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Review: More Happy Than Not

Hi! Happy Hump Day! I hope you’re all getting through your week! Today I’m going to be reviewing Adam Silvera’s novel More Happy Than Not.

More Happy Than Not
More Happy Than Not

More Happy Than Not by: Adam Silvera: Teenage Aaron turns to a clinic called the Leteo Institute to help solve the problems in his life, the main one being gay. As much as he’s been dealt a crappy hand, he manages to find small bits’ of happiness, especially when he meets Thomas. A novel about finding oneself, and true happiness. This is one of the most heart-wrenching, raw and emotional LGBT novels. This wasn’t a novel that carries the fairy tale element where both the characters are gay and fall for each other; this novel had heartbreak and falling for someone who will not love you back the way you want them to, whether it be a girlfriend or boyfriend. Silvera’s writing was passionate and real, his words were chosen well and his plots were unbelievably thought out. The shocking twist in the middle is killer and strikes the reader who doesn’t see it coming, unless the reader is very perceptive. Nothing about this story was predictable; it was fresh and filled with anticipation, and that was what made it so readable.


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