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Movie Review: Doctor Strange

Happy Friday friends! I’m so happy it’s finally Friday. So I went to the movies for the first time in months last weekend and I’m here to share with you my thoughts on the movie Doctor Strange.

Now before I continue, 1) I know nothing about the characters or the comics 2) I loved this movie a lot more than I thought I would because 3) I just picked this movie on a whim to see.

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Doctor Strange: Dr. Stephen Strange is your typical neurosurgeon, full of himself and thinks he’s the best if his kind. When he gets himself into a huge accident, he may never use his hands again, it kinda serves him right. He tries everything, nothing works, nothing until he finds himself going spiritual, and finding the great one. That’s when he finds himself right in the middle of a battle with dark forces. Benedict Cumberbatch does an incredible job playing the character; he always finds himself playing eclectic characters, and this one was no different. The plot was very engaging, although it did get a little boring in the middle, it was filled with humour, which Cumberbatch does humour quite well. The meaning that Cumberbatch’s character learns about time is a very good lesson to be learnt. Although most plots were a little predictable, and lines could be predicted before they were said, that does not mean it was bad dialogue, it was great and entertaining. The 3D that was used was also very well done; it really enhanced the plot, it enhanced the viewers viewing experience since there was so much movement, it was all just very visual appealing. This film is definitely worth the hype.


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