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Let’s Talk About… Felicity Season Two

Hi guys! Welcome back TV Tuesday. I know it was gone for almost a month, but I really want to bring it back, and what better way than on the first Tuesday of the month! Today I’m going to be talking about season two of Felicity.

I am still 100% obsessed with this television show. This is show is amazing because I love and hate the characters so much!

From left to right: Amanda Foreman as Meghan Rotundi, Scott Foley as Noel Crane, Greg Grunberg as Sean Blumberg, Amy Jo Johnson as Julie Emrick, Keri Russell as Felicity Porter, Scott Speedman as Ben Covington, and Tangi Miller as Elena Tyler

So the second season starts off where we left off in season one, trying to figure out who Felicity went with, Ben or Noel. They spent way too much time on this (the whole episode) and they tried to be clever with it, but really it was annoying. They wanted it to be a secret for as long as possible, but we find out it was Ben she went with. (Boo!) If you can’t tell I am not a team Ben fan (team Noel all the way).

We find out as Felicity is telling Javier the story- and I am SO happy to see Javier this season, I missed him so much. They brought him back and he’s got a new visa, and he’s just as great as he was last season!






So Felicity and Ben are together now, but well not for long. I hate that Noel is a complete ass to her because she chose Ben over him. I understand his pain, but man was he ever cruel. I’m very happy they could get over that rather quickly. Felicity and Noel work better together (whether that be as friends or more). After a few episodes Felicity breaks it off with Ben (thank god) because it git to serious for him. She mentions the word love, and that freaked him out. So what does she do after they break up, she chops off all her hair, oh I hate it, I can’t wait for it to grow back.



On top of this, she makes another drastic decision, because what would the season be without Felicity’s crazy decision-making, she drops out of pre-med. This is huge! Now she is an art student, which is completely different from medicine. Turns out Noel is in one of the same art classes, I think this is also what brings them back to being friends.

Noel gets his own apartment, and Elena is his roommate, and those two are so funny together.






So now that Felicity dropped pre-med Elena has to find a new partner and do a lot of work herself, she really has no plot lines the first half of the season, other than being super busy with school, or being the best friend to Felicity (which I love because she is the tough love kinda friend you need).

Noel is now dating, and he starts to date Ruby… one of Felicity’s advisors (since she’s an RA this year along with Meghan! Side-note I’m so happy that they are roommates again). Things go very well, until he accidently calls Ruby, Felicity yikes! That’s when the truth comes out that they used to date. They get over that and Ruby gets a role in a movie and flies to L.A and is gone for most of the time.




This gives Noel and Felicity the chance to figure out what they are, and they almost start to date again, but they do kiss- at Thanksgiving… again. Why is this becoming a thing? This better not happen the last two seasons.

I wonder if Felicity knows thats what the underside of her ‘new guy’s face looks like when they are making out. Its kind of wigging me out.But this is not good because Felicity is not single either. There is David. I was not team David, it took a long time for me to like him, and by the time I liked him, he was gone (because of that damn kiss with Noel). So Felicity’s art teacher sets her up with her son, and it does not start off well because he’s a jerk, but they soon learn to get along with each other and they become super cute. But when everyone gets together at Thanksgiving and David’s mother, her teacher, find Noel and Felicity kissing, that’s it.

Ben doesn’t seem to take the break up with Felicity very hard, because it isn’t soon before he’s dating someone else. Maggie is older than him, and owns her own catering business. She doesn’t want to complete date him and he can’t figure it out until we find out she’s married! Ugh I don’t like her, and I’m glad he breaks it off with her even though she wants to have an affair with him.




And Julie hasn’t had many plot lines. Her big one is her being angry at Felicity for obviously going with Ben when they had barely broken up, and well being the reason they broke up. She isn’t mad at Ben, which I find funny, like she lives with Ben and Sean (more on this) and that doesn’t bother her, but she can’t be in the same room as Felicity. It’s so sad to see this, it isn’t 
until a good five to six episodes in that they start to reconcile, all because of this episode where they are stuck on a subway train. That was an intense and crazy episode. I’m glad they are somewhat friendly again!

So she’s living with the two guys, and there is so sexual tension between her and Sean. He is so in love with her, and she has no idea. I kinda hope they go somewhere with this.

Then, she finally gets a break with her music. She runs into a music critic, Eric (who is played by Adam Rodriguez, the guy from CSI Miami haha, omg his hair!) and she may be getting a recording deal.




So as we move half through the season, we learned that Julie’s record deal becomes really real, but only for a short while. It’s real until Eric tries to make a move on her, going too fast and she can’t handle it; who can blame her, Zack was a tool. Too bad the contract went with Eric, nothing is ever about the music anymore. I’m very glad Sean is there for her as a best friend, man he is such a teddy bear!


Felicity finds out her parents are splitting up. This is dramatic news, and shakes her whole world. She also finds out the reason her parents ever married was because of her; her mother got pregnant and that was that. This leads Felicity to some more rash decision making; she breaks into the pool with Ben, and some alcohol. They obviously get caught, and this leads them to doing community service, and a new guidance councillor. Man is she ever feisty, like Felicity I have a love hate relationship with her, she’s very blunt.

So Felicity chooses to do her hours at the health clinic, and Ben just follows, because here it comes, he likes her again. And this is where we meet Greg, who is an ass to them. Side-note, it is hilarious to see Meghan go so googoo-gaga over him! Although he does apologize to Felicity, Ben just quits. Instead he is required to take philosophy, where Noel is the TA.

