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Review: An Ember in the Ashes Series

Hello, happy Wednesday. Today I’m going to be reviewing the second novel in Sabaa Tahir’s series An Ember in the Ashes, A Torch Against The Night.

It’s funny, I couldn’t stand the first novel, but the second I really enjoyed- go figure!

An Ember In The Ashes
An Ember In The Ashes

An Ember in the Ashes by: Sabaa Tahir: Laia and Elias live separate lives, but are brought together due to the Martial Empire. Laia’s brother gets arrested fir treason, and she spends the majority of the novel trying to find him, and set him free. On the other hand, Elias is the best solider in school, and is sent to become the next Emperor. Their two lives cross, and it seems to be love at first sight. This novel was all right, nothing really jumped out at the reader that was extraordinary. The plot was generic, and at times felt like it was dragging on. It took chapters for plots and characters to develop. The writing was mediocre, and forgettable; it felt like there was too much purple prose that the plot got drowned in it. The romantic plotlines that were thrown in felt forced and dull. The novel ends a little depressing as the characters are leaving to still find Laia’s brother, which means there will be a sequel. After all this time, the reader expects to be farther along in the plot. Overall, this novel disappoints, and is just unoriginal.

A Torch Against The Night
A Torch Against The Night

A Torch Against the Night by: Sabaa Tahir: Laia and Elias are on the run from Empire Marcus. Fighting to save her brother from the Kauf prison, the two must work together, and as much as Elias wants to help it could mean giving up his freedom. The novel takes the reader on a journey through these character’s lives and struggles to get what they want, namely getting Darin, Laia’s brother, back. The plots are a lot better than the first novel; they are engaging and exciting, they leave the reader wanting more, as well as they suck they reader in. The different points of view really help to get inside the character’s heads to find out motives. It was good to see points of view from both the good side and the bad side to get an even a whole sense of what’s going on. It helped plots move that much better, and also left things in a shocking manner. The characters are definitely growing and developing as they are so much better than in the first novel; characters aren’t as boring and romantic plotlines are kept to a minimal, which really works out. The writing is a lot better. This novel shows Tahir’s writing has merit and is quite good.


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