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Review: Danny the Champion of the World

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing yet another Roald Dahl’s novels, Danny the Champion of the World.

Danny the Champion of the World
Danny the Champion of the World

Danny the Champion of the World by: Roald Dahl: Danny lives with his father out in the woods, when one day he learns a secret his father has been keeping from him for years. This leads Danny and his father on some wild adventures, where people like the doctor and the sergeant, praise Danny for his excellent thinking skills, and others despise him for it. This novel really showcases the dynamic between father and son; it shows the ideal relationship between the two, and that imagination should never die. Dahl’s characters are brilliantly put together, and well thought out. The plots take them through wonderful actions, and situations that are both hilarious and dramatic; none of it is ever boring, it’s always exciting to see where the story will go next. This is a great children’s novel to teach them to never stop believing in the imaginative world.


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