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Let’s Talk About… Felicity Season Four

The end is here. Welcome to TV Tuesday, today I’m going to be wrapping up my time with Felicity, I can’t believe it’s over already. It feels like just yesterday I was starting this show.

Here we are, the last season, this season starts off pretty good. What I don’t like, first off is that we find out that Elena said yes to Tracy because everyone keeps saying it. We never get to see Elena herself saying yes, that was disappointing.

I have to start off by saying this season seems to really deal with all the character’s financial troubles. Felicity gets into a fight with her father because he’s now coming out to say that he doesn’t support what she’s going to school for. Okay, first of all, I know they didn’t like it to begin with, but why “support” her for two years then in her last year dump it on her? I don’t understand this. So now she has to pay for school herself, and that’s a lot of money.

What does Javier talk her into doing… a beauty pageant. That was a lot of fun to watch, even though she doesn’t win.


Not only is she going through this crisis, she does something stupid; her first dumb decision of the season, she sleeps with Noel! It has finally happened! She thinks she’s pregnant, and the at home test says she is, but she gets lucky, and she’s not. Poor Noel pregnancy scare number two! I kinda like that she doesn’t tell Ben about sleeping with Noel, but I have a feeling it might come out later. The look Noel gives Ben when Ben tells him she’s not pregnant tells me he can’t live with himself. Oh boy.

So other than having a pregnancy scare, Noel is having the hardest time finding a job. He ends up taking over as a guidance counsellor at the school. It’s so random, but I guess you do what you have to right. But he just got a bunch of money, part of Natalia’s inheritance, and he doesn’t even want it. He could do a lot with $50,000.

Ben has made a 180, and he’s now in pre-med. While out being a paramedic, it dawned on him that he wants to be a doctor, so he’s taking 18 credits, and well you know suffering, but it looks like he’s doing alright.

Image result for felicity tv show season 4 elena and tracy's wedding -arrowSo Tracy and Elena are set to be married, they are so close, until Tracy asks her if she’s getting married to him for the right reasons; and not just so they can have sex in the eyes of God.



Well Elena can’t say it, so they don’t get married, buuuut who decide to get married instead: Meghan and Sean! 😀 The excitement is real for me! But obviously it’s not easy. We meet Sean’s parents, and brother, and we find out that Sean is just like his dad, an inventor, always creating crazy things. It’s funny that his dad embarrasses him so much because they are so much alike.

Meghan and Sean’s parents meet, and Meghan’s father is not happy. He doesn’t think Sean will be able to support her (and I can’t blame him, he sits at home trying to invent the next selfie stick) and her father will cut her off from the family if she doesn’t leave him. I have a strong feeling she’s not going to leave Sean; she loves him too much. I hope Sean kinda grows up; just a little bit, maybe get some sort of job.

This also got me wondering, he has never had a job this entire series, how the hell did he afford the loft? This season we see him almost get evicted (which makes sense), but Noel comes to the rescue, and loans him the money. What a nice guy.

Nice guy my butt, Noel is such a shit disturber; has been since the beginning right? So he gets all pissed off, and he tells Ben that he slept with Felicity. Well that just throws everything out of proportion. So I already know Ben and Felicity are together forever, I have come to terms with this, so I wasn’t that disheartened.

The two try to move on, but their friends keep getting in the way. Javier sets up dates; Meghan casts her spells; Elena helps Javier; they all mean well but well it’s not helpful.

Let’s take a second to talk about Javier because he’s become a main character yay! I couldn’t believe that he and Samuel actually broke up, I was so shocked. They seemed so perfect. They broke up over something stupid, I can’t exactly remember. So he spends a lot of the season trying to find a new boyfriend. Instead he finds a new girl friend who wants to date him. He has to tell her he’s gay, but they get along great as friends.

He’s also in school, I always forget that started school. Turns out Meghan is in the same acting class as him. Meghan has no desire to be in the class, but Javier is dying to become an actor. This makes out for some good times.

