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Review: The Internment Chronicles

Hello! Today I’m going to be reviewing Lauren DeStefano’s Interment Chronicles.

Now last last novel in this series doesn’t come out until next year, but here are the first two!

I can’t wait for the last novel to come out because this series was just a page-turner. Although the first novel, for me, was a lot better than the second, I really hope the last turns everything around and makes for an excellent ending. As you can see I have high hopes for that novel haha.~e.d because of these big expectations, things didn’t end as well I wanted them to, on to my reviews~

Perfect Ruin
Perfect Ruin

Perfect Ruin by: Lauren Destefano: The first novel in the Internment Chronicles. Morgan Stockhour lives her life like any other person on Internment, a city in the sky run by the King. She likes to daydream a lot, but that’s not what gets her in trouble. As she slowly starts to unravel all the mysteries that have been flying past her, she learns that the king is hiding, and covering up murders. She needs to know if there is somewhere other than Internment, and she’s not alone. Together with the people she loves most, take off in a metal bird to see where it will take them. It’s a fantastic novel filled with some rather strict dystopian views, but still really well written, and thought out. Destefano has a way of really capturing words and whimsically putting them together to create an engaging and mystical world for her readers. As much as bad things are happening to the characters, her writing just plays it off as if it wasn’t a big deal; it was really well put together. The characters were also really fun to read, and in the novel to come it feels like they will develop really well. Overall, it was a wonderful first novel, the scene was set and left readers wanting more.

Burning Kingdoms
Burning Kingdoms

Burning Kingdoms by: Lauren DeStefano: The second novel in the Internment Chronicles. They have made it to the ground, a completely different world compared to Internment. They meet Jack Piper and his five children who are related to the king of the ground. They become friends with the Piper children who show them around, and welcome them to the ground. Morgan and Pen become homesick, and princess Celeste soon becomes a bargaining chip between the two worlds. The new world causes changes in characters; characters become more irritable and start to hide things from each other. This makes for a bit of an off putting read. But the plot was good and engaging; DeStefano’s writing really brings out emotions. There are a lot of emotions that run wild in this novel. Celeste reveals that her mother is sick, and all she wants is to help her, so coming along with everyone to the ground, she hoped that would help. But this world is at war, and bombs are going off. This leaves characters hurt in more than one way. Pen and Morgan constantly argue with one another. The amount of drama and action that goes on is enough to get readers on the edge of their seats. Overall, this novel takes readers on a roller coaster of emotions, which was something these characters had to go through to move onto the next novel.

Broken Crowns
Broken Crowns

Broken Crowns by: Lauren DeStefano: The third and final novel in the Internment Chronicles. The reader is dumped right in the middle of the action as Morgan and her best friend Pen must fight a war between two worlds, which soon turns into a single war. The novel feels like it grazes through the plots and things happen so quickly it’s like the author doesn’t spend enough time on plot development or characters. As much as the writing was nice and eloquently put together, it just lacked in substance. This novel did not feel like it was the end for a while because it felt like nothing really happened. By the end the characters did feel like it could be the end as they move on to better places, but it just felt lazy. Overall, this trilogy started off good, but as the novels continued the story got left behind, and the novels got shorter and shorter.


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