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Review: Gone Series

Hello everyone, and welcome to throwback Thursday! Today I’m going back in time to re-look at Michael Grant’s series Gone.

I don’t really remember why I continued with this series, other than I don’t not read books, and I have to finish a series no matter how bad it is (yes I realize this is a problem, that I don’t think I will ever defeat)

Read: August 2012
Rating: 3 Stars

Gone (Gone, #1)

Gone by: Michael Grant: The first novel in the entire Gone series. In an instant anyone under the age of 15 years-old have vanished. Not one single adult is in this new world, and it becomes this will to survive. The world isn’t what it used to be, as food and power runs out, everyone starts to go against each other. But that’s not all, mutants are running around too who also want to rule. This series started off really slow paced and boring and really wasn’t something to continue, but once the reader made it to the middle of the novel it got to be really fast paced and like how the other books to this series were, fast paced with lots of speed. Though in this book the reader got to know who the characters were before this all happened, and you got to see how it happened, and see kids trying to figure out what they’re going to do now that they are the only ones left in their little barrier. It was by far an interesting series and something worth checking out even if you’re not a young adult anymore.

Read: July 2012
Rating: 3 Stars

Hunger (Gone, #2)

Hunger by: Michael Grant: The second novel in the Gone series. If you haven’t read the first book you will definitely be confused, but don’t be discouraged to start reading it. You can read this book without the first, you will piece together that something in the first book happened to get it to the state that we start here, which is no adults and everyone is 15 or under. Two brothers Caine and Sam are against each other, and it seems that whatever happened did that. People have powers like healing, and shooting fire, but there are also normal people as well. Everyone is hungry, and there is also a super being that has no body that they spent the whole novel trying to defeat. It was an epic battle to see if this being would be killed, only to figure out there is still more to be done with. Very entertaining and worth the read.

Read: July 2012
Rating: 3 Stars

Lies (Gone, #3)

Lies by: Michael Grant: The third novel in the Gone series. It continues to after the fight between the two brothers, where there are “normal’s” against “freaks”, anyone who has a power. This novel as its title portrays is filled with lies. There are lies for the good of all the kids in the FAYZ, Fallout Alley Youth Zone, and lies for the bad. Main characters re-find themselves, while new characters jump out at us, that we didn’t even know were there. We find characters that are supposed to be dead from the previous book are still alive, or are they really? The evil higher being, or demon, that hasn’t got a body yet, called the gaiapahge, has still to find the strength to rule, and he uses others bodies to do so as it gets stronger. The novel was a fast paced read that held the reader every moment, and they didn’t want to stop reading because the reader wanted to find out if these kids were going to make it, and we’re still on the hunt to figure it out.

Read: July 2012
Rating: 3 Stars

Plague (Gone, #4)

Plague by: Michael Grant: The fourth novel in the Gone series when as the title explains a plague goes around the FAYZ and the kids have yet to take cover from it. Life is not as it seems, something crazy happens, and they find a place that is fresh to live, only what’s actually happening back in town while they find this new land. Evil is unleashed and is still trying to rule, but we still don’t know if it’s going to win or not. Relationships between characters fall, and bloom, most for the better, but some for the worst as well. Someone from the “evil” side joins the “good” side and we are left at a cliff hanger to figure out how that will go down. Will she become a better person? Or is she just a spy? The novel, like the rest of the series has the reader wondering “what next”, and they just don’t want to drop the book because the reader wants these kids to make it out.

Read: July 2012
Rating: 3 Stars

Fear (Gone, #5)

Fear by: Michael Grant: The fifth novel in the Gone series is focused around the “evil” group of kids in the FAYZ. The gaiapahge needs to be born to gain his full powers, and what’s better then one of the girls becoming pregnant? Nothing could be better. Now there is total darkness all around the dome that is the FAYZ, fear has spread out and the “good” side has to keep the girl safe from the gaiapahge. Can they do it? Will the dome break if the gaiapahge gains powers and that baby’s body? It’s all answered, or not answered in this novel. Also in this novel we get a little bit of a tidbit from the outside world and what the adults are doing about this dome. Like all the other books in this series, it’s fast paced and the reader can’t put it down. The only thing that could be better is instead of having all these books just make them longer books.


Read: June 2013
Rating: 3 Stars

Light (Gone, #6)

Light by: Michael Grant: The last and final novel in the Gone series. As the series ends the reader finds out all the lose ends, and how the kids who are inside of the FAYZ get out. It all comes down to desperation and fighting off a mutant. As much as it is interesting to see how the kids will get out, it’s got that mysterious feel to it. The novel had dry spots throughout, but if you could get past them, it’s an interesting novel. The last book ends the series, leaving nothing open ended, other then how the kids go back to their everyday lives, but overall it was an interesting series of survival.



2 thoughts on “Review: Gone Series

    1. It’s almost like a curse! I feel terrible if I don’t continue haha. But I love reading so much that most of the time I don’t mind at all! 🙂
      Yeah, it started off quite good, but I find the longer the series is the duller it gets. There are exceptions, but for the most part that’s what I’ve found.


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