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Review: Dark Visions

Hi guys, welcome to throwback Thursday. I almost forgot to post this today, lord it has been a long busy day! Before I get into it, I just wanted to state that I will be taking a week off of blogging because I’m going on vacation to New York City! I will be back the last week of June to recap all the exciting things to happen on my travels! 🙂

Now this week, I guess keeping in theme with last week, I’m going to be re-reviewing L.J. Smith’s novel Dark Visions.

I was on a real big Smith kick back in 2013 (although I haven’t read any of her Vampire Dairies novels… yet, one day I might… just like one day I’ll finish the Gossip Girl novels, seriously I think I have four to go haha)

Read: August 2013
Rating: 3 Stars

Dark Visions (Dark Visions, #1-3)
Dark Visions

Dark Visions by: L.J. Smith: Kaitlyn is a witch who has psychic powers. She is taken to an Institute where she meets others who are like her, where they will teach her to control her power. Unfortunately, the people running the Institute are bad therefore they have to become spies to destroy the bad, and make everything good. The storyline was good, and there was a great plotline, it had moments when the story became boring and dry, and the reader just wanted to get to the action. Overall this little series was something a little different then your ordinary vampire book!



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