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Review: Undertow Trilogy

Hello my wonderful followers! Happy Monday! I’m coming off a birthday high (as yesterday was my birthday) and I’m just feeling great. Today I’m going to be reviewing the first two novels in the Undertow trilogy by Michael Buckley.

I can’t wait for the last novel to come out in February! I just need it now!


Undertow by: Michael Buckley: Lyric Walker’s life is turned upside down when she learns who her mother really is, an Alpha. Alpha’s are part fish, and they are coming up to their land to turn Coney Island into a military zone. None of the humans like them, so this turns into a real problem for her and her family who have to flee. Lyric is forced to teach one of them, a boy named Fathom to read, which is a lot more challenging than it sounds, as he is accustomed to violence. But if course she starts to feel for him, because it wouldn’t be a true YA novel without a romantic plotline. This novel was truly a fascinating and exciting read. Buckley has a way with writing really masterful plots that weave around each other and come altogether. His characters are even better; they are completely creative, especially their names that have meaning to their character. Each character felt different and truly honed in. Sure this novel starts off slow, but boy does it take off and it’s truly a fun read. Fish people, so odd, yet very interesting.

Raging Sea
Raging Sea

Raging Sea by: Michael Buckley: Lyric Walker’s home has been destroyed, fleeing with her best friend Bex and an Alpha girl Arcade, they are on their way to finding a place called Tempest. Tempest is this top secret camp where people are being held, namely her parents. Once there, they are captured and they must find their way out before the next big storm or wave comes. As far as plots go, this was like most second novels in trilogies, it felt like a lot of filler for how this is all going to end. Everything was set up for the next book; although there were some high intense moments during the plots, most just kind of were there to serve future plots. Romance plots were sprinkled in just for good measure; they enhanced the plot just a little. The characters in this novel grew and developed a bit more to becoming better. It was good to see some characters again, when readers thought we’d never would see them again. If anything, this novel has made readers excited for how it all ends.


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