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Let’s Talk About… 30 Rock [Seasons 4-7]

Hello, and welcome to TV Tuesday! Today I’m going to be talking about the last half the the NBC show 30 Rock.

GUYS I MADE IT!Image result for 30 rock liz lemon gifs

I didn’t think I would actually make it through this series. I don’t know what it was about this show (oh maybe the political blah blah blah), but I couldn’t deal. Half the time the show was actually funny.

Image result for 30 rock liz lemon hallucination gifs
Valentine’s Day gone wrong with the ex’s

But at others, I just sat there going why?!?!Image result for 30 rock kenneth gifs

So here we go, this will probably be brief because a lot of things I hated (okay strong word), disliked, and didn’t feel like talking about.

The season starts off a bit unruly, but funny non-the-less. Kenneth starts a protest because he finds out Jack is taking his bonus, so that means he doesn’t get his overtime hours pay.
– I’m going to stop right here and say that Kenneth’s character from here on goes to places that are quiet frankly stupid, and he becomes this character who I can’t stand because he’s so bigoted, how did I not see this before?Image result for 30 rock kenneth gifs

This becomes an even bigger protest as more and more people join. Soon the actors get involved and it’s just a big mess. It all ends rather silly; Jack writes on a piece of paper that he’s a liar and Kenneth is happy.

Liz has a turn of events season. She writes a book “That’s a Dealbreaker” and well that doesn’t go over well with the men, but it goes well with the ladies.Image result for 30 rock liz lemon dealbreaker gifs
It’s so popular that they want to turn it into a talk show. But this goes to Liz’s head; she goes crazy and becomes like every actor (or mostly Jenna). 


They need to find new talent for the show, and they find this guy. Image result for 30 rock danny gifs

We find out he’s Canadian; so here’s another thing we can make fun of, right?

We also get this plot where Jack seems to think that Americans fromImage result for 30 rock jack helps liz gifs Georgia are better than New Yorkers; well he gets a very rude awakening when he finds out they are not sweet and wholesome.


Jack also finds himself some love, Nancy, an old flame from high school.Image result for 30 rock nancy gifs

He says he’ll wait for her to get divorced before they hook up. It’s a long struggle, that he ropes Kenneth into helping, per usual. In the meantime, he meets Avery, but then BAM Nancy comes back divorced (which he didn’t think she’d do) so now he’s planning to date both of them, until he can figure out which one he likes more.Image result for 30 rock jack confused gifs

We meet Jenna’s mother, and that kinda explains why Jenna is the way she is. Image result for 30 rock jenna and verna gifsBut her mother, Verna claims she has changed, but Jack knows better. When Verna goes to Jack to start a TV show, not to be with her daughter, Jack makes sure Verna is nice to Jenna; it’s actually very sweet.

Tracy has this crazy notion that he needs a daughter, and so he proves it to his wife he will be there for her. They get pregnant, but I’m betting it will be another boy. (Yes I know I’m wrong).

Image result for 30 rock wesley gifsLiz finds a contact in her phone named Future Husband, who is clearly not that. The whole plot with Wesley is rather dull and stale, because it’s yet another boyfriend failure. I say this because Wesley is just pure stupid.
And she keeps running into him.


When Floyd calls out of the blue, Liz thinks it’s a sign, only to find he’s getting married. Boo! I actually like Floyd. They go out for dinner where he accidently gets drunk on the salmon sauce.Image result for 30 rock floyd wedding gifs

Don Geiss, the boss of GE, dies and Jack is very upset, but he finally gets the job he has wanted, the head of the company. Or does he? Jack finds out that he is in Don’s will, and he inherits a peacock named Argus!Image result for 30 rock jack peacock argus gifs

Kenneth and Jenna both make me scratch my head sometimes. Jenna is sad her stalker isn’t stalking her anymore, and Kenneth has a weird donkey disease. Sometimes I don’t understand the comedy.Image result for 30 rock kenneth gif

They make a Sterling Cooper reference, and I thought that was very good since they have John Hamm guest star on the show. Speaking of him, his character Drew comes back, and he has hooks for hands! It’s because he was dumb enough to loose them.Image result for 30 rock drew hook hands

Jenna finds love in… herself. Paul is a drag queen who plays Jenna every night. It’s cute, I actually like them together I don’t know what it is.

Image result for 30 rock paul and jenna gif
Yes they are strange

What does Jack have with having arguments in a church? He tells Nancy about Avery while at Floyd’s wedding. Oh man it’s weird; he makes Liz stall, and oh boy.Image result for 30 rock jack and avery

Jack chooses Nancy until Nancy and Avery meet, that he chooses Avery because she is pregnant, wow I did not see that coming.



Season four ends with Liz engaged to Wesley, meeting a pilot Carol, opening her big mouth and almost ending up alone, until Carol comes back for her.Image result for 30 rock liz and carol

Season five starts with Jack with long hair & it’s ugly. Everyone is coming back from the summer. Liz is still with Carol, and Jack with Avery.

