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Review: A Mercy

It’s Thursday! So what does that mean? Throwback Thursday. Today I’m going back to take a look at Toni Morrison’s novel A Mercy.

This is set another novel that I had to read in university for my Contemporary Narrative class. Looking at my rating I didn’t care for it much. The other book I had to read for this class I liked a lot more (which I’ll be getting to in a few weeks).

Read: October 2012
Rating: 2 Stars

A Mercy
A Mercy

A Mercy by: Toni Morrison: Taking place in the 19th century when slavery was around, a young woman finds herself as a slave, though she doesn’t understand what a slave is or why she is one. She’s left alone to figure out about life, and the way the world works. The writing in the novel was alright. The points of view got confusing at times because the reader had no idea whose point of view it was. Then the reader couldn’t understand who the narrator was talking to, or about. The intention of the author might have been to keep it all a bit of a mystery. But overall it left the reader feeling disconnected and not really interested in the plot or the characters because it was hard to relate.


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