The California Tour w/ All Time Low, A Day To Remember & Blink-182

Hi guys! Today I’m posting a concert post after ending my weekend with a show. I had the privilege to see All Time Low, A Day To Remember and Blink-182 this past Sunday night, and it was a great way to end a busy weekend!

All Time Low
A Day To Remember
Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Sunday, August 21, 2016
California Summer Tour

What started off as a beautiful day, turned into a bit of a stormy night. As the doors opened for the show, the rain began to fall. Where I was seated in the amphitheatre was not covered by the roof, and so by the time I had gotten in, and gotten some food, my seat was wet, but the rain looked like it was subsiding. Hurray for small miracles.

My seats were far back, but the seats at the Molson Amphitheatre are all good seats and I could see for the majority of the show.

They had a DJ playing for the first 45 minutes to entertain us; DJ Spider. I have to say he was pretty entertaining, for the first twenty minutes or so, but afterwards all we wanted was the show to really get started.

Finally, 7:05 p.m. rolled around, it’s funny how long it takes for something to happen when you’re waiting for it.

All Time Low graced the stage, I have no idea what Alex was wearing, it was a bright shirt, and a pair of jeans that we all got to say goodbye to since they ripped. HA!

From Alex's Twitter
From Alex’s Twitter

They started it all off with Lost in Stereo, a song I haven’t heard in so many years. It’s funny as soon as they walked onto the stage I was taken back to being 16-years-old. The first time I saw them (back in 2010) in this venue, so many emotions.

Once they said their hellos to the crowd, and received an abundance of bras they played A Love Like War, which I thought was odd since it’s a song with Vic from Pierce The Veil, and they weren’t on the tour. It’s not bad without Vic, I’m always curious why bands play their duet songs live without the other singer.

Then when they started playing Six Feet Under the Stars, that was flashbacks to the max.

They played a new song that I’m not very familiar with, Dancing With a Wolf. From there they bounced into Something’s Gotta Give, and Backseat Serenade.

They paused for a second to slow it down for a song, Missing You. Even though the area I was sitting in was empty at the time, I could still feel the crowd come together, and it just felt magical, and like I was receiving a giant hug!

Since they only played for a short while, they had two last songs, Weightless, and what they always end with, Dear Maria (Count me in). They did their famous guitar toss, and it was all over before I knew it.

From Jack's Twitter
From Jack’s Twitter

It was so good to see them again. (This was my third time), and I kinda can’t wait to do it again. I’m not going to lie, I thought more people would be there for All Time Low, they always sell out arenas so fast that I figured that’s why I couldn’t get tickets- I really underestimate how popular Blink-182 are.

About an hour later, the backdrop changed, more people have shown up, and A Day to Remember run out on stage.

They opened up with The Downfall of Us All (which I have to say, sadly I’m not familiar with). I felt sort of bad because there were quite a few ADTR songs that I didn’t quite know. I thought knowing two of their albums would be enough for their setlist, but they played a lot of older songs.

After their intro, in which Jeremy kept calling us Ontario instead of Toronto the whole show, which was really weird, they played I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What are you Made of? (yet another song I didn’t know), but then they burst out with It’s Complicated, which was a lot of fun to sing along to. They followed that with 2nd Sucks, which I’m not sure why they played. I had no idea that was a top song for them, I usually skip that song when it comes on because it’s very, very heavy.

Then they were Right Back at it Again, where they ended the song with the Bitch (which is on the record) I think I was very excited about that, which is a very silly thing to be excited about HA!

Mckinnon told the audience, this next song is for anyone who has been in love, Have Faith in Me, such a beautiful song played live. It’s a bit hardcore, but yet so sweet.

When the first riffs of All Signs Point to Lauderdale, I was flashed back to Warped Tour 2011 when I saw them for the first time and (from the 10 minutes I got to see them) this was the only song I knew, and it was so good to hear it live again. I have no idea how Jerome McKinnon can scream like that every night, he’s so on point that it’s like listening to the album, that takes a lot of vocal power man!

At some point they came out with rolls of toilet paper that they threw into the audience like streamers. They played their new song Paranoia, where I know the chorus so that was better than nothing. There is a small intermission where they play Low Rider by War to keep us entertained, it was good times.

Coming back with All I Want (my favourite song of theirs & the song that got me into ADTR). I thought it would be the final song, but I guess it makes sense they end on an older song that is well known, which is The Plot to Bomb Panhandle (I don’t know this song at all), but it was SO fun to watch everyone around me just start to loose their shit.

But before they played that they slowed it down with If It Means a Lot to You, that is a sweet song. It was really beautiful acoustic.

This was another set, like ATL, that can’t get enough seeing live.

We are all left waiting for an hour for the main act, Blink-182 to show up. The fake a start by drawing a curtain down. Once they are ready to come on stage, the curtain blows away and fireworks go off, with a lot of bangs. If you’re not paying attention it was guaranteed to scare. The background was Fuck spelled out in fire, typical Blink.

I say this as if I know anything. I know nothing about Blink-182, but they are so cool to see live. Mark Hoppus is such a dad that makes me happy. I had this thought while watching them, that you don’t notice that all the bands you loved as a teenager are now older men, I noticed that while watching Travis Barker play the drums. Don’t get me wrong he still has it, he is still amazing, but he definitely looks older.

They opened with a song called Feeling This (yep not a song I know), but they came out with a punch.

But then they jump right into What’s My Age Again? And that made me happy because I do like that song. Then Family Reunion (I really should just list all the songs I do know, but then that setlist would be very small). The Rock Show I knew (yay!), then they continuously played Cynical, First Date, and Down.

Then Hoppus said this next song is for the ladies, and just the ladies. The background turned into lilies, and I Miss You started (which has been stuck in my head since).

They played their new song that I always hear on the radio, Bored to Death, that I actually quite like.

Then they played a bunch of songs I didn’t know, Built This Pool, Dumpweed, and San Diego (but I learned the words fast to that last one).

Their performances were truly incredible, I wish I was more of a fan and knew more of their songs because then I would have appreciated it more because they played another handful of songs I didn’t know (Reckless Abandon, Stay Together for the Kids, Not Now, Violence, Kings of the Weekend, Dysentery Gary, Happy Holidays, You Bastard, Los Angeles).

When I was waiting in line for the train on my way home I overheard people talking about the show, and how Matt Skiba (who is replacing Tom DeLong) is compared to Tom, and they kept saying how there is no comparison. They said Matt was good, he played All The Small Things perfectly, but the rest of the songs he didn’t play as well. Which to my untrained ear, I didn’t hear much of a difference; to me the whole show was done vey well.

My favourite part of the show has to be when Mark said we’ve be making history, when he announced they were going to play a song completely in the dark, and that they did- until Mark shut it down because he said we were doing it wrong. We had to all get out our cell phones and put it on the “flashlight thing” and out went he lights, but on went all the flashlights. It was truly something to witness, so much light, you couldn’t really see the band, except for their silhouettes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.34.07 PM
From Blink-182’s Twitter

Before the show came to and end there was a short break before they came out with Carousel, All The Small Things, and ending it with Dammit.

Confetti was everywhere by the end, and everyone was high (not just on the weed) but on the feeling of a great show.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re into punk music, because boy they do not disappoint!

From Blink-182's Twitter
From Blink-182’s Twitter

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