Jenna becomes a producer and she’s actually very good at it. She’s so good that she realizes in order to save money she can’t be a producer. When did she get smart? Too bad it doesn’t last long.Image result for 30 rock jenna gifs

Tracy’s wife goes into labour, and they actually have a girl! Jack also finds out he’s having a girl, after being told he’s having a boy ha! Jack with a daughter, this will definitely change his character.

Image result for 30 rock kenneth gifs
Kenneth is now at CBS but he’s re-applying to get his old job back. He finds out it will not be easy, as he has to perform, so Jenna is going to turn him into a performer.

They get asked why TGS is so racist, because we can’t have a season without talking about race. So they promote Toofer to head writer to diversify the show.

They have a live episode which was actually really well done. Image result for 30 rock live show gifsI really enjoyed it. Sometimes they don’t always go off well, but 30 Rock did it well.

After this plot Avery realizes how much Jack and Liz talk to each other, and how close they are. She bans Liz from talking to Jack about anything that isn’t work. This slowly kills both of them. Jack is trying to find a new person to mentor, and Liz has no idea who she’ll talk to about her issues with her dad taking a break from his marriage.Image result for 30 rock liz and jack best friends gifsIt takes a while, but Avery then changes her mind and sees how much the two of them need each other. They are the true meaning of best friends.

Jack and Avery elope, Liz ends up being Jack’s best man and the minister accidently marries Jack and Liz, HA! She doesn’t understand him so she doesn’t sign on the right line; instead of signing witness, she signs wife.

She uses her power to get everything she needs in the studio before signing divorce papers. But then Jack turns it back on her, it becomes a giant fight, until they both realize how crazy they are being, that was one of my favourite scenes of the show.Image result for 30 rock liz and jack best friends gifs

GE goes out, and in rolls Kable Network, their partner company, so things are going to be changing around NBC. Tracy’s wife, Angie has a reality TV show; who knows how that will go.Image result for 30 rock queen of jordan gifsThe new guy, Hank Hooper is a bit like Kenneth, he loves to hug and give everyone equal opportunities and Jack can’t stand it he almost quits. He even gives his resignation letter, but Hooper turns him down. Image result for 30 rock hank hooper

On Jack and Avery’s trip to Canada, Avery starts to go into labour, they are so stubborn about their daughter being American they try to hitchhike to Buffalo. This was just another time where they can poke fun at Canadians, oh yay. They hitch a ride with a group of Asians who have a meth lab in their van; that’s when Jack realizes it’s inevitable. Now she’s half Canadian half American. They also decided the baby’s middle name to be Elizabeth after Liz. This is very sweet. I love how entwined Liz is in their life.Image result for 30 rock jack and avery baby

Liz is on her way to see Carol; but that doesn’t well, at all. Image result for 30 rock liz and carolIt ends with Liz at gun point. Carol refuses to do anything about not being able to go away on the plane. They realize they are too similar.

Image result for 30 rock liz cat lady
After that break-up she thought it was the universe telling her she should become an old lady, and get a cat.


Since Tracy has left for Africa, to help people, the show suffers. When the star leaves, what can they do? Nothing, so everyone decides to leave. Kenneth is determined to save the show. It almost doesn’t work out, until he notices the pizza box Liz has is the same as the one Tracy has in his video calls. That means he’s hiding in New York somewhere; the hunt is on.Image result for 30 rock tracy in africa

Turns out Tracy was hiding in Liz’s apartment, since she failed to go home in fear of loosing TGS. They plead with Tracy to come back, and well he comes back to society, but he has yet to come back to TGS.

The 100th episode is a lot of flash backs, and it’s alright. It’s one of the better flashback episodes, because they incorporated them a lot better than other shows have. There is a gas leak and that’s the reason for the crazy and flashbacks. Jack is mad at Liz for ruining his career, Jenna wants a baby, Kenneth wants to give her a baby, and Denis returns, oh boy.Image result for 30 rock crazy gif

Tracy finally returns to TGS (thank god) it was getting ridiculous this charade they kept putting on. It makes me wonder did 30 Rock almost get cancelled, since the fictional tv show is a reflection of the real one. It makes sense, plus the show is just starting to go off the rails (more so than normal).Image result for 30 rock crazy gif

Avery has taken a job to be traveling around Asia when she is taken hostage in Korea. They torture her (in a comic way, which just feels is bad taste) and then she is forced the marry Kim Jin Il. I’m thinking this is the end of her, which now makes Jack a single parent.  Image result for 30 rock avery korea gif

