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Let’s Talk About… The West Wing Season Six

Hello all, welcome to another TV Tuesday. Today I’m going to be talking all about the sixth season of The West Wing.

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Holy this season starts off so strong, I don’t think a season has started off so strong before. So it picks up where we left off, which is everyone is just angry at each other.Image result for the west wing season 6 gifs

We have never seen a fight so big between Leo and Jed, it was actually a little scary. The way Leo yells, gosh it is frightening. They get so angry with one another that Jed fires him. The next scene we see Leo screaming and letting loose in the woods. I thought he died there I was like no, Leo can’t go like this! He had a massive heart-attack, and is lucky to be alive since he was in the woods left for dead pretty much for three days.Image result for the west wing season 6 leo has a heart attack

Now that Leo is out of commission to work, the President needs a new Chief of Staff, who does he turn to, CJ.Image result for the west wing season 6 cj chief of staff

Image result for the west wing season six toby press secretaryI was so excited and happy! I have never been prouder of a character. When she announces that it will be here last press conference, I was sad yet happy for her. That being said they need someone to fill her shoes, currently it’s Toby and boy does he do a bang up job, poor Toby gets eaten alive.


I have to say CJ gets eaten alive on her first day too, but boy does she pull it together by the end. She is a very strong character, and independent woman.

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I forgot that Charlie was still in school. They never mention it. We hear about in season one, when he starts, then now that he’s graduating it’s brought up again. So the deal was Charlie would stop working for the President once he graduated because Bartlet doesn’t want Charlie fetching his coat forever. So instead CJ hires him to work for her, I actually really like this.

Bartlet almost starts WW III by accepting the wrong Twain flag. We learn it’s because he couldn’t see the flag, and something is going wrong with his eye, oh no.

So Hoynes, and his book is back- the book is back! Related imageTurns out that he wants to run for President, which is no surprise, but what is a surprise is that he wants Josh to help him run. I’m nervous to see where this goes.

So I guess I’m missing something, but Will is now working with the Vice President Bob Russell, and helping him run for President, I must have missed when he stopped working for the President; then again so many things happen on this show so quickly, I can’t catch it all.

Image result for the west wing season six will baileyWe have new characters this season, well Kate started last season, but now she’s more permanent. She helps the President with all the military operations and such, which is really good since Leo is no longer working.Related image

Matthew Santos is also a new character. He wants out of the game, and Josh keeps trying to bring him in. When the whole China fiasco goes down (see below) Josh makes a house call to him tell him he should run for president.Image result for the west wing season six matt santos gif

There are a lot of people running for president this season. (There are seven in total.)

So the problem with Jed’s eyes leads to him not being able to move his arms, and now his legs. Things are progressively getting worse, all while they are on a trip to China.Image result for the west wing season six twain flag

Donna, so she’s still healing, but she’s doing a lot better. Image result for the west wing season six donna and bobMid-way through the season she actually quits, I did not see that coming. She kept telling Josh that she needed to talk to him, and he kept blowing her off, rude! So in the end she just had to leave.

Then we find her working for the Bob Russell campaign. I kinda don’t like that Donna and Josh are working against each other. It almost looked like they were going to play cat and mouse with those two. Don’t get me wrong I like those two together, but I don’t particularly want to see them date each other.

Image result for the west wing season six twain flag

Image result for the west wing season six amyBut then Amy comes back, and she’s always so coy around Josh. I never really liked those two together either, so I kinda don’t want to see her again.

What I do like that the show is doing is separating the episodes, every other episode we see the campaign, which I find so entertaining. Santos is fun to watch, and he’s the one I’m betting on to win, but we’ll see since he’s the underdog.

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Then on the flip side we get to see the President doing his job and the characters we love.Image result for the west wing season six jed bartlet gif

I also don’t like how they’re portraying Mrs. Bartlet this season. She’s concerned about her husband’s health, this makes sense, but she’s so pushy and bossy about it that she doesn’t realize her husband is another human being with feelings as well. I can see both sides and ugh I just feel like they need more compromise.

Toby’s brother dies and he kinda loses it on Josh. I didn’t like where those two’s relationship was going but it makes sense now. Ugh seeing Toby just cry with CJ was just so sad and heartbreaking.Related image

Kate and Charlie are working together, but then it leads to more a friendship and he’s trying to hook her up with some guy… who turns out to be her ex-husband. I thought that was an interesting plot. I like seeing the new character dynamics.

So we never really got much of a backstory on Kate, and when things start to get weird around her we finally get some sort of story. She’s been all over the place, and she has a very thick file, but when CJ goes to read it, most of it is blacked out. We also find out that she has met Leo before in 1995. Leo was drunk as a skunk, and she helped him out.

I’m not really sure what Leo does these days he’s at the White House helping out but for the most part I’m not really sure. In the season finale I find that he’s just around to help in the election, which I guess he would be good at.Related image

So apparently Charlie is dating Zoey again?! I guess I saw it coming he’s been pining her since they broke up. When Jed finds out he’s angry, oh poor Jed, a concerned father. But they made it so awkward between the two now and I don’t like it. It was never like this before, and why are we just finding out that the two of them can’t really be together? Shouldn’t they have known this from the start?

Image result for the west wing season six jed bartlet couldn't see the flag

The election has been rather dull to watch, during the season, it kind of fell into a lull. We get a new character pop up, although I’m sure we’ve seen him before, but I could be wrong. Arnold Vinick becomes yet another candidate running for president. He looks like he could win, but we’ll see.Related image

As the season closes out Santos gets himself higher up and closer to being number one for president, but because he’s so new to everyone, we all know that it’s going to be a long hard challenge, and it has been, but when Russell asks Santos to be his Vice President when he wins, Santos doesn’t know what to think. He doesn’t want to be second. Leo tells Josh that it is important for the current President that Santos become Russell’s Vice President. This has made me curious to see how it will all go down.

The season ends in a rather chaotic mess. There are candidates everywhere, some just joining in, some leaving, like Hoynes. He’s been found in yet another scandal, I swear that guy is just one big talking scandal, so he’s out. This Baker guy joins. It’s one big mess.Image result for the west wing season six santos

The President has two major concerns on his plate; one choosing who he’s going to support for the next president once the nominees have been announced, and two dealing with a space ship that is stuck in space. There are a lot of questions about the space thing, a lot circulating about Toby’s bother. (Short backstory: his brother was an NASA astronaut, who died doing his job).

So in the end we get to hear who the nominees for president are, and what do you know, Santos is one of them. Josh asks Leo if he would be Santos Vice President, and of course the obvious answer is yes. Oh gosh I was so happy.Related image

In the last scene when Jed is endorsing them uh, the feels. It all felt so right. It makes it out that season seven should start off very good, and hopefully stay strong.

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