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Let’s Talk About… The Good Place Season One

Hi friends! It’s TV Tuesday, today I’m talking about everything The Good Place. This show has become my new favourite show, I really hope there will be a season two because I can’t live not knowing what is going to happen next; with that said let’s get into it.

From left to right: Jameela Jamil as Tahani Al-Jamil, Manny Jacinto as Jianyu, Ted Danson as Michael, Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop, William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye, and D’Arcy Carden as Janet Della-Denunzio

The Good Place is definitely an interesting new TV show. It’s splendidly good, yet altogether kinda strange. I was so happy to see Kristen Bell on TV again, although I have to admit I didn’t care for her character at first, but as we get into the show she gets better.Image result for the good place gifs

So the Good Place starts off in a world that is supposed to be like heaven. Eleanor has died and has now found herself in “the good place”. Everything is supposed to reflect her old life; she meets her soulmate, Chidi, and she’s set to start the rest of her “good” eternity. This is when things turn south fast, she admits to Chidi that this is not her old life, and she was actually a bad person on Earth, and really shouldn’t be there. He doesn’t know what to do with this information, but in the end he agrees to help keep her there.Image result for the good place gifs

It doesn’t help that she has fueling disagreements with her neighbour, Tahani Al-Jamil. This becomes her kryptonite.Image result for the good place tahani gifs

Things start to go crazy, like flying food, and random animals flying everywhere; it was very strange, and very random. Something has upset the balance of the good place (Eleanor), and now Michael, the leader (or a Godly figure) is set to figure out what is setting it off. He ropes Eleanor into becoming his assistant, and this shall be quite an interesting plot.

Image result for the good place gifs

But we also learn, she may not be the only one not belonging in the good place. Jianyu, Tahani’s soulmate, a Buddhist monk sworn to silence in his time on Earth, or so we’re led to believe. He doesn’t speak for quite a while, until he speaks to Eleanor, and that’s when we find out, crazy plot twist, he has no idea how he got to the good place either!Image result for the good place tahani gifs

I was shocked. That was a great plot twist.

We find out that Jianyu’s real name is Jason, and he was a pathetic DJ in Florida.Image result for the good place jianyu gifs

Now that he’s started talking, he just wants to be himself because he was never allowed to be himself on Earth. Only his real self is a complete and utter jerk. Eleanor wants to help him, so she ends up creating a huge hole in the universe to protect him. She wants him to become a better person so that he can finally belong so she suggests Chidi teach him ethics, which Jason refuses. When he does show up, that is surprising, we’ll see where this goes because his character is not my favourite.

Tahani thinks it’s a breakthrough that he’s said anything, but when she finds out the truth, I feel like she’ll do something evil herself. We later find out that she’s second to last in the rankings in the good place, which leads us to some back story into her. I was excited to get to know her character better, but she kinda has an unoriginal story. Her parents favoured her younger, more accomplished sister, so she wants revenge pretty much.Image result for the good place tahani as a child gifs
Image result for the good place chidi and eleanor gifsChidi and Eleanor are my favourite. They are constantly fighting, and when they have a marriage counsellor and a guy who created software for lie detectors stay with them, things start to come out. I believe that Chidi never had love on Earth, it’s very clear from his actions, but I really think he’s going to come to love Eleanor; that is my true belief.


Things get crazy when Chidi murders Janet, yeah. Eleanor plans to kill her so that she won’t Michael can’t leave (as Janet is the only one who can call the train to leave).

Michael wants to retire because he believes he’s the reason for everything going wrong in the Good Place. Eleanor doesn’t get around to pressing Janet’s “destroy” button, Jianyu almost does it, but Chidi pushes him out of the way, but in the process he hits the button, and there goes Janet.

All the guilt going around, Eleanor finally admits she doesn’t belong in the Good Place.

Janet does reboot, as she’s not human so she can’t technically die, which I guess is good, but she can’t remember anything so she can’t tell anyone who killed her, and she has a thing for cacti.

Michael interviews Eleanor to find out if she really is a bad person. Chidi can’t handle lying… at all, not even about boots, so when Eleanor is about to board the train to the bad place, he tells all, and that leaves Michael changing his mind. Eleanor is saved, but for how long.

We also find out the Eleanor that was supposed to be in the Good Place is in the Bad Place and they brought her.

So now both Eleanor’s are in the good place, and it’s actually really sad to see Chidi and “good” Eleanor get along, and you can see that they were made to be soulmates. But I still think he should be with “bad” Eleanor. “Bad” Eleanor is quite jealous that she almost convinces herself she should be in the bad place, but soon changes her mind.

As the season starts to wind down, things just heat up; everyone just starts telling each other they love each other. Eleanor tells Chidi, Tahani also tells Chidi, so now he’s confused, on top of that the “good” Eleanor tells him she loves him too.

