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Movie Review: Sing

Surprise post! Happy Friday friends! I was actually going to post a tag today, but decided last minute to post my movie review of Sing instead!

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Sing: In a world where animals are running the show comes a film with a cast full of crazy animals. Buster, the koala is obsessed with the theatre, but his visions are vanishing fast as he’s running out of money to keep the place afloat. With one last effort he puts on a singing competition to bring audiences in. This movie was very well done, each character had their own individual story and issue, if you will, that they had to overcome. The movie started off clichéd, but really branched out and became its own film. The way each character was introduced was also very unique. As much as this was plot oriented it was very character driven. The plot sounds like it would be a cliché, but it really wasn’t, and it was like nothing you’ve ever seen. This is definitely a fun movie to check out, although probably not in 3D because nothing pops out at you, or is cinematically enhanced.


14 thoughts on “Movie Review: Sing

  1. I found the movie quite funny and amusing and one of the parts I love was how the animals became a family in the end.However before the end I took pitty when the theather was destroyed cause it was the Koala´s father legacy.

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