actually have more meaning in my life now, then when it came out. So now seeing them perform the songs just made it that more special.

But before they could grace us with their presence, two bands played before them.

First up was Crown the Empire, a band I only just started listening to. I figured I’d look up the songs they were going to play ahead of time just so I could at least look like I was enjoying myself.

So their set involved blow up astronauts, which I thought was pretty cool since it went with their space theme. They played six songs

1) Zero
2) Memories of a Broken Heart
3) The Fallout
4) Voices
5) Hologram
6) Machines

Out of all of them my favourites are Voices, which I could sing along to most of it, and Hologram. During one of their songs, it was between The Fallout and Voices where their lead singer decided to play a game. At the Danforth Music Hall on the ground level there are two bars: The East Side Bar, and yes, the West Side Bar. He told the crowd whoever could crowd surf to the bar, and bring him back a shot would get a free t-shirt or something. Well the East side flopped on that, I don’t think anyone tried on that side, but the West Side, they totally brought it and he got his shot.

I’m not going to lie during Machines I decided to go and buy a shirt because I knew it wasn’t going to be busy; I was right I was pretty much the only one there. Sweet!

(If you’re wondering I bought a Pierce the Veil baseball tee, not the one I’ve wanted since I was 17 because I don’t even think they make those ones anymore, but I still like the one I got.)

They played for half an hour, but it felt like five minutes. I could have watched them all night.

Afterwards Falling in Reverse came on. I used to be a fan of Escape the Fate (where Ronnie is originally from) but when he left I gave up on them. When he got out of jail and started Falling in Reverse I was down, but these days I’m not so much. The music just isn’t the same. Just listening to them play, they had at least four genres going. From punk/rock, to rap, to dubstep to pop, they were all over the place. I can see the appeal because it’s different, I just can’t get into it.

They played 11 songs, and they played for 45 minutes… it felt like three hours. I’m not going to lie it did get a little entertaining about halfway through when Ronnie just brought out a pizza and started throwing it at the crowd. No idea why, but okay, I’ll go with it. He threw it so high it reached people sitting in the mezzanine! I forgot to mention, me and my brother (I didn’t go to this concert by myself yay!) where sitting in the balcony, which is just a little higher, but the view is great!

So after throwing pizza, he grabs chips and proceeds to throw this out into the crowd. He also shovels it into his mouth, as the instrumental solo continues.

Out of the 11 songs I knew 5, and the amount of songs I knew all the words to: 2.

When he came out playing Bad Girls Club (which was when the pizza party happened) I’m not going to lie I got a little excited because I could sing and dance along. The second was The Drug in Me is You, which is off their first album, which I really dug. I know they played a few others off that album, like the show opener: Sink or Swim, and I’m Not a Vampire, but both of those never stuck with me.

Just as the set was wrapping up, he asked us if we were assholes, and the background changed to say ‘Assholes’, and playing Just Like You. Talk about interesting way to end a show. I’m not going to lie, it was memorable.

Their set list in what I believe is the correct order:

1) Sink or Swim
2) God, If You Are Above
3) Rolling Stone
4) Fashionably Late
5) Loser
6) I’m Not a Vampire
7) Bad Girls Club
8) The Departure
9) Alone
10) The Drug in Me is You
11) Just Like You

Once their set was complete a white sheet was draped over the stage, to hide the stage production for PTV’s set. When that curtain was pulled back, it revealed a space ship! THEY CAME OUT OF THE SPACE SHIP! HOW COOL IS THAT?! I had no idea what to expect from them, but boy did they bring it!

They opened with Dive In, and everyone was just starting to get into it. I thought they would have opened with Floral & Fading since they just released that music video a few weeks ago but I’m good with their decision.

After each song the stage would go dark, making it seem like they were done for the night, even though they weren’t. I noticed that Vic isn’t much of a talker between songs, as we jumped right into Caraphernelia (which I thought would be their closer) I was so lost in the moment that I actually didn’t realize the song until the chorus, go me!

They proceeded with Texas is Forever and The Divine Zero. After this Vic decides to bring someone from the audience up on stage to sing with him. They sang the beginning of Bulletproof Love together, one of my favourites. We jump right into Floral & Fading, and we break.

When they return the lights are dimmed, and the four of them are on stage in a line, it looks like they’re going to play acoustically, and that’s exactly what they did. They broke out into Stay Away From My Friends, uh, it’s such a beautiful song. I had no idea they would even consider playing this. They said before they started playing that this is the first time they’ve tried playing it acoustic on tour; I’m very happy I got to witness it!

After our intense, acoustic moment, they come back guns blazing with Bulls in the Bronx. This is where I lost my mind, I forgot the rest of the crowd, I forgot everything I was lost in time and space in my own world. I jumped so hard I almost fell a few times, I head banged so hard my neck was sore, I screamed so hard that I thought I might puke and my throat is still a little sore. I lost my camera around this point; it ended flying off the ledge I had it resting on and onto the floor in front of me (I was lucky all that happened was the battery popped out).

After this the played Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides. Not my favourite song off their first album, but it does have one of my favourite lines “pastel-red and porn-star white”.

We then get to what feels like the end, when Vic says ‘this is it you guys; this is the last song according to the set list’, and the song was Hold on Til May; yet another song I never thought I’d hear live. This song had so much meaning to me when the album was released; not to say it doesn’t now, but it just reminds me of those days and how much I’ve grown, how can a concert make you feel so much?!?!

They exit the stage, but everyone is chanting a mix of ‘encore’ and ‘one more song’ until they grace us with their presence once more. They play Circles, and end with King for a Day.

They ended on a banger and I’m so happy because you just leave the venue on such a high.

I swear they didn’t play long enough, I wish I could hear every song live, but I’ll live with what I got because it was still amazing.

From Mike's Instagram
From Mike’s Instagram

I’m super happy I got the opportunity to see one of my favourite bands live, that is all. Photos are up: Photo Blog: Rest in Space Tour w/Crown the Empire, Falling in Reverse & Pierce The Veil.

3 thoughts on “The Rest in Space Tour w/ Crown the Empire, Falling in Reverse & Pierce the Veil

  1. Ahhhhh, reading this has made me miss Pierce The Veil soooo much. They’re one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live. I’m legit crying that they played Stay Away From My Friends, that’s one of my all time favourites I love it so much. I’m glad you started to enjoy Misadventures more too 😀 It really is such an incredible album.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes they are! I’m glad you enjoyed reading this! I couldn’t believe they played it, it is one of my faves too! 😀
      It is really good, I’m glad I finally got into it! It’s kinda all I want to listen to these days!


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