At least the “bad” Eleanor tells him she loves him as just a friend, but I can tell there is possibly more, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to take it there. He doesn’t know how to respond to the “good” Eleanor because I think he doesn’t truly love her.

Also Jianyu gets married to Janet, of all people.

imageThat’s when Michael finds out, not just about their marriage, but the truth that is Jason. Michael really hates everything about the two of them so he wants to reboot Janet, because she has feelings now. He also wants to send Jason to the bad place.

“Bad” Eleanor realizes that she has to do a lot of good deeds to counteract all the bad she’s done, so she throws a party and tries to be nice to everyone, only that doesn’t work because her motivation is wrong so she decides to leave… again.Image result for the good place eleanor gifs

This is when we find out there is a middle place, Mindy’s house.


Okay so we reach the season finale where they reach the middle place, and they meet Mindy. Everything seems ok until Eleanor gets to know Mindy and realizes what a selfish person she is. That’s when they get a walkie talkie message from the good place for them to return home. If they don’t Chidi and Tahani will have to go to the bad place in their place.

Image result for the good place mindy st clairJianyu doesn’t want to go back because he’s in love with Janet and wants to stay, he doesn’t see the point in saving his “friends”. Eleanor has to convince him to go by giving him and us the viewers a little backstory about her parents, which I thought was nice since we really don’t know much about why Eleanor is the way she is. Once Jianyu is convinced they make it back, but not in time.Related image

But they get one last chance to decide who will go to the bad place. All while this is going on, the fighting about who it should be, everyone claiming they love each other Eleanor figures it out.


I have to say my mind was blown; I did not see that coming. I have to admit I didn’t like it at first, but as we saw how it all came together (as Michael’s big master plan) it was kinda genius. The four of them were brought to this place to pretty much terrorize each other, and they did just that. Eleanor as brought because of her selfish behaviour, Jianyu for his reckless behaviour, Tahani for her bad motivations, and Chidi for making everyone in his real life suffer from his extreme indecisiveness. But what Michael didn’t foresee was the four of them banding together to protect each other.


So he changes his mind and decides to erase their memories so that he can try his experiment once more, but he’s separating them. So as we come to the final scene Eleanor remembers nothing, but she leaves herself a note to find Chidi, and that’s where we leave off.


We also learn that the “good” Eleanor was someone named Vicky who was playing a role; just like the whole town was someone playing a role. I really want to see what they will come up with, I also really hope there will be a season two because GAH this show!

I still don’t quite know why Michael has set them up, but maybe we’ll find out?Image result for the good place gifs


19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… The Good Place Season One

  1. I loved watching this show and hope that it’s renewed for a season 2. I was skeptical at first, but it grew on me. That plot twist really did surprise me! Especially in the way they set up the episode beforehand. And wasn’t Jason and Janet’s wedding funny? Especially when Chidi finds out about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I feel you, at first it looked really weird but I found it hilarious and I love Kristen Bell so I stayed, so glad I did!
      I was yelling at the screen like WHAT! It was so clever, I can’t wait to watch more!
      OMG HA! I didn’t think they’d actually follow through with it, but they did! And anything that Chidi is reacting to I find SO funny. He has got to be my favourite character! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kristen Bell was really good in it! And I thought that too (about the marriage), especially since Janet didn’t seem to be in love, but just thought that Jason was nice and that’s what relationships are based on.
        Too true on the Chidi front! I wonder what happened to him (as well as Tahani and Jason) at the end of the season finale… 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She was! Yeah Janet just kind of went with everything because she thought she had to, although she did make a strong compelling argument to Michael about why she married Jason, so I’ll give her that.
        I’m so curious about how things will turn up, like they’re all going to be so far away from each other! I’m rooting for Eleanor to find Chidi!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. We’re a few episodes behind on this one, but you’re right it’s really great! I love that Eleanor and Veronica Mars have similar snarky personalities. I LOVED Veronica Mars.

    I can’t figure out how to get email alerts for your blog, which is how I get alerts on my favorites. I’ll have to try to remember to come back more frequently! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I hope I didn’t spoil it for you! D:
      Isn’t it a really good show, I swear it’s my new favourite!
      UH I loved Veronica Mars SO much, I wish there was more of that show all the time… even though I know there was the movie I still want more ha!
      Uhm, I think if you go under followed sites and click manage you can click on the person you want to change the setting for. I believe that’s how it works!


      1. I had no idea there were books! I shouldn’t be surprised… or maybe I did know and I forgot, because now that I’m thinking about it I feel like it said it in the credits. That is totally awesome!
        No problem! I’m glad it worked! 😀


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