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25 Days of Christmas Movies Part II

Hi guys! I’m here on another Saturday to bring you the next instalment of Christmas movies!

In this blog post, I watched a lot of classics this week to get away from the weird Netflix movies I started off with.

This is a re-watch. I remember watching this in theatres as a kid when it came out. Still such a good movie.

Image resultThe Polar Express:
When the Polar Express runs through your street, you just get on it, and that’s exactly what this young boy does. On the verge of not believing any longer, the train that takes them to the North Pole is sure to. As he meets new friends and goes on wild adventures his faith in Christmas is restored. A cute movie to warm your heart around Christmas time. The plot was a perfect telling of children on Christmas Eve; the characters were incredibly believable and relatable. Although this movie was pretty much the Tom Hanks show since he played six of the characters, three of them being main characters; it really shows Hanks versatility as an actor. This movie does wonders for the spirit of Christmas.



Another re-watch. This became a family favourite in my household. 

Image resultJack Frost: Charlie’s father, Jack is a musician, so when he has to play on Christmas, everyone is bummed. That is until Jack decides to turn around and visit his family at the cabin, only he never makes it. A year later Charlie decides to build a snowman, a snowman who comes to life. Claiming to be his father, this is the closest he’s been with his father in a long time. The plot is cute, and very heartfelt. This film really captures the essence of loss, but also the essence of believing. Everything moves at a good pace, and that is what really makes the plot work, as well as the characters. They are all around good solid characters, who are witty and fun to watch, even when things get rather blue, they are so passionate and wholehearted. Even though this is one of the sadder Christmas movies, it’s still a memorable and enjoyable movie.

This was a first time watch for me… and probably a last time watch. It wasn’t that entertaining unless you get to the end, and everyone was so whiny; not my cup of tea.

Image result for a christmas storyA Christmas Story: This is the story of young Ralphie and all he wants for Christmas is this air rifle. As he thinks off all the possible ways to get this toy, he envisions his perfect Christmas; ones where everyone loves him to death, and they can’t live without him. The movie does have the humorous wit that makes it enjoyable, but for the most part, the plot is barely there, and the characters are boring, and completely whiny. The only thing good about this movie was its writing. The end of the movie is probably the best out of the whole thing, where the acting and the story come together, and it’s undeniably hilarious. At times it’s hard to see how this is a classic, but at others it’s plain obvious.


This is also a first watch, I have to say this movie did engross me.

Image resultJingle All the Way: The story of a dad who can never get it right. Howard works hard to provide for his family, but he’s been working so hard that he hasn’t been around much. All his son wants for Christmas is this action doll Turbo Man. Howard has to go through hoops to try and find this doll on Christmas Eve. This movie was actually truly funny, aside from being a complete cliché. The plot was as old as time, but it somehow worked here; the acting, well that was mediocre and at times did not feel believable, but the viewer just couldn’t stop watching because it had this certain quality that had you locked in. Its re-watchability is kinda low, but for a first time viewer it was exciting and fun.


This was a re-watch, and again I forget how funny Tim Allen can be.

Image resultChristmas with the Kranks: It’s Christmas time and for the Krank family this year is going to be a little different. Their daughter Blaire has joined the Peace Corps and is off, therefore won’t be home for Christmas. What do the Krank’s do, they decide to skip Christmas and go on a cruise. All is well until a last minute change of plans happen and turn their Christmas upside-down. This movie is filled with hilarious scenes and genuine fun. The plot is very basic, and at times a little predictable, and a little forced, but for the most part it’s an average Christmas film. The characters are all quite different and quirky. Together between the weirdness of the characters and the plot it was a watchable, and rewatchable movie.


This was definitely a re-watch. I haven’t seen this one in a very long time so I forgot a lot of the little details (like that they went to Paris).

Image result for home aloneHome Alone: Kevin and his family are getting ready for their big trip to Paris, when he gets sent to the third floor for acting out. By doing this, his family forget him at home. Extremely happy about this Kevin does all the things he’s wanted to do, only he gets interrupted when two burglars try to rob his house. Set to defend what is his, this movie is hilarious in a slap-stick kind of way, as well as it’s got witty dialogue. The plot is fun and extremely engaging; the characters are semi believable, as Kevin is this super clever kid for an eight-year-old. Kevin’s actions aside, Macaulay Culkin’s acting is really well done, and he portrays not only an eight-year-old very well, but a grown up too. This movie is an instant loveable classic.



This is yet another re-watch. This is my favourite Home Alone, (although I’ve never seen the ones after this because I don’t think it’s worth it and I won’t be watching them.) I watch this one every year and this is the one I can mouth the words to 😝

Image result for home alone 2

It happened again; Kevin has found himself all alone once again, only this time he’s in New York. Making it to the airport this time, only to get on the wrong flight; instead of making it to Florida he finds himself in the Big Apple where of course he runs into the “Wet Bandits”. Once more Kevin must protect himself from the bad guys. This film is a complete parallel to the first; every story line is the same, almost right down to a T. The movie still is incredibly funny with lots of life touching moments that it’s okay to see the first movie repeated in a different location. Even though the slap-stick comedy is a lot longer this time around, which gets a little tiresome to watch, like how are these bad guys not dead, and it’s also very unrealistic the plans Kevin comes up with. New characters are brought in to really add to the story. That being said the film was well done with a set of characters who stayed true throughout and plots that were enjoyable and fun to watch.


That’s it for me this week, until next Saturday! ☺️🎅🏼🎄

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