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Review: The Orphan Queen & The Mirror King

Hello and happy Hump Day! We’ve made it through half the week- man this week is going so slow. Anyways today I’m going to be reviewing Jodi Meadows’s sequel The Mirror King.

The Orphan Queen
The Orphan Queen

The Orphan Queen by: Jodi Meadows: The first novel in the series, where we meet our main character Wilhelmina. Although the reader doesn’t really get to know who she is because she spends the entire novel pretending to be different people to hide who she truly is. She’s hiding so that she can gain information for her people and her kingdom to put to rest, and avenge the One-Night War. The novel is full of action, and magic, that the reader almost gets lost in what’s happening; it doesn’t help characters aren’t who they say they are, every character is perceptive, and has ulterior motives. There a romantic plot line thrown in, it doesn’t feel like it belongs there, it feels like it was thrown in to give the novel, plot, and characters more depth, but it just fell short. The ending was cheesy. The author tried to get readers excited for the next novel, but the writing just came off lame, and forced. Overall, it was okay for the first novel in the series; things can only look up.


The Mirror King
The Mirror King

The Mirror King by: Jodi Meadows: The sequel to her novel The Orphan Queen, Wilhelmina is being kept a prisoner in the Indigo Kingdom, but she knows that soon she will have to return to her homeland try and save them from the wraith and become queen. But before she can do all this she must set things right, and when you add magic into the mix it becomes even more complicated. The novel goes through Wilhelmina’s struggle from starting out as an orphan to becoming a queen. This novel definitely had more turn of events than the first, and things weren’t as predictable either. The characters became more developed, which gave them a little more depth and made them more interesting to read about. The concluding novel to this story was undoubtedly adventurous, and full of risks, and some betrayal; there was even just the right amount of romance that made the whole story worth reading.


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