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Review: Lady Midnight

Hello everyone, welcome to Monday! woot woot (not). Today I’m going to be finally posting my review of Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight.

I know it’s taken me too long to read this, but here it finally is.

Lady Midnight
Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight by: Cassandra Clare: The first novel in The Dark Artifices trilogy. A new Shadowhunter series that gives readers insight into characters that have made background appearances in her other novels. Emma Carstairs is a young feisty Shadowhunter; when bodies turn up murdered the way her parents were she’s on the hunt for revenge towards the person who killed them. This also leads the way to for her best friend and parabatai, Julian Blackthorn the chance to get his brother Mark back from the Faerie Court. On top of this Emma is learning the meaning of what it means to be someone’s parabatai. This novel shows what it means to truly sacrifice yourself for someone. Clare’s writing is very wordy, but looks like her words were chosen with precision. Each sentence is structured with literary devices that do enhance the story, especially whenever she is writing characterizations for her characters; it’s perfect. The plots, all of them were well done, but some of her characters felt a little flat and as much as it was really exciting to see old characters return, there was something about them that felt off. But there is always that special magic about these novels that has readers crawling back for more.


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