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Let’s Talk About… Game of Thrones Season Five

Hi guys! It’s time for another TV Tuesday! I’ve finally seen season five (and yes I know I’m still a season behind, but I am getting to it), but I’m just happy to be talking about this season with you guys because damn, was it intense. The amount of setting up this season is for next season makes me super excited about what’s to come, so let’s get to it!

Season five is probably the fasted season yet; it started then ended so quickly. I call this season the rise and fall of pretty much every character.Image result for game of thrones season 5 gifs

The season opens up with young Cersei getting her fortune told, and she is not happy with it. Apparently this is the first flashback that GOT has ever had. I like to think this season starts and ends with Cersei, even though the last shot is of John Snow.Image result for game of thrones season 5 young cersei

The marriage of Margery and Tommen is official, and you can see Margery hooking her claws into him, but Tommen is a complete pushover that it’s not that hard. Cersei can see her son pushing away from her, since he is advising to leave, this really makes Cersei hate Margery, as we clearly have noticed, and she wants to make her family’s life a living hell.

She also makes Jamie go and retrieve his “niece” Myrcella from Dorne, even though it will be very hard as she is sworn to a prince. But he wants to make it up for being a crap father. So he ropes up his rightful side-kick, Bronn, to go with him; I love those two together they are so sarcastic, it is so much fun to watch.Image result for game of thrones season 5 jamie and bronn gif

They find their way into the castle by running into guards, fighting them, then dressing like them. Jamie also learns that he can use his gold hand to fight, as he can hold the sword without it cutting him; it was a pretty epic moment.Image result for game of thrones season 5 jamie and bronn gif

From there we learn that Myrcella actually is in love with her prince. In Dorne we meet new characters; Oberon’s (the guy who fought for Tyrion and died rather gruesomely) brother and wife, his wife is a very bitter person. We also meet her daughters who are all fighters, and just as cold hearted as their mother.Image result for game of thrones season 5 jamie and bronn gif

Tyrion starts the season in a box, as he’s been traveling in it trying to get away since he killed his father. Lord Varys has taken him away, but the dialogue between is hilarious.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 tyrion in box gif

Deviating from the plan they are on, Tyrion finds himself in a brothel, where one, he can’t sleep with a woman after killing Shae, and two he gets kidnapped by Daenerys runaway man, Jorah as he was in love with her. At first Tyrion is confused, when he is told he’s being brought to the queen, his first thought is Cersei, not Daenerys.

Daenerys season starts off rather rough. These masked people are attacking her people, and she needs to find a way to stop them, without violence, that is going to be hard. But violence has to be used, and a man is killed; now her people hate her.Image result for game of thrones season 5 daenerys masks

Greyworm gets badly injured in a great battle and it’s so sad to see; he’s one of my favourites! Barristan, one of Danny’s number one supports died

I feel bad for her because this season she doesn’t have her dragons, which is what makes her special. You can see her struggle without them and it’s heartbreaking. They don’t want to be with her because they are mad at her for locking them up.Image result for game of thrones season 5 daenerys dragons gifJon Snow had a pretty transformative season. He’s growing up a lot, and looking a lot like his father. He is trying to get everyone at the Nights Watch to follow him, he will help everyone through what is to come.Image result for game of thrones season 5 jon snow gif

They really like burning people alive this season. The first is with, Mance Rayder, who Snow can’t watch burn alive so he shoots an arrow through his heart.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 mance rayder death gifSam puts in a very good word for Jon to become a contender for Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. It’s tied until the master casts his vote tipping it so Jon wins.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 jon snow lord commander

Stannis Baratheon has made a stay in Castle Black, and Snow wants to know how long he plans to stay. Jon is now in his father’s shoes where he must choose to cut off a guys head, in which he goes through with.

Sansa as we saw last season went dark, which was pretty impressive; but now Petyr Baelish tells her what is to happen to her next, which is very depressing. He tells her she is to marry Ramsey Bolton, that crazy bastard. She makes the decision to go back to Winterfell to carry out the marriage, and leave Petyr behind. This is so she can take back Winterfell.Image result for game of thrones season 5 sansa and littlefinger

As she arrives we find out that Ramsay as himself a girlfriend, so to speak. Myranda, a handmaiden, is completely in love with him, and is very jealous of Sansa.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 ramsay and myrandaBrienne is still on her mission to finding the Stark girls and protecting them. On the road with Tyrion’s old squire, Podrick, they run into Sansa Stark. But Brienne’s awful track record of not protecting people, makes Sansa not trust her, so they must leave, but obviously they don’t leave quietly, nope, they steal, or try to steal some horses; oh Podrick.Image result for game of thrones season 5 podrick falls off horse gif

We get a really nice scene between the two of them where we get more backstory of the characters.


