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Review: Unforgiven

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! Remember when I posted my review of Fallen and I said there was another book that was released? That would be this one. So today I’m going to be reviewing Lauren Kate’s companion novel Unforgiven.


Unforgiven by: Lauren Kate: Part of her Fallen series comes the story of Cam and Lilith. Cam is a fallen angel who in a past life broke Lilith’s heart; now he has made a deal with the devil to get his second chance. Only Lucifer has to insert himself throughout all of Cam’s triumphs; given two weeks, Cam has to beat time. The novel is left with two sides, either the boy will get the girl, or he won’t. It’s a little predictable what the outcome will be. Kate tries hard to fake out the reader, but in the end we all know where it goes. The writing was fast paced and written well; the plot wasn’t very original, but her characters made her plot worth the read. Kate’s characters have dimensions, and back story to them that make them relatable, and memorable. It was a nice companion novel to the series to see how some of the secondary characters got a story.


8 thoughts on “Review: Unforgiven

  1. Great review Meghan. I’ve read Fallen but haven’t really read any other books in that series (honestly I don’t remember much about Fallen so it can’t have been a book that wowed me you know?) Either way I like the sound of the premise of this book but yeah I guess from your review as well it sounds a little predictable (I can already guess how it’s going to end!) 😀

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      1. Normally I’m the same, on one hand it takes a lot for me to not finish a series, even with series I don’t like, but at the same time sometimes I just lose interest in a series and can’t really force myself to keep going! That’s happened with a few now!

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