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Review: What You Left Behind

Hello! Happy Monday folks! I hope the start of your week is going swell, today I’m going to be reviewing Jessica Verdi’s novel What You Left Behind.

What You Left Behind
What You Left Behind

What You Left Behind by: Jessica Verdi: Ryden’s life has been turned upside down when his girlfriend Meg Reynolds dies of cancer. Not only that but before she died, they had a baby together; instead of getting an abortion to help herself get better, she goes on with the pregnancy, leaving Ryden with a baby, and a dead girlfriend. The novel dives deep into the struggles he must face now that his life has been completely changed, and the sacrifices he must now make in order to be a good father. As much as it was your typical teen drama, this novel really did suck the reader in, and took some drastic turns in the middle.  It also almost had a mystery element to it that made the novel worth progressing further. Verdi’s characters were well crafted, a little generic, but for the most part they stood out in her wild plotlines. Her writing is very fast-paced, which really pushes the reader through the story. This novel is definitely a young adult read.


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