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Let’s Talk About… Felicity Season 1

Hey guys, and welcome to TV Tuesday! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these, due to the fact that Felicity has long seasons- it’s amazing that 22-24 episodes a season is now considered long, anyways I’m here and ready to gab all about season 1 of Felicity!

Left to right: Scott Foley as Noel Crane, Amy Jo Johnson as Julie Emrick, Tangi Miller as Elena Tyler, Keri Russell as Felicity Porter, and Scott Speedman as Ben Covington

I don’t know where to start with Felicity, let’s just say that I have a love/hate relationship with her. She’s crazy, impulsive, but she has her quirks.

Before I even saw an episode, the synopsis to the show stated that Felicity ran off to college with her boyfriend. My first thought was oh here we go, another typical teenage girl following her high school sweetheart. But once you start watching it, you realize very quickly how wrong that summary is.

Felicity Porter has just graduated high school, and she finally has the courage to talk to her crush, Ben. She finds out he’s going to New York for college, so what does she do, she drops everything just to go to the same school as him. She doesn’t even know the guy!

1x01 Pilot.

That’s when her parents step in and try to get her to move back to California and follow the plan they have set up for her. Now I have to admit, her parents are a little, (or perhaps a lot) unruly towards their approach to get her to leave New York. It almost feels like this fight could go on forever, and I’m glad it only lasted three episodes. I’m also very glad the she decides to stay for herself, and not because of Ben, but we all know he’s going to still be a main reason she stays.

The fact that her parents never let her make a decision for herself, this one to stay is a huge one, and I’m proud of this character who I hardly know. As the show continues to unravel, we find out very fast how many decisions she has to make; not all of them good ones.

For example, as she and Ben become closer after how many attempts, and Felicity still thinking she has a chance with this guy, they become friends, and he lets her spell check his essay, what does she do, she takes it upon herself to re-write his essay. What a horrible decision, and she thinks it was smart because then he’ll get a better grade. Well he gets found out that he didn’t write it, and they go through a grueling process until both Ben and Felicity come clean. Because it’s TV they don’t get expelled, but they fail the paper.



Throughout the episode Felicity talks into a recorder, we find out that it’s a tape she sends to her friend Sally, a teacher she once had who she feels she can tell anything too. I love the concept of sending a tape, it’s so quirky and so Felicity.

Let’s talk about the friends she has made. Julie is her best girl friend, and she’s a quiet and keeps to herself kind of girl, unlike Felicity who has her nose in everyone’s business.

They have this almost love triangle between her Felicity and Ben because Ben liked Julie, and Julie liked Ben, but then Felicity was in the way. I’m glad that Julie has found herself a sweet boy, the pink guy haha, otherwise known as Zack. They truly are cute together!




She also makes friends with Elena, although it’s more a hostile friendship. Elena only really wants to talk to Felicity if she has an issue she can’t work out, although she treats most characters that way. They slowly start to become better friends and I like them as friends because they weren’t fast friends like Julie, Felicity had to work for it, and I think that helped to build character.


And of course we can’t forget Noel, the residence assistant, and her best guy friend, who obviously has a major crush on her. The moment the two meet you can tell. But Noel is a soft teddy bear of a guy, and it’s really hard not to like him. I just wish he wasn’t such a push over when it came to Felicity. The two almost have a thing, and they kiss, but then Noel drops a huge bomb- he has a girlfriend back home. That’s when you actually feel sorry for Felicity because what a scumbag. Even though he and his girlfriend are drifting apart, that’s still not cool of him to dump that on Felicity.



As the season continues we get stories for all our main characters, and they aren’t so focused around Felicity, well but Noel.

So Julie and Zack didn’t go down so well. I thought that was tragic, but the show did an incredible job with tackling the issue of rape. They didn’t make it this blown out of proportion. Essentially the basis of the plot was that Zack raped her, and well he didn’t know it because he was too focused that he didn’t realize Julie was saying no. It was a subtle case, but it really touches on what constitutes as rape.

So obviously they don’t last, and that’s the last we see of Zack. Julie then finds herself with Ben… just as friends.

But over time it turns into more, and they are afraid to be together because of Felicity, that girl is always getting in the way. Felicity’s first reaction is stunned, but she’s soon okay with it, as she should because she’s with Noel.

Let’s talk about Noel and Felicity- they kiss at Thanksgiving,

while his girlfriend came to stay.



Holy, I’m not going to lie I did not care for her, Jennifer Garner did a great job, but bleh, her character was so stale. I’m glad they broke up (not because of Felicity, can you believe it?) but because they have both moved away from each other emotionally.





Noel and Felicity are absolutely adorable together, and they are perfect for each other because they are both quirky.

They have an episode where they plan to have sex for the first time, and boy does that turnout to be a disaster.  They put too much pressure into it, that it just doesn’t work out.

