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Review: Dark Swan Series

Hello! Welcome to throwback Thursday! Today I’m going to re-review Richelle Mead’s series Dark Swan.

Read: April 2013
Rating: 4 Stars

Storm Born (Dark Swan #1)
Storm Born

Storm Born by: Richelle Mead: The first novel in the series. We are introduced to Eugenie Markham who is half human, half fairy for better words. She brandishes spirits who come to the human world, but when she finds out who her father is, well things are about to change for her. The novel is filled with action; most of the time, as well it has a Fifty Shades going on with all the sex scenes. Overall, the novel was a good first novel to a series; it left the reader wanting to read more, as well as having a structured plot line to keep the reader going.




Read: May 2013
Rating: 4 Stars

Thorn Queen (Dark Swan, #2)
Thorn Queen

Thorn Queen by: Richelle Mead: The second novel in the Dark Swan series. This time around Eugenie has been crowned the Thorn Queen and has been taking care of both the human world, and the Otherworld. There are some people who don’t like she’s taking part in both worlds. Between all the work she has to do and the kidnapping that happens to her, she proves she’s worthy of being a queen. This captivating novel only ends with the reader craving the next book. Like the first novel, it was all Fifty Shades of Grey, only this writing about sex, was probably 100 times better then that series will ever be. Great novel, with great characters and plot twists! Definitely worth the check out!




Read: June 2013
Rating: 4 Stars

Iron Crowned (Dark Swan, #3)
Iron Crowned

Iron Crowned by: Richelle Mead: The third novel in the Dark Swan series. This is the book where it all goes down. First Eugenie goes on a quest to find this iron crown that can stop the war that is going on in the Otherworld. But she also has a lot of problems of her own, dealing with both men she thinks she loves, and betrayal. The novel was so compelling by the time the reader got to the end they couldn’t put the book down, it was that good! Overall the characters felt real, they had human characteristics and quarks that helped the reader really feel like it was real, even though it is purely fantasy.




Read: July 2013
Rating: 5 Stars

Shadow Heir (Dark Swan, #4)
Shadow Heir

Shadow Heir by: Richelle Mead: The last novel in the Dark Swan series. The series comes to a final conclusion, a happy one at that. Eugenie has to hide her children because they are being hunted to kill because of a prophecy, but when things change, the whole plot twists. It was a very entertaining read, the reader was never bored, and the reader thought they had the whole plot figured out and the author just threw you for a loop in the plot twist, which was fun. The characters were also loveable, and believable which made the story that much better. Overall a really well written and crafted series!


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