When Margery walks in on her brother naked with another man, it doesn’t even faze her which is hilarious. But sadly this ruins things later on. As Loris is thrown into jail, then put on trial for sleeping with other men. Things look good, Margery is asked to stand trial, and things go well, it’s not until one of then men Loris has slept with stands trail that everything falls apart and they both end up imprisoned. This is all thanks to Cersei, and Tommen is too timid to do anything about it.Image result for game of thrones season 5 loris on trail

Aryra starts off the season thinking she is on her path to a new life, but it’s not as easy as she thought it would be. She ends up at the House of Black and White, where they don’t let her in at first, but she soon makes her way in.Image result for game of thrones season 5 arya the house of black and white

The inside insanely well done. The detail is so well done. That’s one thing this show is really god at is the meticulous art of detail. It’s eerie, for the type of place it is; a place people go to die, or become someone completely different. And that’s Arya’s problem; she thinks it’s easy to start a fresh, but really it’s quite hard.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 the house of black and white inside

Her first step is throwing away her old clothes, but she keeps Needle; as she should, hiding it in the rocks.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 arya hides needle

Samwell and Gilly make a funny, but cute couple. You can tell Gilly wants to do more with her life, by learning to read. Their relationship gets deeper as well. After getting into a fight with his fellow men, trying to defend Gilly, they beat the crap out of him. It is lucky Ghost showed up because Sam was a goner. After that Gilly sleep with him for the first time, and it’s actually kinda sweet.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 sam and gillyWe’re more introduced to Shireen Baratheon (Stannis’s daughter) this season. We’re meant to really like and fall in love with her, only to have her taken from us, just like GOT does all the time. They have a great scene with her and her father, and it’s to show the relationship between the two, which is a good relationship; how does it go so wrong?

Image result for game of thrones season 5 shireen

This season really makes us feel for Reek; this season is really the rise of Theon Greyjoy, and the end of Reek.

As we get halfway through the season, we see Daenerys use her dragons to kill someone to teach them a lesson after the death of Barristan. Afterwards, she isn’t sure what she should really do, in the end she decides to re-open the fighting pens.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 fighting pen

Olly is a newer character this season; a character whose parents were killed by Wildlings. He looks up to Snow, but disagrees with what Snow wants to do, which is form an allegiance with the Wildlings, and save them. I didn’t see this ending well. He even goes to Sam because he’s worried about Jon. It also does a great job for build up for what’s to come.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 ollyRamsey likes to publicly humiliate people, especially Reek, and the dinner between his father, step-mother and Sansa is a horribly dark, and tense dinner. And when we find out Ramsay is going to have a half-sibling, well that is the worst for him as he’s just become a Bolton, and he’s worried about his position.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 bolton family dinner

As Tyrion continues on his journey with Jorah, the two of them bond together, I actually really like the relationship they form.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 tyrion and jorah

They get attacked by Stonemen, and if you get touched you get Greyscale, a disease that spreads, slowly killing you. Jorah saves Tyrion, but lies about being touched, so I’m wondering where they are going to take that plot.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 jorah stonemen

They also get captured by thieves, where they are taken then sold to fight in Daenerys fighting pen.

We know that Little Finger is up to no good. He’s on both the Lannister and Stark side, and we know he’s never really on ever side. If anything he is setting up to get the Bolton’s against the Lannister’s. This should be fun.

Once Jamie and Bronn have made it to the palace, they get caught, obviously, and Jamie leaves with Mycrella, while Bronn gets imprisoned with the daughters.Image result for game of thrones season 5 jamie and bronn gif

Once Sansa marries Ramsey, she realizes he’s a lot worse than she thought he was. That whole wedding night scene was horrible, and sad. This makes her stronger, I feel and she tries to run away from him.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 sansa and ramsay wedding

]When Daenerys sees Jorah for the first time since he left, in the fighting pen, was a powerful moment. She tells him to leave, but when does anyone listen on this show.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 daenerys and jorah

After trying to ruin the Tyrell family, Cersei gets what’s coming to her, and is imprisoned. Finally, and the only way for her to be released is for her to confess her sins to the high sparrow, which she has a lot of sins.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 cersei in jail

Uhhh Reek and Sansa this season, I am loving that Theon is becoming Theon again (even though I hated him before, he’s growing on me since he’s been torn down to nothing).

The scene when Theon tells Sansa he never killed her brothers was so well done, so heartbreaking, and so raw. When Sansa tries to escape yet again, it actually works, since Ramsay is out to battle. It doesn’t look like it works at first, since she gets stopped by Miranda with a cross bow, but Theon comes to the rescue and they leave together. Now I believe they are going to run away together to find Bran and Rickon.Image result for game of thrones season 5 sansa and theon jump gif

The alliance between Daenerys and Tyrion is interesting, but I like it. I’m wondering will it be enough to get Danny what is rightfully hers.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 daenerys and tyrion

While learning to be someone else, Arya runs into someone from her past life, Ser Meryn Trant, someone on her hit list, who is loyal to the Lannister’s. She uses her new life to get her revenge by killing him; well this backfires on her.Image result for game of thrones season 5 arya kills meryn gif As once Jaqen H’ghar, the faceless man, and Arya’s mentor, finds out it’s game-over. Jaqen dies, but since he is the faceless man many faces die with him, including Ayra.




