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Review: A Head Full of Ghosts

Hello my lovely friends! Happy Monday, today is Family Day which means I have the day off, (and yes I did spend it with my family!) Hurray for a three day weekend! I think we need more of them! Today I’m going to be reviewing Paul Tremblay’s novel A Head Full of Ghosts.

A Head Full of Ghosts
A Head Full of Ghosts

A Head Full of Ghosts by: Paul Tremblay: The Barretts family gets torn apart when fifteen-year-old Marjorie starts acting out. Thinking it’s just teenage moodiness, doctors have no answers to the unexplainable things that keep happening. Bring in a priest they try an exorcist. Merry, her eight-year-old younger sister is only trying to make sense of it all. Even 15 years later, she still tries to figure out what happened one fateful night. This novel is told not only in Merry’s eight-year-old point of view, but also in her present age, as well as under an alias on her blog. Throughout the different POVs, the reader gets a sense of who Merry is, and of who her family were. The character development was mostly just our main character, but it was done well. As the reader dived into her life, the more she revealed the more rounded and dynamic she became. For the most part the plot was like any scary exorcist movie, unoriginal and for the most part a little played out; what made the plot interesting was seeing Merry in the present, and through her blog, that made things interesting. The ending was also spectacular, and no one sees it coming, which makes it excellent horror writing.


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