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Review: The Secrets We Keep

Hello, I hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday. It’s a national holiday here in Canada (Victoria Day) & I definitely spent my day with a book in the sun! I almost forgot to post today due o my relaxation ha!
Today I’m going to be reviewing Trisha Leaver’s novel The Secrets We Keep.

The Secrets We Keep
The Secrets We Keep

The Secrets We Keep by: Trisha Leaver: The story of twin sisters, Ella and Maddy, who are slowly drifting apart, until one fateful night when a car accident takes one of their lives. Ripped from her world of comfort Ella risks everything to become her sister in order to set things right, only this causes webs of lies to tangle. This leaves Ella with a choice to chose which girl she wants to be. The novel was gripping from the moment it began. The author had its reader on the edge of their seat, just hanging by a thread wondering what Ella will do next. It was a fascinating and thrilling read. The plot, at first seemed predictable, a teenage twin dies and the other has to learn to survive, which was definitely not the case; as plots and characters unfolded there was more to the story. Leaver couldn’t have made two polar opposites for twins, which really enhanced the plot. Overall, well crafted, well written, well thought out, and well executed; this novel was everything and more.


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