Ben’s dad is back, and he is not doing so well this season. His liver is shot and he needs a transplant. Well obviously his liver is shot from all the drinking. We meet Lauren, an AA friend of Ben’s dad. And we all know where this plot goes, Ben and her try to start to date, but that doesn’t go over so well as she gets back with her ex-boyfriend. It’s actually his dad who tells him to go after Felicity if he loves her.

On top of that, Ben is making his way through pre-med. Trevor is a new character this season, he’s Ben’s lab partner where they get their prof to become more lenient, and they start to do really well in the class. Ben is getting A’s it’s all fine and dandy.

Elena is also to thank for that as she tutors them, and starts to date Trevor. They are okay, we don’t get to see enough of them together to really get an impression.

Felicity is trying so hard to get into that thesis program again. She almost has this awkward sexual encounter with her professor, why does this show like to go down this route? Eventually she gets in with a lot of hard work and determination (not doing anything sexual, thank god).

When she and Ben get back together, they have their really mushy, really predictable episode. It also happens to be around the time his father is getting worse, but his mom gives his father part of her liver, against his will, but his dad is going to be okay.

I want to quickly talk about fashion for two seconds,
1) Felicity no longer has curly hair this season, it’s pretty much straight, which is pretty and makes her look older, but I miss her hair.


2) Meghan went from all out goth, to house-wife, Mrs. Kennedy, it’s a whole 180, but I have to say I kind of like it. It suits her.




This season we find out Meghan has a younger sister, and she’s pregnant. She gets so protective and mama bear, it’s like a completely different person. I love the person Meghan is becoming, so caring and passionate. Her and Sean are having a calm season, no more huge fights. Sean is being a little bit of a dunce. He goes into business with Noel, and they plan on creating websites for companies, which I think is a great idea for both of them, but Sean takes everything so personally, that he quits so easily. I like that the two of them fight, but make it work.

They make it work so well that they are hired together, but things start to go downhill when Sean gets a little too enthusiastic. When Noel tries to tell him to tone it down a bit, he flips a shit and quits… again. Sean has a hard time taking constructive criticism. I’m glad it’s Meghan who talks him out! Noel and Sean are back in business.

Noel’s love life is also heating up, when he starts to date Zoe from work. Although I do have to say, she seems kinda flaky, and doesn’t act like she likes Noel, but we’ll see how that works out.


As we make our way to the half way point of the season, Felicity is at a mid-life crisis. She has no idea what she’s going to do once she graduates. It’s Noel, who not that many episodes ago said he needed less Felicity in his life, helps her figure it out. They choose architecture, and Felicity really loves it.

But then plot twist, Lauren is back, and boy does she have big news; she’s pregnant. Ben takes a paternity test to be 100% sure it’s his, and well it is. She also plans on keeping the kid so Ben has to figure out what he’s going to do. It becomes a really big deal, no duh. Turns out Lauren is moving to Arizona to be close to her parents; this tears Ben apart because he doesn’t know if he should stay, or if he should go.


By the time graduation rolls around, he’s made his decision, as the baby, Andrew has been born and Ben finds it hard to be apart. Off to Arizona he goes. That leaves Felicity with the choice of going with him or not. Before this happens, Ben asks her to marry him, and she says yes, until she decides she won’t go.

Her father plays a role in her decision there. He tells her “isn’t four years of following Ben Covington enough” and well her father is right, for a change. So she decides to go back home to Palo Alto.

But before they graduate Felicity runs into a problem, she needs to write a 30 page paper in a day for a class. With all the drama that’s been going on she just hasn’t had time. So she takes Meghan’s advice and copy’s someone’s dissertation as her paper. When she thinks she’s been caught, but her prof loves her paper and wants it published. But before it gets published, it has to be reviewed. She’s now royally screwed. In attempts to tell her prof, things keep getting in the way, like a car accident.

Turns out Ben and Lauren were in a car accident, where Lauren was driving drunk, while pregnant. They are all lucky they made it out alive.

The scary thing, after I watched this episode the next day I got into a car accident, and it just felt so freaky. The car on the show was totaled and so was the one I was driving, and me and my passenger are okay, thank god.

Once we find out they will be okay, Felicity must face her doom and tell her professor. Her graduation is pending, until her prof fails her on the paper, but she passes the class so she can graduate!

