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Let’s Talk About… Felicity Season 3

Hello, and welcome to TV Tuesday! Today I’m going to be talking about everything Felicity season three! Let’s get into it!

From left to right: Amanda Forman as Meghan Rotundi, Greg Grunberg as Sean Blumberg, Scott Foley as Noel Crane, Tangi Miller as Elena Tyler, Keri Russell as Felicity Porter, and Scott Speedman as Ben Covington.


Geez, welcome to season three where everything is completely out of place; some of it for the good, some for the bad. Let’s start with the theme song? Why did they change the theme song? Sure it was a bit strange, but I actually very much liked it. This new theme song is so cheesy, and cringe-worthy, ugh.

Moving on, so last season we saw Noel go with Natalia, and well he’s become this whole new person, Leom. He’s trying to be cool for her and trying to forget his geeky ways, he’s dropped out of school, he even puts blond streaks in his hair, it’s bad.


Everyone tries to get him to see reason, what does he do, he GETS MARRIED! That’s when he realizes the mistake he’s made. So he tries to get an annulment, but Natalia is not having that. I never understood her, why would someone who hates staying in one place for more than two years, want to make the biggest commitment? I’m confused. In the end they decide to stay married, and start from the beginning, so I guess they’re dating. He’s now staying at Sean’s place because why not. He gets to be geeky Noel again, and he gets a job fixing people’s computers.
This leads us into Richard’s plot. Richard is really becoming on of the guys, I like having him around, he is so damn adorable. Anyways when Noel goes to fix Jason’s computer (who is gay and keeps calling Noel back because he likes him, and not because there is anything wrong with the computer) and he finds a picture of Jason and Richard with their arms around each other shirtless. This leads to Noel to the conclusion, Richard is gay. Well he denies it, says he’s not, he claims his secret is that he’s a virgin and has never even kissed a girl.

Now we, the viewer is left wondering is he really gay or not? Because if it turns out he’s not, it’s just a weird cheesy plot to get us to think he is, and if it turns out he actually is, it’s also cheesy because they made us work so hard to think otherwise. Anyways, I’m not liking the plot.

That’s when Molly (more on her) kisses him for the first time, and he feels faint. This still proves nothing.

Let’s talk about Molly since I brought her up. Molly is a new character from London. She’s staying with the girls, since it’s their junior year they get to live in student housing, and it’s a freaking mansion of a place. So she’s living with them now. I’m suspicious of her; she arrived one day and just magically connected with all them, and they were all willing to share some really personal things with her. I’m waiting for her to strike. There has to be something up about her. We don’t even know her story… yet.

Now with this new place comes new neighbours, and boy or boy are they fine, fine men. Elena cannot resist Finn. She lies to him saying she doesn’t have a boyfriend, but feels completely guilty. So she takes Tracy’s religion, and asks God for a sign; well she gets her sign, they are about to kiss when a picture of Tracy falls. We think that’s the last, when Tracy and Finn becomes partners in a class, Elena agrees to helping Tracy’s partner without knowing who it is. This becomes trouble as they start to kiss again. Bad things are brewing.

Meghan moves in with the girls this year, and I have to say she has had the biggest change. She’s no longer as mean and cruel, and she actually genuinely cares for Sean, they are the cutest couple. I am totally shipping them.

And Sean, man is he ever going through stuff. Let’s talk about the good first. He’s on a roll with the documentaries. He fills them every week, like a TV show, and every week needs a hook. The camera has kinda replaced the way Felicity used to narrate the show by talking to Sally, as Sally is no longer in the picture.

The bad news, Sean possibly has cancer. He has a tumour in one of his testicles and has to get one removed. Obviously he is scared out of his mind, but it has been Meghan there supporting him, and helping him face the tough challenges, like actually making him go get help and to get the surgery. Can you see why I love these guys?

But with these trials, Sean decides that if he makes it through the surgery he will be more committed to his Jewish faith, and boy does he take it to the max. He almost breaks up with Meghan because they aren’t the same religion; it gets pretty crazy. I’m glad he dials it back a bunch.

I’m going to talk about Julie briefly as she just shows up briefly in the first half of the season. She starts the year off fine, but then she starts to act really strange, arguing with people, moody, sulky. Felicity finds cocaine in the closet, after she’s moved out, which explains a lot. Turns out during the summer, she tested a match for her father’s kidney transplant, but instead of helping him, she chose not to and he died. She got to meet him at least, but she feels horrible, so she quits school and leaves.

I guess I can’t avoid Ben and Felicity forever. So they, no Felicity decides she wants to live with Ben, and she thinks she’s found this cute little fixer-upper, and well it’s a disaster. Her damn decisions again. Ben hates it, but doesn’t want to say anything so they fight and argue about the space, the rats, the bugs, and the girl upstairs. That’s when they decide it’s not a good idea, so Ben goes to Sean’s and Felicity to the girl’s.


