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Review: Grey

Hello, and Happy Wednesday! Today I’m going to be reviewing E L James Grey.

Okay, so I never thought I would read it this, but as I posted my throwback post on Fifty Shades trilogy a few weeks ago I figured I’d read it just to complete the series.

It turned out to be a good thing because I’m finally coming out of my reading slump! I’ve been reading so much fantasy that I burnt myself out. Reading this was easy and it felt like I’ve already read it, so I didn’t have to pay close attention to what was going on.

I’m so glad to be reading again.


Grey by: E.L. James: When Ana stumbles into Christian’s office, he is taken with her, and quite frankly intrigued. Living a luxurious life, he tries to get her live his lifestyle, and at first she agrees, until she reaches her limit. Told in the perspective of Christian Grey, this retelling of James Fifty Shades of Grey is nothing the reader hasn’t read before. The plot is exactly, if not word for word of the original work. The only thing different was the fact that readers now have the chance to be in Grey’s head and know what he’s thinking. It was a different perspective that gives the reader a new take on characters, not just Grey, but everyone in his life. James did a good job trying to give answers to all of Grey’s issues, although plots do go in circles trying to get into it. Since it was a retelling, the plot was no better, and it was clichéd, and felt right out of someone’s day dreams. This novel just ends, but anyone who’s reading this, has read the trilogy and knows how it ends.


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