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Review: Looking For Alaska

Hello, and welcome to Throwback Thursday! Today I’ going to be pulling John Green’s Looking For Alaska out to re-review.

Read: June 2013
Rating: 3 Stars

Looking for Alaska
Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska by: John Green: Though the novel is told in the point of view of Miles ‘Pudge’ Halter, the story really is about Alaska Young, a girl that Pudge meets when he goes to boarding school. She teaches him pretty much everything he now knows, all for the sake of what? The novel’s point pretty much seems like a ‘what is the point’ type novel. It gets the reader to question the point, with examples from religions as well as the events that happen in the story. It’s a very slow novel that doesn’t really pick up speed. It stays at a neutral speed concentrating on character development, which is crucial to the story. Overall it said it’s point and wasn’t longer then it needed to be, and if you like detail then you’ll really enjoy the novel.


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