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Let’s Talk About… The West Wing Season Seven

Hello all, Happy Valentine’s Day! 😀 I hope you’re all with the ones you love!
Welcome to another TV Tuesday. Today I’m going to be talking all about the seventh, and final season of The West Wing.

I can’t believe this is my last West Wing post; it’s so bittersweet. I truly liked this show.

From left to right: Martin Sheen as Jed Bartlet, John Spencer as Leo McGary, Dulé Hill as Charlie Young, Kristin Chenoweth as Annabeth Schott, Stockard Channing as Abbey Bartlet, Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman, Jimmy Smits as Matt Santos, Janel Moloney as Donna Moss, Joshua Malina as Will Bailey, Mary McCormack as Kate Harper, Alan Alda as Arnold Vinick, Richard Schiff as Toby Ziegler and Allison Janney as C.J. Cregg


The final season starts three years in the future, it’s so good to see some of our favourite people in the future. We get a glimpse of the new present, and when I say glimpse, I mean his shoes ha!

Then it’s right back into the present where it’s a battle between Vinick and Santos. Both parties are going strong so it’s only a matter of time.Image result for the west wing season 7 vinick and santos

The White House is being investigated, or well continuing from last season to find out who leaked the story from NASA. It’s a long and grueling process. We are lead to believe it’s CJ because the reporter who wrote about it, won’t give away his source and he talked to CJ the most. At the end of the fourth episode we find out it was Toby, my jaw dropped. I can’t believe it; I just want more!Related image

As the episodes continue, everyone slowly starts to find out and it’s heartbreaking to watch as everyone is so saddened by it. Obviously he is fired, and it is up to CJ to figure out who he next press secretary will be, she chooses Will, that should be interesting.

Image result for the west wing season 7 will bailey press secretary

Image result for the west wing season 7 leo and annabethWe also get a weird plot with Leo; I have no idea what is going on with him, but he’s obsessed with time, and there is tension between him and Annabeth (she was hired at the beginning of season 6 to help out Toby with the press, but she’s stayed even though Toby is still the press secretary.) It’s very weird, and I kinda hope it goes nowhere.

I believe that the West Wing had its first and only live episode. At first I wasn’t a fan because I’m not a fan of live episodes, but this one turned out okay. It really felt like a real debate, which was what it was supposed to do. It was between Santos and Vinick and it was punchy and bold and for the most part quite entertaining. It was truly something to watch.Related image

In other things, Elli, the president’s middle daughter is getting married… to this weird quiet bug guy. I think he does research with bugs that’s where that came from, or the president just calls him that, not quite sure. But they are planning a White House wedding, which is a lot of work.

For so much trouble that the wedding planning takes we barely get to see any of the wedding; we see Jed walk her down the aisle that’s about it.

Image result for the west wing season 7 eli getting married

They have to go through guest lists (that are pages long) and issues with her dress, because we find out part of the reason they are getting married so quickly is because Ellie is pregnant.

I think my favourite part is when Will has to step in for CJ in helping plan for the wedding and he has no idea what he’s doing ha!

Image result for the west wing season 7 kate harper and will baileySpeaking of Will, is he and Kate a thing? They are both acting weird towards each other, then they are both mini golfing… we later find out that she asks him as a date to the wedding, which escalates to more mini dates, so I guess they are a thing now. They are interesting together. I don’t have much feelings for either character so I kinda don’t care.

It also takes me half the season to realize that Charlie is no longer in the show; WHERE DID CHARLIE GO? They don’t say he just disappears. He’s in the first episode in the flash in the future, but when they bounce back to the past, he’s gone! Typical West Wing style.

We get to roughly the middle of the season and before the episode “Running Mates” Martin Sheen tells the viewers that he is sad to say that John Spender (who plays Leo) has passed away.

See I knew that (spoiler alert) Leo died because I was spoiled while googling something in season four or five, so I’ve known for a while, what I didn’t know until recently was that the actual actor… died of a heart attack, go figure. Now I’m just waiting to see how they kill Leo off, that sounds horrible.

I wish this was a gif!

But I have to say the last few episodes I love Leo in; I don’t know he just transformed the screen, maybe it was because he’s gone I thought him better I don’t know, all I know was episode ten was hilarious!

He’s trying to practice for the Vice President debates and he is flunking so hard and Josh is worried, well the whole team is worried, except for Santos, he knows that he’ll do a good job and in the end he does a marvellous job. We also find out that all the leaks (minus the underwear scandal for Santos’ wife, in which I feel kinda embarrassed for) he leaked, I thought that was funny. We really get to see Leo as a joker, which we don’t normally see.

