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Movie Review: Finding Dory

Hi guys! I’m coming at you with a bonus post! I finally had the opportunity to watch Finding Dory and it was simple wonderful!

Finding Dory: The sequel to the highly successful Finding Nemo, this movie goes into the story of Dory. The movie starts off with baby Dory and how she lost her parents; so this film takes its viewer into how she lost them, now she’s on a mission to find them. This film takes everything that happened in the last film with Dory and really brings her plots to life going into her backstory. We now know more about Dory than we do any other character. The adventures and characters that are introduced in this film were really well done and did everything to enhance the plot. The only downfall to the plot was the fact that she kept getting lost, it was a little off putting. But the outcome and the payoff was all worth it. Filled with life lessons, and sentimental moments; this film was definitely worth all the hype it is getting.


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