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Movie Review: La La Land

Happy Friday friends! Today I’m coming at you with a movie review for La La Land. 

Everyone is going nuts about this movie, and now I know why. Guys, this movie is everything! I saw this in IMAX, which you really don’t need to, it enhances the sound, and the music, but for the most part doesn’t do much else. But you should all still see it. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack.

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La La Land: Mia is an actress who is trying out for every role she can get hoping to make it big one day. Sebastian is an aspiring musician, playing gigs anywhere he can, also trying to make it big. When the two of them keep running into each other they find it inevitable to not be together, and help each other out. Through the course of the movie, the two have their ups, and then they have their downs. It really showcased how hard, and how much of a struggle it is to make it big. For a musical it was very well done; it didn’t feel like other musicals where characters are doing normal things than break out into song, although the film opens on a scene just like that, but afterwards all of the music really has its own place in the film. The music was so well done; it fit so perfectly to the characters’ moods, and really helped in plot and character development. The jazz element was something refreshing to watch and listen to. Jazz isn’t seen a lot in pop culture and the media so it was good to see it get some recognition, and to see it become modernized. It was also good to see that this film didn’t spend a lot of time on the romance, it was subtlety thrown in, but the viewer still felt it in a big way, even though it wasn’t thrown in our faces; the directors and creators really let the music do the talking. Lastly the acting was truly phenomenal, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have such a great working chemistry that it is just so fun to watch them together. This was truly a moving and captivating film that shouldn’t be missed.


13 thoughts on “Movie Review: La La Land

  1. Great review for this film Meghan, everyone I know who’s been to see this at the cinema has loved it (one of my friends has gone to see it twice now so I know it’s definitely a favourite of hers). It certainly sounds interesting, I’m not sure if it’s my thing though so I’ll probably wait until it’s released on DVD before checking it out myself. 🙂

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