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Review: The Kendra Chronicles

Helllooo, and happy throwback Thursday! Today I’m throwing it back to The Kendra Chronicles by Alex Flinn.

Okay that is sort of a lie, I’m only half throwing it back, nope still lying, try a quarter throwing it back, as I read the first book Beastly back in 2011, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out there were books after it. So I decided to re-read Beastly, and read the other 3 books in the series.

Read: March 2011
Rating: 3 Stars


Beastly by: Alex Flinn: Kyle Kingsbury is concerned about one thing: good looks. Living in vane until a witch named Kendra comes along; seeing his behaviour she changes him into a beast, and the only way to break the curse is to find true love. Now Kyle must try his hardest at becoming a better person, without his looks. The novel really dives deep into appearances and exposes that it’s not all about the looks of a person that make someone loveable. The writing and pacing were well done; the plot, as cheesy as it was, had a good moral. Some of the subplots didn’t feel believable, but looking beyond that it was a captivating read, even if the ending was predictable from the beginning. The characters were also a little predictable, and quite frankly a little two dimensional. Sure they had their depth, but they didn’t feel real, they were like any generic character. This novel was more about the plot than it was about the individual characters, and it worked well.



Bewitching by: Alex Flinn: Kendra is a witch who has lived a long time; learning from past mistakes she finds herself helping a young girl named Emma who is struggling with what life has dealt her. All the stories in this novel were based on fairy tales, which is nothing new, and that’s what made this novel somewhat boring. There was practically no originality other than combining all the tales to create one novel. Sometimes it was hard to connect stories and find the relevance between them all. The novel was typical and predictable; the reader could see things coming for miles, and the characters were so stereotypical and boring that it made the plot move at a snail’s pace. The conflicts were so minuscule and petty that it drove the reader crazy. All in all, this novel didn’t really do anything worthwhile to read about.



Mirrored by: Alex Flinn: Kendra is back and trying to help out yet another girl. Violet only cares about how beautiful she is because that’s how her mother raised her. So when her best friend Greg leaves her for someone prettier, she uses magic to get her revenge. Not only does she get her revenge on the mean girls, but on their daughters as well, leaving Celine to flee for her life. This was a Snow White retelling, that tried to twist it up a bit, but for the most part just stuck to the original story. Much like the previous novels in this series this dealt with the power of beauty and popularity. The plot felt really shallow, but managed to redeem itself when there were lessons to be learned about love, friendship and what lies beneath the skin. The characters were all clichéd, two dimensional, and nothing about them really stood out, but they were readable.



Beheld by: Alex Flinn: Kendra is back at it again; helping more people find their true loves, but what about herself? In 1662 she fell in love with a boy named James who was like her, a wizard. Through the centuries she endlessly sought him out, only to get struck out each time. Now in Miami, where she least expected it, while helping a new friend out, her true love shows up. This novel was, like her past novels, about beauty and the beauty within ourselves. It taught really good life lessons, even if some of the plots we’ve seen before. The pacing of this novel was really good; it was fast-paced that the reader didn’t want to put it down, especially for the last 100 pages or so. There were different stores throughout, and at first they didn’t really connect to each other; it wasn’t until near the end that the reader understood the purpose. It was good to get backstory on our main character, Kendra; this played into the different stories, as it showcased Kendra’s life. Overall, this novel had a cute ending, particularly the last story, with a good message.


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