Image result for game of thrones season 5 arya kills meryn gif

That ending for her was intense. I hope (although I doubt she will die), but now I wonder what will befall her character, as she’s technically blind.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 arya kills meryn gif

Jon is finally seeing what it means to be aligned with the Wildlings, and as we see it doesn’t always end well. They get attacked by these skeletal creatures, and White Walkers, and a lot of lives are lost. The way they filmed it was filmed like a horror film. It was like zombies coming to attack. The wall they put up gets broken down and more of these creatures flood the grounds. And then just when you think it can’t get worse, oh well it does, all of the men who died become White Walkers.Image result for game of thrones season 5 jon snow white walkers gif

Jon doesn’t do a great job of protecting, and it’s a big failure on his part since he went there to save them.


We get bits and pieces of Stannis this season (I’m okay with this because I really don’t care for his character). When his camp gets torched he has choices to make. His poor daughter Shireen wants to help him, and that just turns out for the worst. Never tell Stannis you want to help him, nothing ever goes over well.

He uses her as a sacrifice, and they burn her at the stake, oh it was horrible to see. I hate seeing people burn alive.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 shireen death

And right after that scene we move to the fighting scene in the fighting pen with Daenerys. Jorah shows up despite Danny telling him to go. You can see how reluctant she is to make him fight. I wonder how the Greyscale is affecting his fighting, but you knew he was going to conquer all his opponents. Just as we think it’s all good, a fight breaks out; those masked men are back and they are out to kill the queen, so they must run for cover.Image result for game of thrones season 5 jorah fighting gif

But then, her dragon comes to the rescue. She hops on her dragon, and it takes her away.Image result for game of thrones season 5 daenerys dragons

They start to give the Dorne characters backstories near the end of the season, which I think will build up for next season.

The season concludes rather dreary; things don’t go the way anyone really hoped.

Sam decides that he is no use at the Wall (which he & all of us have known since the beginning) so he’s going to set off to study to become a magister. He knows that Gilly will die at the Wall so he will take her and the baby. Jon is sad about it because those two haven’t really been apart, and gosh is it ever heartbreaking to see. Man I’m going to miss the little silly moments, like when Sam tells John about him and Gilly heehee.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 jon and sam gif

Stannis, and what is left of his army are on their way to Winterfell. Podrick sees his army and warns Brienne so they are off, and then there is that angry scene where Brienne isstarring at the tower waiting for a signal from Sansa, looks away to go off to battle, and that’s when Sansa lights up the window, just UGH that moment is so infuriating!Image result for game of thrones season 5 light in tower sansa

Now it’s the Bolton’s army against Stannis, and Stannis gets beat, badly. I love when Brienne finds Stannis beaten on the ground, and she just has her moment with him before killing him, so good! He totally deserves that for everything he’s done.Image result for game of thrones season 5 brienne kills stannis gif

Jaime is finally leaving with Myrcella. Thinking it’s all fine and dandy, that is until Indira kisses Myrcella long and hard, which I thought was weird.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 indria kisses myrcella

Ugh the scene when Jaime reveals that he’s Myrcella’s father is so good because she says she already knew. That was so good that she already knows and that she’s happy. That’s when the poison sets in (from Indira’s lips) and she dies (I’m assuming). But ugh they have such a beautiful scene until the end. 😦

Image result for game of thrones season 5 myrcella death gif

Image result for game of thrones season 5 myrcella death gif






Lord Varys finds Tyrion and it’s great to see the two back together again, since Tyrion isn’t offered to go and help find Daenerys after she flew away from with her dragon.

We find out that her dragon is very hurt and lands in the middle of nowhere. That’s when a lot of Dothraki soldiers come and find her, and that’s where we leave her for the season. Some things are definitely to come.

Cersei is set free, but first she confesses to her sins, not all of them, as she claims sleeping with Jamie, and he fathering her children are all lies (and they are very believable). Her atonement is to walk through the street to her home, naked, while people throw things at her and yell awful things. It actually makes you feel bad for Cersei. You would never ever think you’d feel sorry for her, ever. This I feel is going to change things for her next season, or I hope so. You can never be so sure with Game of Thrones.Image result for game of thrones season 5 cersei walk of shame gif

Olly gets Jon out to the rest of his men, who then turn on him so fast, there is no time to blink. Men line up to tab Jon Snow, ending with Olly.

Image result for game of thrones season 5 jon snow stabbed gif

Another heartbreaking scene, because he hesitates, not sure if he really wanted to go through with it, but then bam he stabs him, and Jon is (as we’re supposed to think) is dead. And that’s the end of the season. Now we just want more!Image result for game of thrones season 5 jon snow dies gif



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