Season 6 starts with everyone acting weird, for one Liz is very happy, and Tracy is all uptight. We find out Liz has a new boyfriend, Criss, who makes her laugh and she enjoys his company.Image result for 30 rock liz and criss gif
He actually looks like someone for her, but then Jack comes in a ruins everything. He can’t stand seeing her with him, and so he tries everything in his power to break them apart. I’m very happy that nothing ended up working. To me this was just a strange plot to try and get Jack and Liz together (because I’m pretty sure they get together). Even the dumb plot with his wife was another attempt.
Kenneth is moving on so he’s training the new girl Hazel (who is a bag full of weird herself) and she just doesn’t understand what Kenneth finds pleasant. Because who would? Kenneth is weird and finally someone else is seeing it.Image result for 30 rock kenneth parcell gif
He now has a new job where he has the control to regulate what words shows can use. His newest show: TGS, obviously. Image result for 30 rock kenneth gifs
Jenna has become a judge on this singing show America’s Kidz Got Singing (yeah that is the name). This is where Jenna yells at kids and how horrible they are. It’s not very funny. Image result for 30 rock jenna america's got singing
It’s taken me until the end of season 6 to see that Tracy and Jenna are best friends,Image result for 30 rock jenna and tracy gif they do everything together and for some reason I like their relationship. They really have each other’s backs (just like Liz and Jack).
Jack buys a factory to build couches, so they can be American made and Americans can have jobs. Well those couches were awful, but I thought it was super hilarious- one of their better plots.
Image result for 30 rock american couches
We get another live show (which is a plot to threaten TGS will no longer be a live show) and its just as good as the first live show. Image result for 30 rock live show
Image result for 30 rock jack and avery weddingSpeaking of Jack they give him this odd plot where he starts to fall for Avery’s mother, his mother-in-law. Jack gets Avery back, and she finds out about her mother and Jack, but they forgive each other anyways… Or do they. They realize no no one is going to ruin their wedding they do it themselves. They realize they only got married because Avery got pregnant so they get a divorce.
Hazel moves in with Kenneth to get to him because she’s a weirdo, then again they are kind of a match because they are both odd.Image result for 30 rock kenneth and hazel


Liz and Criss are really settling down and they are planning on adopting… A plant haha!

Season seven starts off a train wreck:  Liz and Criss are actually trying to have a baby, everyone is going to Tracy for advice, Liz to get out of being Jenna’s maid of honour, and Kenneth about girls (because he’s dating Hazel now, interesting).

Jack is trying to tank NBC because he wants Hank to sell the company that goes wrong when they get political with Mitt Romney, they want to support him, ugh I can’t deal with this show. They then continue to have a plot to prove that women are funny because lord forbid a woman to be funny. Image result for best 30 rock gifs
There’s this Sex and the City mini plot, or well Liz pretends she’s Carrie Bradshaw. Which put it into perspective for me, what if Jack is her Mr. Big!?!?!?
Image result for 30 rock liz lemon as carrie bradshaw gifs

How crazy. It came to me as she was pretending  to be Carrie, and Jack was on a date with a much younger girl.

I am very happy to find out I am wrong that Jack and Liz don’t end up together, which it just felt like that was where they were going for a long time.

So when Liz actually gets married, I’m excited! As much as she doesn’t want it to be a big deal- she makes it a big deal. I’m happy for her and Criss.Image result for 30 rock liz and criss wedding gifImage result for 30 rock liz and criss wedding gif

Jack’s mother Colleen dies 😦 Image result for 30 rock colleen's funeralKermit the frog randomly appears lol. 
Then just to make it an even weirder funeral, Jenna and Paul get married.




Image result for 30 rock colleen's funeral

Image result for 30 rock jenna florida
They take the show to Jenna helping to choose the next president- which well doesn’t go very well.
Dr. Spacemen has a very interesting exit. He leaves while being arrested, but not to go to jail, but to become a higher up doctor- go figure!
Image result for 30 rock dr spaceman out
The series ends with Kenneth in jacks position, president of the company- Jack becomes the CEO, but finds no pleasure in it and so he leaves on his boat, but that just gives him an idea for see through dishwashers so he goes back to GE. 
Image result for 30 rock jack donaghy gif
Liz finds it hard to pick children over her job as she has to try to save TGS (which in the end doesn’t really work). They make the final episode of TGS, the same as 30 Rock and I don’t know why it made me sad, because I didn’t even like the show, but it’s still sad to see anything end.Image result for 30 rock liz twins
Liz and Criss adopt children,  a set of twins Janet and Terry who are exactly like Tracy and Jenna it’s perfect.
Image result for 30 rock liz twins
The final shot with Kenneth listening to the pitch on a new show (the plot of 30 Rock) was so strange. I didn’t care for it. To be honest the whole one year later ending was just meh. They should have ended it on the final TGS show that was meaningful and nice. Image result for 30 rock kenneth gif
So that’s it for me and this show. It had its moments, but for the most part it just didn’t do it for me; the comedy was way too extreme, and then add in the politics, it didn’t land for me. If you liked this show, or not, I’d love to hear everyones opinions, let me know! 🙂Image result for best 30 rock gifs

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