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Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Hi friends! Happy Monday, today I’m going to be reviewing The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness.

This book. Man. I could relate so hard. It’s not my favourite Ness novel, but the way he touches on anxiety. I could just totally relate.

This has got to be one of my favourite quotes:

“Feelings don’t try to kill you, even the painful ones. Anxiety is a feeling grown too large. A feeling grown aggressive and dangerous. You’re responsible for its consequences, you’re responsible for treating it. But Michael, you’re not responsible for causing it. You’re not morally at fault for it. No more than you would be for a tumour.”

The Rest of Us Just Live Here
The Rest of Us Just Live Here

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by: Patrick Ness: Mikey just wants to live a normal life, yet un-normal lives all around him. In the middle of graduating and going to the prom, in his town there are these people they call ‘the indie kids’, and they are not normal. They are full of immortals and blue lights and magic. Ness creates a world where things that are ordinary become the extraordinary; he also teaches his reader that it’s okay to not be normal. The novel really grabs the reader, as it’s fast-paced where the reader can just get lost in this world. A mix of contemporary and fantasy make for a very interesting and exciting read. The novel deals with issues such as anxiety and really points out what it is, and how to manage it; that alone the novel did so well, but with an array of wild characters it makes for a great read. The plot is a little all over the place, but for the most part the characters and concept make up for it.


15 thoughts on “Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here

  1. Great review for this book Meghan. I am a massive fan of Patrick Ness’s work and although this one wasn’t my favourite it was still a brilliant read. I loved the little introductions at the start of the chapter as to what the chosen ones were doing but I also loved seeing how the normal people lived during all the adventures going on. I feel the issues Mikey faced alongside his friends and with his anxiety were really well written. 🙂


    1. Thanks Beth! I agree with you, his anxiety was very well written and it felt real, and super relatable. I liked that too, it really gave another layer to the story. It was definitely something different; I’ve never read anything like it before!

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  2. Also, there is another book you should read. The name of Patrick Ness other book is, “A Monster Calls.” This book was very good. It adapted into a movie. I believed that you should watch the movie too.

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