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Movie Review: The Lego Batman Movie

Happy Friday my lovely followers! I’m coming at you with a movie review for The Lego Batman Movie.

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The Lego Batman Movie: Things are getting old in Gotham; Batman continues to take down the Joker over and over again, but when the Joker surrenders himself, Batman knows something is up, he just doesn’t know what. While devising a plan, he ends up adopting a son, Robin. Now Batman/Bruce Wayne must find a way to let people in, and to start a family again. This film is all about showing your good side and finding your family. The plot was very well done, it was engaging at every point, whether it was through the dialogue or through great action scenes; the plot kept viewers engrossed. On top of the witty banter that happens throughout, the music was also a big role in this film. It really brought the story to life, giving characters that extra emotion that wouldn’t be there if not for it. The music selection just fit right in with the wit making it a perfect fit. The characters themselves, although being characters we already know, took on a little twist and we got to see a side of Batman that may not have been explored before. On top of it all, the film was also highly colourful, which was a very big appeal, and it brought in characters from other realms, like Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz, giving this film that one last twist of its own. This is definitely a kid’s movie, but there is something there for everyone.


6 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Lego Batman Movie

  1. Great review for this film Meghan. This one looks really hilarious from all the trailers I’ve seen, and I loved The Lego Movie as well so this is definitely a film I want to see at some point. I wouldn’t say I’m a massive fan of Batman but this may end up being the one Batman film I actually enjoy! 😀

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