And damn is Noel having the shittiest season ever. So things are going alright with him and Ruby, she comes back from her movie, and guess what she finds out she’s pregnant. So they are both freaking out, she goes to get an abortion, but in the end can’t. Ben (while working at the health center) has found out about Noel’s predicament, and tries to help, but Noel is not having that. It isn’t until Ruby decides to have the baby that Noel talks to Ben. I’m actually liking the friendship forming there. I don’t think I would have ever admitted it, but I’m starting to kinda like Ben, he’s growing on me- really really slowly.

So Noel and Ruby go for their first check up, where she finds out she’s two months pregnant… when she was still in L.A… which means it’s not Noel’s. I had a feeling, but I wasn’t sure, but holy crap Noel is being dragged through the ringer here, I don’t think he can take much more this season.



And well Elena is still chugging away at school, and she has a new lab partner, Tracy (who is a boy) and she’s obviously crushing on. It is so awkward between the two of them.

The second half of the season is completely different from the first- it’s like they are two different seasons.

So Felicity goes on a great adventure. She decides to start a sit in at the clinic to stand for women, and the morning after pill. In the end they win, and this gets Felicity riled up.

She begins to see Greg, which both Ben and Meghan are not fans of. Although Ben more than Meghan. We do find out that Greg is Meghan’s Ben, she has known him since she was a kid and is completely in love with him, Greg doesn’t feel the same way. So who does Meghan crush on next, Sean haha.

Poor Sean, he tells Julie he loves her, finally. Although he kisses her first, and that was awkward. Well he gets super excited that he kisses her. He found out that his documentary was liked, and is going to be produced, so he kisses her. This is a big thing for him because now he always has his camera.

I didn’t think it was going to work out with them because they are too good of friends. Julie didn’t say no, so when she is caught kissing Noel, poor Sean is crushed. That’s when Meghan comes in. They actually kinda work.

So Felicity and Greg are together, when Greg decides to run for student president. When she finds out that she doesn’t agree with any of his ideas, she decides to run herself. This is the funniest campaign; Richard comes back runs, and wins!

It doesn’t help Ben spills some big news to Richard about Greg, so Greg is pretty much done. Turns out Greg used to do cocaine and was arrested for possession. Felicity can see past that, but Ben can’t. So with the help of Javier and Sean they try to get Felicity and Ben together. This ends in a fight between Ben and Greg, then Greg breaking up with Felicity.

So Ben makes a gesture to prove she can trust him again. And she falls for it. So now Ben and Felicity are together, and completely in love. It’s a little nauseating how in love they are. So in love that Felicity misses her art exam. That could be potentially bad because her summer internship rests on it. Leave it to Ben to track down her prof and get her a second chance. So they will be spending the summer apart… unless she makes yet another rash decision.

Javier is getting married! I’m SO excited! The scenes with him and Ben are so cute, I love their friendship, it’s so cute. Yes, Ben is slowly growing on me. Javier asks Felicity to be his best man, and it’s so perfect.


So Noel has had a pretty quiet second half of the season, which I’m glad. He’s still totally in love with Ruby, but when he convinces her to contact the father, he doesn’t so much like him. Wade shows up, and wants to be apart of both Ruby and the baby’s life, he asks her to marry him. Noel is beside himself that she’s thinking about it. In the end she chooses to go home and let her parents help her out. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Ruby again.

As much as Elena and Tracy are so awkward, he is so sweet to her. He renovates her whole apartment. Her big problem with him, he wants to wait until he’s married to have sex, because he was raised on religion. She’s not happy about this, but she is willing to wait for him. They are cute, together, but not the gross cute.



I also can’t forget to mention, before I talk about the finale- what was that one episode in the middle of the season? The one that’s all in black and white, and looks like they tried to make it old-timey. The acting was so odd, and frankly not very good. The plot connected with nothing in 
the season, and they all end up in a room with no doors, which turns out to be the mysterious box Meghan has. I thought that was so strange, and I thought maybe there would be reference to it, but so far nothing.

So the season finale has approached and Felicity has found herself in a pickle. She must make, yet another life changing decision; go with Ben back home for the summer, or stay in New York and take an internship of a lifetime. It’s super back and fourth until finally she gets persuaded by her guidance counsellor and decides what’s important. I say yay for taking a step for herself, and not for a boy!

Javier gets married, oh man is that the cutest wedding ever. Both him and Samuel are adorable. Sean and Meghan get together during that wedding, and I am rooting for them because they are so damn cute!

Noel meets Javier’s cousin Natalie, who Javier says is bad, and nobody likes. He goes to the wedding with her, and it’s presumed that they will do something crazy together, that I bet he will regret. We’ll see I guess.

Julie gets a call from her birth mother, shocking. Turns out her biological father is sick, and he needs a kidney transplant. Her mother wants her to see if she’s a match; which would mean he would find out about her. Well she doesn’t know if she’s going to do it. Ben convinces her that he’s innocent and knows nothing about her, he shouldn’t be punished for her birth mother keeping the secret. I’m hoping she chooses to it.

What I also noticed this season, less Sally. Last season we saw Felicity talking to Sally every episode, this season we were lucky to get half a seasons worth. I kind of missed it; I liked when she would talk to her little recorder.

This season also kinda just ended like last season did, the end of another school year, with changes coming, which disappoints me a little, but I still love the show to pieces. It has a way of making me genuinely laugh and cry out in joy because it’s so good. I am very sad I only have two seasons left.


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