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Review: The Bill Hodges Trilogy

Hello fellow followers, it’s Monday… again, the weekend just slips away and before you know it’s Monday again. Oh well, that just means I’m here with another review! Today I’m going to be reviewing Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy.

Okay some background into this trilogy because I started with the second novel,  before realizing it was a trilogy, go me! Now the second can be read as a stand-alone book, but it shouldn’t because of the way it ends, and there are characters from the first that you meet that grow, by the second book. I also have this last part to say, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much if I had started off with the first book. (That’s not me saying you should read it out of order, this is just my personal preference). The second was my absolute favourite out of all three, which is rarely the case in trilogies, so it was refreshing.
Okay I’m going to stop rambling and get to my reviews now!

Mr. Mercedes
Mr. Mercedes

Mr. Mercedes by: Stephen King: Everything in Brady Hartfield’s life has gone wrong; he decides to take it out on the world by stealing a Mercedes Benz and running people over at a public event. Thinking it will make him feel better, it does not. This then becomes the case Detective Bill Hodges could never solve, until now that is. Hartfield has come out of hiding to see if Hodges can catch him before Hartfield catches Hodges. This novel is yet another high intense mystery, thriller that goes into the life of a deranged man who loves his mother too much. The plot was done well, and well thought out, as most of King’s novels are. This novel lacked a little compared to his other great pieces of work. The novel took some time to really get started, and his characters, while really well thought out and thoroughly given a backstory that they could be real people King knows, they were gruesome, and quite disturbing to read about. It isn’t until the last one hundred pages or so that novel picks up very quickly and is over before the reader knows what is happening. But there is more to come that is spooky, and terrifying, but the reader can’t help but want more.

Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers by: Stephen King: Morris Bellamy is an avid reader to John Rothstein’s novels; when he reads what he has done to his beloved, and mentor Jimmy Gold character, he lets loose, killing Rothstein in hopes of finding the last of the books, and his money. Flash forward years later, Peter Saubers happens to come across the buried treasure Bellamy hid years ago, things never go well when you find other people’s things. This novel was filled with twists and turns at every corner; plots were filled with pure terror. King’s use of shifting points of view, at first was annoying and disruptive of the story, but soon played out to be one of the best plot devices to ensure terror. Characters were so well put together, and there is definitely certainty that there will be more to come, and it looks like it’s going to be even more terrifying.

End of Watch
End of Watch

End of Watch by: Stephen King: The end is here; Bill Hodges is dead set on catching Brady Hartfield after everything he has done, his final minutes are drawing near. It takes all Hodges has to get to Hartfield, but Brady has new plans up his sleeve to still get what he wants; control. The novel starts off clear, but then loses the reader as plots get rather complicated as they are sorted out; it isn’t until about half way through that the reader has a real grip on what is happening. King tried to make his plots really sneaky and coy, but ended up just making a mess. That being said, this novel was an exceptionally well done conclusion for Hodges, even if readers don’t like the outcome. The characters were all really well-crafted and honed by this last novel that the reader felt a personal connection with them, which is definitely a talent. This was a creepy read of supernatural proportions, and this trilogy as a whole is some of King’s best work.


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