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Review: Shine

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! I hope everyone has been having a good week! Today’s throwback is Lauren Myracle’s novel Shine.

Okay! So this review is probably going to look very similar if you read my throwback Thursday from last week. I posted the wrong review to the wrong book, the worst mistake a book blogger can make. Somethings up with my goodreads page because this isn’t the first time a book has had the wrong review there, but this is the first time I haven’t caught it myself. I’m not even going to blame being sick on it because I feel terrible. So I have fixed things, and you can now go back and read the proper review for A Monster Calls, and I hope you still like it! I’m sorry- I hope that never happens again!

Read: December 2013
Rating: 3 Stars


Shine by: Lauren Myracle: When Patrick Truman was attacked, the town of Black Creek thought it to be awful, but no one cared to find out who did it. It wasn’t until his former best friend Cat started digging around did the truth come out. It’s a mystery novel that has the reader guessing, and thinking about who did it. If you read really closely you could figure it out from half way through, it’s not difficult with a small town and limited characters. Though the author tries to throw the reader through loops to try and get you to think otherwise, it’s a clever novel that is heartwarming, and just a little religious. The plot development moved rather quickly making it easy and enjoyable to read.


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