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Review: Going Wild

Hello, Happy Monday! Today I’m going to be reviewing the first book in the Going Wild series by Lisa McMann.

I had no idea this was a series when I first picked it up from the library. It wasn’t until I first saw the book and it said book one on its cover, that I realized it. I hope the second book comes out soon because the first was very action packed.

Going Wild
Going Wild

Going Wild by: Lisa McMann: Charlie is in a new environment with a new house, new school, new city, and on top of being the new girl, she becomes a new person. When she finds a mysterious bracelet she puts it on, only to not be able to get it off; this bracelet starts to give her super strengths, and all she wants is to be a normal kid again. Instead she uses her powers to do good around the community, and her school, until she starts being chased. The novel starts off super slow, but by the end the novel really takes off, the only problem is that it takes a little too long for anything really exciting to happen. What the slow start does allow is for the reader to get to know all the characters really well, and so they feel connected to them. The plot is really interesting and where it left off makes the second book sound like it will be very exciting and action packed.


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