The there’s an nuclear explosion in California at a power plant that Vinick helped open years ago.Related image

After all of that happens we find out that Santos is tied with Vinick, this is very, very good news. It’s so good that Josh and Donna share a kiss. I know that they get together (that I wasn’t spoiled for; I just figured it because of the way the two act towards each other). I want them to be together because they are cute, but at the same time I don’t want to see them together. I am happy that they waited until the final season.Image result for the west wing season 7 toby gif

As the season goes by each episode gets closer and closer to election day. Two weeks away and Bruno (who is working for Vinick, although Bruno has been all over the place throughout this series, and quite frankly I don’t care for him) finds a briefcase; thinking it belongs to one of his guys he opens it to find it belongs to Santos. Obviously they find something incriminating, which Santos gives a clear explanation for so we’ll see if the press gets hold of it.

There is also something wrong with Vinick’s hand. They want to conceal it so that he doesn’t look like a weak old man. I think that was a dumb move, but it’s not my body.Image result for the west wing season 7 arnold vinick

As they run the last of the campaign, Jon Bon Jovi just shows up to say he’s a supporter. It was really weird. I didn’t understand that plot.

Image result for the west wing season 7 toby gets fired
Image result for the west wing season 7 charlie and cjCHARLIE IS BACK!!! And they acted like he didn’t even go anywhere, like why? I was glad to see him even if he didn’t really do anything. He just talked to CJ who was contemplating life after working in the White House.



Election Day has finally arrived and everyone is jacked up.

Donna and Josh sleep together, so I’m assuming they are going to be together after this.Related image

Right in the middle of the action is when Annabeth finds Leo. I’ve been waiting for it. I actually like that they made it Annabeth who finds him since she was the closest to him near the end. Even though I knew it was coming, it still made me sad. They killed him off by giving his character a second major heart attack (like how John Spencer died in real life).Image result for the west wing season 7 leo and annabeth

Image result for the west wing season 7 leo's funeralHis funeral was sad, as I knew it would be, but it was also very beautiful.







Related imageIn the end Santos wins the election! I have to say that I also spoiled myself and I knew it was coming, but it was still a great moment to watch.Image result for the west wing season 7 presidential election santos wins


Image result for the west wing season 7 vinick gifsI have to admit as the series closes in, it got a little boring to watch. It’s been filled with a lot of getting things in order and hiring new people for Santos and everyone packing up and getting ready for a new life in Bartlet’s camp.

SAM IS BACK for an episode, but I was SO happy to see him that I literally screamed out loud when I saw him! So Josh wants to hire Sam on, while Sam now lives in a different state and is about to get married, he loves his job (which I can’t remember if they say what it is, or I can’t remember), so he has to think about it.

Image result for the west wing season 7 bruno briefcase

In the end you knew he was going to help Josh out, especially since Josh was going crazy, snapping at people and just all around not sleeping. So Sam tells him to go on vacation, and he takes Donna with him; they are so a couple.

Image result for the west wing season 7 josh and donna

Speaking of couples, Danny is also back! And I swear he keeps trying to propose to CJ, but she keeps having to leave since she’s so busy. I think she is just making herself busy because she’s afraid of what’s to come. Although she gets offered two really create jobs, and she doesn’t know which one to take.

It takes going to see Toby to figure it out. Uhh I’m so happy those two aren’t fighting anymore because they are too good of friends to be fighting. I just wish Toby wasn’t being sent to prison. So after her conversation with him, she goes to see Danny where she, in her own silly way, tells him she wants to be with him, despite thinking she won’t be good at it, and that she no longer wants to work in the White House. I think those two are officially a couple!Related image

In the series finale we have made it to the inauguration. You can really feel the end is near. Everyone is moving out and on with their lives and Santos is moving in. Josh is his Chief of Staff, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but I don’t really think any of them do.Image result for the west wing season 7 josh lyman gif

Donna gets her own office and it’s just so good to see. She is Mrs. Santos Chief of Staff; Donna is really making a name for herself.Image result for the west wing season 7 josh and donna

CJ is finally free, and as much as it shows she’s going to miss it, you can tell she’s also happy to be moving on.Image result for the west wing season 7 cj cregg gif


I love how the last words with Santos and Josh is, “what’s next”. It felt like everything came full circle.

The last scene we see is Jed on the plane leaving the White House where he finally opens the gift that Malory (Leo’s daughter) gave him. It’s a framed napkin that says “Bartlet for America”, such a lovely ending.

I’m going to definitely miss watching this show because I loved all the characters (not all at the same time, but over the seasons each and every one of them showed me something to love about them). I’m not a very political person, but this show went deeper than just the politics, and I enjoyed that. I can say that it wasn’t my favourite show (and I probably will not rewatch this) but it was something I’m glad I had the chance to watch.

Related image


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