But then there Felicity goes with her impulsive bad decisions. When Noel’s girlfriend, Hannah rolls back into town this confuses Noel that needs some time. He almost sleeps with her, gets very close to it, but doesn’t. What does Felicity do- se sleeps with someone!
After all that pressure about the first time, she looses her virginity to some guy she doesn’t even know. This throws their relationship out of whack- who knows what will happen.

I can’t forget to talk about Elena. She met a nice guy named Blaire at a Halloween party, and he turns out to be kinda of a jerk- what is with the guys on this show? At first he’s so sweet, when he finds out she might have to leave school, he uses Felicity to snoop and read her file, yet another fine example of Felicity’s decision making skills, and it’s because she doesn’t have the funds to pay, he finds her this amazing scholarship. Through this plot we find out that Elena only has a father, later we learn that her mother passed away. After that kindness he goes and sleeps with her best friend- what is wrong with him? Just because he’s not getting any? What a loser.

Mid-season Felicity gets a stalker, Tom Mulcahy, a boy who had a crush on her in junior high. He comes to New York just to be with her, sound familiar? She goes to Ben to find out what he did. Such a funny plotline- although she can’t get rid of him, and he starts to grow on everyone. Then he gets hit by a bus-just bam! And then we get hit with another fact, Tom has a fiancé. This makes everything different. All Tom wanted was a kiss to know if she is his soul mate, and I think it is safe to say that he can go back to his fiancé. Such a strange, but funny plot. I like how it got Felicity thinking about her future though, and how she wanted to become an artist.

Julie is on the hunt to find her real mother, as she’s adopted. We find out in the very beginning of the season that the reason she came to New York was so that she could find her. When she does, she doesn’t know what to do. She almost tells her, instead she takes an internship at her company to get close. When she finally admits to being her daughter, Carol, denies it. Then she finds Julie to tell her the truth, that she lied, and she is her mother but it has to be kept a secret. That made me think what is the truth, because now I thought she was lying. But I guess her explanation made some sense, she didn’t want to tell her husband because that is Julie’s father, and he never knew. But that’s mean to both Julie and her husband.

I’m just going to continue with Julie, as she and Ben aren’t doing so well. Ben has become the guy every girlfriend hates, he makes plans with his friends and he’s never home. He doesn’t have time for her, and it doesn’t look like he really cares about her. But Ben has his own problems, his father has cut him off, and he has no money to his name. He gets a job, but that won’t cover the monthly rent, or his 32,000 tuition fee. So he has restored to gambling. And it was going well, but then he hit a really rough spot and lost everything. Things were not pretty.

I have to talk about the supporting characters because they are so good in this show.
We have Meghan who is Felicity’s roommate, and she’s Goth and hates everyone, she is hilarious.




 Then we have Richard, who I love. He keeps taunting Noel, Noel wants to report all his bad behaviour but he can’t because Richard will tell the school he’s unfit to be an RA; it’s an endless gag I very much enjoy, the things are getting crazier.




Len is a newer character who Ben meets, and he’s a bad influence. He’s the one who gets Ben into gambling, and wants him to come out ever night. I’m not a fan of his. He also acts really dumb, which doesn’t help his case.

Sean who is Ben’s roommate. He’s an entrepreneur, and is always trying out these crazy ideas. He’s loads of fun, when he’s not being annoying. I like how he’s gotten close to Julie, somewhat a fill-in friend when Ben isn’t around. He’s a really good guy underneath his slightly creepiness.

I can’t forget to mention Javier, Felicity’s boss. I miss him, I’m sad he left half way through, can we please bring him back? I love the plot they threw in where Felicity agrees to marry him so that he doesn’t get deported. Her silly decision making, but at least this was for love. Turns out he was going to move with his boyfriend back to Spain, bye bye Javier.


I have to talk about the plot with Elena and her professor. I hate it! She starts to sleep/date her professor. They never really dive deep into it; I hope they will next season because they just left it.

So the end of the season really focuses on Ben, his issues, not just monetary, but with girls. Len’s girlfriend Nicole comes on to him, which he does not approve of. Then he starts to have feelings for Felicity. Oh we have come full circle here.Julie breaks up with him when he won’t say what’s wrong, and thinking them too boring. When Julie finds out the other woman is, she is utterly crushed. It’s so sad to see them angry at each other. Julie obviously tells Noel, and that ruins some plans a bit.

Noel has found out he got into an art program in Berlin; he decides to go and asks Felicity to go with him. Even when he finds out about Ben he still wants her to go ❤ Then there is Ben, the guy she has dreamed about since forever, and he wants her to go drive across country with him. Now she has to make a decision- her favourite. The season just ends and we have no idea what she chooses, so frustrating! We’ll find out next season. I hope she chose Noel; I love him a lot.

I love that this show dives into college life, not many shows do, it’s all about high school, which is so overrated. This show is so good, even almost 20 years later.



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