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Review: A Little Life

Hump day, we’re half way through the week! This whole week has felt topsy turvy.
Today I’m going to be reviewing Hanya Yanagihara’s novel A Little Life.

I have never spent more than a week on a book, but I spent 2 with this one. As much as it was long, man the subject matter was grim. I don’t want to tear you away from reading this because it was beautifully written, but it can get gruesomely depressing.

A Little Life
A Little Life

A Little Life by: Hanya Yanagihara: A truly telling tale of four boys who all went to college together, and the one who holds them all together, Jude. As much as the novel was about the three other boys, JB, Willem, and Malcolm, the author gives us the tale of Jude, a man who hasn’t had it easy. From childhood he’s grown to think himself unworthy of things, between being an orphan, and becoming a child prostitute it’s truly a heartbreaking tale. As his story unfolds, the reader can’t help but invest time into his story more and more. Yangihara’s prose is so poetic that even at its darkest moments, the story doesn’t feel hopeless and miserable. That is what kept the reader in, the brilliant writing style. Although at times the writing could have been shortened down, as there were a lot of access words that didn’t have to be there because they were already said. The characters were very well developed, and as much as the plot was a little depressing, overall it was quite moving.




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