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Review: Love Lies Beneath

Hi guys, happy Wednesday! My first November post, gosh I can’t believe we only have two months left of the year, like what?! Anyways today I’m reviewing Ellen Hopkins novel Love Lies Beneath. 

Love Lies Between
Love Lies Between

Love Lies Beneath by: Ellen Hopkins: Tara has lived a life pretty much all alone. Estranged from her crazy mother, and four divorces later Tara finds herself in a ski accident with her sister only to meet the man of her dreams. Cavin is the man any woman is looking for, he’s thoughtful, says all the right things, but could he be hiding something? Could Tara be hiding things? This is Hopkins first attempt at an actual novel; her poetry is still embedded into the story, but this is all prose. It’s well written, if not for the repetition of certain words, and the circles the reader goes through. She tries to make the reader think one thing, while really meaning another, which leaves the reader a little confused at times as to what is really going on. Even as the novel ends it feels eerily unfinished, and its attempt for a major plot twist kind of just flops when it doesn’t seem like it’s over. Hopkins’ definitely tried to make the novel intriguing and as chapters ended, the need to read more was there, it was just the plot that would get muddy. Her characters were good, and like all her previous novels flawed to the max. This was a good novel with some thriller-esque theme, but lacked in execution.


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