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Review: Me Before You & After You

Helloooo, and happy Monday! Or maybe it’s not so happy, I don’t know. Anyways today I’m going to be reviewing the very famous, the very popular JoJo Moyes novels Me Before You and its sequel After You.

Me Before You
Me Before You

Me Before You by: Jojo Moyes: A very controversial novel about the moral decisions of assisted suicide. Louisa Clark, is an ordinary twenty-six-year-old girl, from a small town in England who loses her job suddenly. This leads her to a job she is unqualified for, becoming a caretaker where she meets Will Traynor, a quadriplegic, who has lost a lot. With time she learns that she has been hired to change his mind; as the days go by the two change each other for the better, but it may not be enough. This novel was beautifully crafted; dealing with heavy topics this novel explores the reasons and decisions that go into assisted suicide. Moyes created characters who were very likeable, even when the reader didn’t want to, and the dynamic she created for the two main characters was graceful, showing what it really means to love wholeheartedly. This novel feels like it needs to be read with an understanding from where all characters come from, that aside it was a beautifully tragic tale.

After You
After You

After You by: JoJo Moyes: Louisa is learning to live a life without Will, and well it isn’t going so well, for starters she falls off a building. Will is still there to haunt her, as a daughter that no one knew he had, seeks her out asks her for help. Battling between what she knows she should do, and her future, Lou has a lot of decisions to make. This novel felt like a complete cop out, and the only reason it was written was for fans who want more. This novel didn’t really feel necessary and the plots felt too convenient; they all ended perfectly. This just made it predictable and a little boring to read. That aside, it was very well written; Moyes’ grasp of words captivates her audience once more. This novel was all about moving on, not only for our main character, but for all the characters in her life, new and old. This novel was the closure that readers needed for this story.


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