They all graduate and it’s such a happy, yet sad time because all the characters then go their separate ways. Some stay in New York (well most of them) while Ben and Felicity are the ones who moved away.

When Ben shows up in Palo Alto, that’s sweet. We find out it’s been six months since graduation, and Felicity has chosen to go back to school to become a doctor. Go figure.


They make the episode “The Graduate” feel like the last episode of the series with a montage of what everyone is doing, even though there are still five episodes left. What do they do with those episodes? Stupid things.

I hate the direction they chose to go with this. So Felicity is in Palo Alto with Ben studying to be a doctor, when Elena dies in a car accident. WHY did they do that? Felicity can’t deal so she pulls away from everyone, Ben especially. So Ben starts seeing another girl, Claire. When Felicity finds out, she is livid.

Noel is about to get married to Zoe! So everyone is going back to New York for that. That’s when Felicity thinks she’s made a mistake, and picked the wrong guy, she thinks she should have chosen Noel. Ugh, why is this happening? It gets even better, Meghan casts a spell for her to go back to the night Felicity and Noel slept together so they can be together.

The whole episode is Felicity freaking out that she’s stuck in the past, but she ends up with Noel. But does she really get Noel? Hannah shows up, remember her from season one? Well this confuses Noel, among the fact that Felicity all of a sudden is in love with him, and he goes with Hannah. Felicity flips the fuck out since she time traveled to be with him.


She almost gets back with Ben; which I have a feeling she will be with Ben by the end. But Noel and Felicity go back to each other… for now.

Sean and Meghan break up, NO NO NO NO NO- this is NOT supposed to happen! He apparently has kept in contact with Julie, and Sean thinks he can get together with her, God I hope this doesn’t become a plot. I’m all for bringing Julie back, but not in this way.

Julie’s back, I’m happy that she is, but the way she came back I’m not. I also want to know why we’re having this plot, like Sean figured it out that Julie wasn’t into him back in what season three when he kissed her. Why is this being revisited? Isn’t everything that happened before Felicity and Noel slept together stay the same? So now Meghan and Sean both want to get back with each other but they are both too proud to admit it.

Julie almost gets back together with Ben, but you know where Ben’s heart lies… with Felicity. Noel is trying to break it easy to Felicity that they aren’t right for each other, this leads her to tell him she’s from the future. This gets her locked up in a mental house. It isn’t until Felicity tells Ben something that will happen in the future, and it happens, that he believes her. I knew they would end up together.

I’m still waiting for them to go back to reality, because these last few episodes have been so strange. Even Javier gets fired from Dean & Deluca because he was getting a manicure in the back, ha!

In this reality, Noel ends up dying in the fire that happens at school. So going back for Noel, ended up killing him. Meghan finds the guy who wrote the book, and so Felicity goes to visit him.

That is how we start the series finale; she visits the guy, and together they make a spell that will send her back. The ending was literally just clips from the past three seasons. I have issues with that. It’s a flashback episode, which only really gets used when the writers have nothing else to show for the week. It comes off as lazy, and not really thought out.

But on the other hand it’s really nicely done because we get to view the characters in their prime, and revisit all the good that has happened through the show. It reminds us why we love them, and in that sense it was done very well.

Once the spell is complete, she finds herself back in normal time, where she is claimed to have had a very high fever, and it was all her dream. It came off really Wizard of Oz. In the end Noel gets married to Zoe, and it’s super cute and super happy because all of the characters are there (okay minus Julie). Even Elena, and Tracy are there, which means she never died, so does that mean something happened somewhere along the line to change fate? That part I don’t understand, other than it make the fans happy to see the two of them there.

Felicity and Ben are together, duh! Meghan and Sean are together yay!

Gosh, I’m really going to miss this show- it was so good, and so real, that even almost 20 years later it is still relevant. If you haven’t seen this show, you should get on that because it’s worth it.

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  1. Awesome recap, thank you for taking the time to do this! I found it funny that Felicity was fine with lying to Ben/not telling him about sleeping with Noel, but went ballistic when he cheated. Cheating is never okay and it felt repetitive with the cheating storylines, but she basically did the same thing to him :/

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