After the whole thing with Julie, Julie’s mom blames Felicity for not seeing it, and this tears her apart. Tired of seeing her mope around the girls take her out, and well Meghan looses her, and after one too many drinks Felicity finds herself in someone’s bed. She can’t remember what happened, and soon enough an email goes around where she’s practically naked with this guy, Trevor. He says that nothing happened, and she believes him, although he does look very convincing. Ben, however doesn’t believe anything. The frat brothers say she slept with the guy, it’s a big mess.

It takes a handful of episodes, which feels like an eternity, but finally Ben comes around… after he’s punched the lights out of Trevor. But of course Trevor has his frat brothers get him back, which can not mean anything good. They give him a good beating that he ends up in the hospital, which brings his father around again.


So we know Ben has hated his father since episode one, but finally this season we get to meet his father. He’s going to meetings to get help, but when those fall through he bails on Ben. That’s when Ben decides that’s it… until he shows up again, only this time it’s a lot worse. He makes a move on Felicity, he tries to kiss her, ugh the whole scene is gross and awkward (as it should be). When Ben finds out, that’s his father’s final straw. I kind of hope he doesn’t come back again because he has become really creepy.


In order to control his anger, since Ben has the temper of a mama bear protecting her cubs; it’s a little insane the things he gets so pissed off about, so I’m currently back to hating Ben, he’s starting going to AA meetings to talk about his feelings. Who should he find there, Molly. Her secrets are starting to come out! We learn that the cocaine was really hers (not Julie’s), and that she has a boyfriend named James who is also an addict, things are heating up. This will also cause a drift between Ben and Felicity since he knows the truth, and well she doesn’t.

Speaking of secrets, it seems everyone has them this season. Finn tells Tracy the truth about him and Elena, and boy is he crushed. Elena has no idea how to make it better, and Tracy can’t forgive her. Yikes, I hope for their sake because they’re cute that they can work it out. On top of finding that out, finally we get a resolution to Elena sleeping with her teacher. Tracy finds out about this because a list goes out of the students he may have been with, and she was on it. She has to go up against the dean and tell the truth. It’s not easy, but she does it; but not without feeling like everything she’s accomplished is because she slept with her prof and got a better grade, oh Elena, you’re smarter than that.

And Noel, what a jerk! So he fixes this really pretty girl’s computer, and he can’t help himself, he steals her password for her email, and reads her email to find out about her, what she likes and so forth. That wouldn’t be so bad if 1) he did it one time, two max and 2) didn’t follow her around the city pretending to do the things she does, like yoga or volunteer at an old age home. He is a complete stalker! He gets completely jealous when he has to compete with a guy named Tricky. But when does he tell her he’s done all these things, when they’re about to have sex, what a dumbass- who is Noel this season?

Turns out, the girl, Jane (played by Tyra Banks), friend Tricky is really Richard. I died! Of course it’s Richard. It seemed very convenient, and I guess proves that’s not gay, but the way he acted when he told Noel he was no longer a virgin I don’t know felt off, and fake. I’m waiting for them to go no really he’s gay.

Javier is having a tough season too. For the most part he’s his go-lucky self, but he’s become an American citizen, yay! And now he’s asked Felicity for a huge favour; to donate an egg so that he and Samuel can be parents. For the first time she didn’t make a rash decision, she talked it out with Ben, and they rationally came to a conclusion. As much as it would be the ideal situation, she said no because she would see the kid every day and watch it grow up knowing that it’s biologically her kid, and she couldn’t do that. Yay for rational decisions!

Felicity 3.08 Javier

They try to get a woman to donate her eggs, and when she finds out, rather harshly that she’s donating to a gay couple she backs out. I guess we all can’t be progressive in 2000- hell we’re still not all progressive in 2016 :\

Here at the half way part of the season we meet James, Molly’s crack addicted boyfriend (played by non other Eddie Cahill 🙂 ). Ben is trying to convince Molly to leave him, but she’s finding it so hard to. When she finally does, well shit hits the fan. He goes to their Christmas party and shoots it up. I was so afraid I was going to loose one of my main characters. I was like, no you can’t do that! I was lucky, and I didn’t lose any! Elena gets hit in the arm, but is fine, or as fine as anyone can be after getting shot.

She takes self defence classes; now she thinks she’s ready for anything.





As for Molly, well she goes back home to England; she comes back for a visit, but then we never really see her again.

We get a new character pop up from this accident. Avery, a rich girl gets shot right in the abdomen. It’s Ben that goes with her to the hospital, and as she’s dying in the ambulance it’s him by her side.

