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25 Days of Christmas Movies Part III

Hi guys! Happy Christmas Eve! Today I’m posting the last instalment of my Christmas movies.

First off I want to just say how proud I am of myself for actually pulling through with this challenge, because some days it really was a challenge to find the time to watch a movie. Now onto the movies!

This is a re-watch for me, always a good one for a good laugh.

Related imageElf: Buddy has grown up in the elf community all his life while thinking he himself was an elf. When he learns of the truth, he knows he must visit his father to meet him and see why he’s on the naughty list. Once he arrives in New York City Buddy learns a lot about being a human, while keeping his elf traditions. This movie is filled with endless laughs and crazy silly plots. The plot is fairly concrete and follow through, even if predictable that it makes for a very entertaining watch. Some of the comedy is crude, but anyone who likes slap-stick sort of comedy will come to like this. The characters are for the most part typical, and the plots that they are put through are typical and predictable but it’s still fun to watch over and over again.

Another re-watch, this is one my family loves a lot.

Image result for christmas vacationChristmas Vacation: The Griswold’s decide to host Christmas this year, and everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Relatives argue with one another, and some show up uninvited. They end up having to replace a Christmas tree and a chair, and due to not getting a Christmas bonus, a kidnapping happens. This film is a train wreck after train wreck, yet it’s so entertaining. No matter what goes wrong, there is always some silver lining. The film is very relatable to anyone at any age, as every age is portrayed here to any family function. The characters were funny, and the acting was done very well. The dialogue also added to how good the plots and characters are. This film was just one crazy Christmas family disaster that you can’t help but love.

Another re-watch. I remember going to see this one in the theatres.

Image result for a christmas carol 2009A Christmas Carol: Based off Charles Dickins’ novel, Scrooge is known for being a cynical, grumpy and rude old man. When the night before Christmas he gets a rude awakening from the ghosts of Christmas past. Each ghost has something different to show him. One shows him the past, one shows him the present, and one the future. Once he’s seen what they have to show him, he realizes he needs to change his behaviour because the world doesn’t revolve around him. The film did a really good job of re-telling the classic tale; Jim Carrey did a really good job of playing Scrooge, he put his own funny twist on the character. The dialogue was just so well done; the animation was also really well done.

To be honest I can’t remember if this a re-watch. When I watched it, it was very familiar so it’s possible I’ve seen it before.

Image result for four christmasesFour Christmases: Kate and Brad usually spend Christmas far away from their families, but when a plane cancelation ruins their plans they must go to everyone’s Christmas. As each of their parents are divorced they have to see both parents separately on the same day. As the day goes on the two learn more and more about each other, some good, some bad, and makes the two question each other. The film is funny, and has heart. It dives into family dynamics, and into starting a family as well. The main characters are funny, they are relatable, and well-rounded thanks to the plot. The plot was very well done, it moves fluidly, and soundly. It helped to move the characters along, and helped in their development, as they really make a break through by the end of the film. The secondary characters are all stereotypical, but it works as it lets the main character’s shine. This movie is a cute, fun story that definitely has a re-watchability.

This one I’ve never seen before… and one I wish I hadn’t seen.

Image resultChristmas Town: Elizabeth is a workaholic so when Christmas rolls around she wants nothing but to get through it; her son Mason has the complete opposite idea. He wants a Christmas tree and for his mother to stop working. When Elizabeth’s father sends a postcard from a place called Hollyville, this leads them to check it out. The movie was as cheesy as it sounds, the acting was no better. One of the actors’ every time he opened his mouth he just tried too hard to sound ‘cool’ and it was very off-putting. The characters all were stereotypical and it made it a little hard to watch as well. This movie didn’t try, it looked more like it was slapped together in a very short amount of time, as details were not a priority. This movie was something we’ve all seen before, and could have been better.

This was also a new movie for me. It has Rob Lowe in it, that’s a selling point for me- just look at his face, how can you not love that? 😝
I also found out this a trilogy, I’ll have to get to the other two next year.

Image resultThe Christmas Shoes: Nathan learns that his mother is slowly dying, and when he finds out that all she wants is a pair of shoes for Christmas, he does everything he can to buy these shoes. On the flip side Robert is struggling to figure out what his priorities are when he meets Nathan, who changes things for him. This movie, while yes cheesy, but it also really shows what the true meaning of Christmas is. The plot was well thought out, and had a good meaning behind it. The way characters’ plots weaved through one another was clever, and quite enjoyable, the only downside was that it got confusing who was who. The distinction could have been done better in the beginning. The acting wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst so that helped move the plot along. Overall, this was a good, enjoyable.

This is another re-watch for me, and every time it still warms my heart. 😊

Image result

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Cindy Lou Who is trying to figure out what the true meaning of Christmas is, while everyone around her is so focused on presents. On the other hand, the Grinch is thinking up ways to ruin the happy season. When Cindy learns of the Grinch she investigates wanting to know all about him, even including him in the festivities. When things go wrong, they blame Cindy and her family. This cherished Dr. Seuss tale is brought to life in a comical, and refreshing way. The acting was well done, and on top of that the costumes and make-up in this movie are so over the top that it really brings the story to life. No matter what age, the Grinch reminds everyone what the true meaning of Christmas is, and that’s family and being happy together with the ones we care about.

This is a re-watch, I watch this every Christmas Eve.

Image result for miracle on 34 street 1994Miracle on 34th Street: There’s a new Santa Clause at the Coles department store who shakes New York City up pretty good. The competition can’t seem to win so they decide to play dirty; they claim the old man is insane and it becomes this whole case in court. Susan a five-year-old non-believer in Santa starts to wonder if he’s the real-deal tries to help as much as a five-year-old can. The movie is sweet and genuinely fun and entertaining. The acting was so spot on that it moved the plot along effortlessly. There was a lot of eye acting in this movie that really goes unappreciated; it was what made up a lot of the movie and it was just very well done. The plot was engaging and well re-done. This remake was witty and clever, and is definitely re-watchable.

This has become tradition to watch this every Christmas Day. I got it for Christmas one year and ever since then I’ve watched it.

Image resultThe Nightmare Before Christmas: In a town where it’s Halloween all the time Jack Skeleton gets bored and tired of the same thing all the time. In an attempt to find something new he stumbles into Christmas Town. With his new found plan he seeks to take over Christmas from Santa by becoming the new Santa. With an cast full of crazy creatures, the movie is fun filled with songs that are memorable and fun to sing along to. Between the array of characters and the songs, the plot is fun and well thought out. It isn’t the most original plot, but the characters are original and they are what make this movie worth watching or re-watching.

Merry Christmas guys! 🎄🎅🏼⛄️



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