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Review: The Magisterium Series

Hello my lovely followers! Today I’m going to be reviewing the first three novels in the Magisterium series by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.

I can’t wait for the last two novels to be released!

The Iron Trail
The Iron Trail

The Iron Trial by: Holly Black & Cassandra Clare: Callum Hunt has lived his life being bullied and not like very much, when one day he is sent to take the Iron Trails to see if he will make it to the Magisterium, a place to learn magic. Against his and his father’s wishes he does, but once there he gains friends and life doesn’t seem so bad; the only problem, the school, and magic have a past which can destroy Callum’s life, and the life of his new friends. This novel was well written with plots that left the reader wanting more. The characters were semi-original; it was like the authors took bits and pieces of other characters they liked to make these ones, but for the most part they were done well. The fantasy and magic elements were pretty interesting, and as the series goes on the reader will get a better understand of what their magic can do.

The Copper Gauntlet
The Copper Gauntlet

The Copper Gauntlet by: Holly Black & Cassandra Clare: It’s Call’s second year at the Magisterium, but before he can even get there he runs away from home thinking his father is out to get him, when really he finds out he has to save his father. When it is found out that a copper gauntlet called the Alkahest has been stolen, Call and his friends take it upon themselves to find the person who did it. The novel takes the reader through all sort of adventures, meeting dangerous creatures, and all sort of magic. The plot was well done, and its pacing was what kept the reader unsure of what exactly was going to happen next. The characters are definitely developing and growing into teenagers and the authors are doing a good job of transitioning them; not too fast, and not too slow. Like most novels in a series, this novel leaves everyone wanting to know more, and wondering where the plot could go next.

The Bronze Key
The Bronze Key

The Bronze Key by: Holly Black & Cassandra Clare: Call has made it to his third year at the Magisterium, and what a crazy ride it is. Call and his friends, Tamera and Aaron know that things won’t be calm and normal. When they find out someone is out to get Call, they go out and try to find out who it is, against the wishes of their teachers. That’s when things get out of hand, and that’s when magic can’t save them. First of all, this novel just ends when all of the action is at its highest. The reader must now wait to get all of their questions answered, how frustrating. The novel goes from these kids going to school, to fighting a losing battle. The plot was very well done, keeping the reader on its toes, while also giving just enough to be satisfied. Everything had a purpose, and it all led up to a surprising ending. This novel also dives a little deeper into their teen years and how their hormones start to play a factor in their decision making; crushes also start to form, which makes things a little interesting, yet could have been glanced over. For the most part the characters were written well, and the reader can definitely see them growing and developing as each novel goes


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