So once she makes a full recovery, she makes the moves on Ben. Felicity is not happy about this, obviously. But Ben keeps telling her it’s nothing, but Avery keeps giving him expensive stuff, a Rolex watch, court side seats to a basketball game, a freakin’ motorcycle, like shit. You’re telling me this girl doesn’t want him, ha, yeah right. Felicity has all the right to hate her guts, and think she’s trying to steal Ben (because that’s what’s happening).


Besides her having issues with Ben, she starts a show called Pet Store Losers with Noel. We don’t really see much of it, but we’re told it’s amazing.

Noel has started to really calm down, and become background noise (which is not a bad thing) but you can so tell he’s pining after Felicity again. Classic Noel.

Sean and Meghan are my favourite couple, they are my spirt animals. I’m always afraid they will break-up (for good, because they break-up every episode) but they always seem to find that reason to go back to each other, and my heart melts ❤

Aside from being shot, Elena goes through quite a bit. She has sex with Tracy. This is huge (as we know he’s waiting until marriage). So he automatically regrets it, and takes the trip he was offered to go to Africa to help in a hospital.

When he comes back a month early, Elena is suspicious. There is totally another girl. She thinks he broke up with her because of how she looks, and oh poor Richard tells her it’s not, but he makes the mistake of trying to touch her boobs, yikes do her self defensive classes come in handy. In the end she feels bad, and is there going to be something between her and Richard? Because I think I kinda like that pair, better than Tracy.

Omg can you say love triangles on love triangles. I think we’re becoming more of a rhombus. Seriously, Avery is after Ben, but Ben loves Felicity- Felicity loves Ben, but then there’s Noel who is completely in love with Felicity as well.

My god what is the season coming to? I’m very glad that Avery is out of the picture, can I dare to say for good?


Now we have to deal with Noel, who just got an amazing job in Seattle as some sort of web guy, wow I pay attention. But he’s back to his old loving Felicity self. As much as I can’t stand Ben, Noel has to let Felicity figure it out for herself. He offers her a job, (which I think is so stupid because he hasn’t even started working there so how would he know he needs people) but he doesn’t want her to take it if she brings Ben. Well then I guess she’s not taking it. I thought we got passed all of this in the first season- I guess not.

Sean and Meghan are going to couples therapy because they realize they have a problem as they break up at least once a week. Who knows if it will actually help- but if they do break up for good, lord my heart won’t be able to take it.

Sean has found God, and now wants to have a bar mitzvah, which okay makes sense, but he keeps thinking it will benefit Meghan, when really it only benefits himself- so Meghan has him there. I feel so terrible for him when we find out that the independent film studio doesn’t like his documentary. It’s just so heartbreaking; that whole scene.


Elena, she’s been having an interesting last half of the season. She’s temporarily blind due to a facial, when she meets this guy, DeForrest.

She likes him because he has a beautiful voice, but when she sees him for the first time, and notices how big he is, she has second thoughts. This just puts thoughts into DeForrest’s head that this really pretty girl is only going out with him for a pity date and she could never like him. I wanted to punch him because if you can’t get over that a girl can like you, maybe you shouldn’t be with her. I’m glad Elena stands up for herself.

That’s so frustrating to tell someone you like them but they refuse to think so because of how they look. Not everything is based on looks.




HOLY SEASON FINALE! Caps are needed because man is it shocking. Let’s start from the beginning. So the big plot is Noel is graduating. I always forget he’s a year older. Ruby makes an appearance! It was so good to see her, even if she and Noel didn’t get together. No Noel spent the entire episode mad at Felicity because he can’t get rid of her, and he can’t have her. Felicity hates it, and I hate it too. They work so well together!

Felicity is trying to figure out what to do for the summer, as it’s their last summer before graduating. She wants to go camping, but Ben has other plans. He applied to an EMT school, and got in! I’m actually kinda proud; he toys with the idea of not going, but I’m glad he decides to in the end. That leaves Felicity staying in Sean’s apartment, since he and Meghan have plans.

That was a bit annoying to watch. Meghan’s parents gave them tickets to Switzerland, their house there, and Sean won’t take it because he doesn’t feel like a man when his girlfriend pays for the trip. They almost go camping, before he changes his mind last minute, and they go to Switzerland.

Noel’s job falls through, the project he was going to be working on gets cancelled so he ends up back in New York, in the same apartment as Felicity, let’s see what happens here…

Now the most shocking of it all. So after declaring her attraction to DeForrest, which I loved, she kind of just drops him because Tracy comes back. They almost don’t get back together, and I predicted it right before he did it- he PROPOSED! My mouth dropped haha. Elena passed out, I’m kinda disappointed they left it there, but we’ll see next season what her answer is.

Holy man, I did not see that coming until right before he did it! Now the last season approaches. I am very sad that this series is coming to an end because it’s truly a good one.



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